6/9/2005 1:10:56 PM Pacific Standard Time

I don't know how people can miss it!  R. C. Christian  = Christian Rosen
Croix (Kreutz)  = Rosicrucians

Also note in the Da Vinci code ... the Order of Zion Grand Masters list ..
note that under "The Order of Zion" (papers found at the library) line is
the next line "Rose Croix Veritas"!.  This is translated to the "Real
Rosicrucian Order" insinuating that the "Order of Zion" has connections to
the original Rosicrucian Order. This can be verified since many of the names
in the Grand Masters list are well known Rosicrucians! This is the list of
the Rosicrucian Grand Masters not the Order of Zion!

Unto thee I Grant

ANON. FRC + (Frater Rose Croix)