7/24/2005 6:18:19 PM Pacific Standard Time

Admiral Timothy J. Keating
Northern Command
Dear Admiral Keating,
    Rummy is nuts.  Your upcoming nuclear 'exercise', (response to a make-believe terrorist nuking), is now making the rounds of the alternative Internet news.  I clicked to the Northern Command site from www.rense.com. Can't see how it would not as the false-flags of 9/11 and London had many concurrent military exercises.
    Here is a joke that was going around Norfolk awhile back:  Imagine a big plate of spaghetti.  You know what military unit markers are on maps.  Imagine a whole shaker of them.  Sprinkle them all over the spaghetti. Now you need some small arrows, curved and straight.  Get a shaker of these and sprinkle them all over also.  What have you got?  That's General Montgomery's and General Patton's assault on Sicily reworked by Rummy's Joint Forces Command.
    Joint Forces Command has the real function of making the command structure so complicated that at any given moment only a few insiders know what is really going on.  Therein an army Lt. could at some moment outrank a naval Captain etc.  All in awe of those 'officers' with some strange inside connections.  And most of those officers who do seem 'connected' in that way are so unprintably strange I pity those who must salute them.  Joint Forces Command, by hidden and convoluted command structure itself, has been turned into an SS sans jack boots.  Look at the colossal military mess with sea supply 'Van Riper'ly threatened and the air supply through the Stans facing ten divisions.  Courtesy the 'bunker boys' someplace underground near Tampa.
    This leads, sir, to an obvious question.  While you are in Ft. Monroe as commander of this 'make believe' nuking will you in fact be truly and fully in command?
    Camden, Maine