NOTE: KEEP AM EYE ON THE HISTORY CHANNEL, FORTHCOMING PRESENTATION IN MAY, EGYPT, BEYOND THE PYRAMIDS! looks like they are going to blow the secrets right out from under Illuminati butts.


It appears the Egyptian government in a major lapse of discretion has built a structure over an archaeological site of worldwide importance.

Now their Internet Trolls screech bloody murder that we have asked what this edifice might be--and of course what might lie under.

Important sites to the immediate South

The stage is shaped like the sun, which is one of the most important Pharaonic symbols, but this sun takes the form of a UFO."

The theatre itself has been scooped and flattened out of the area backed by the Pyramids



Elaine asked me to look at the Giza site in terms of the placement of the new Visitor's Center [if this it what it really is, query] and it's potential key geometrical placement within the larger scheme.

1. I connected the far corners of the sphinx paws with the outer remote corners of the pyramids. If the rectangle is completed to fall at the center of the disk of the Visitor's Center (lower right) the resulting rectangle seems to express a correct perspective of the terrain beneath [parallel to the ground plane] with the rectangle seeming to be actually squared if it were views directly above perpendicular to the surface of the  inscribed plane. (Fig A).

2. The rectangle likewise seems itself to be of interesting proportions, representing the root 5 "sacred" rectangle as elucidated in Dynamic Symmetry theory (Fig B). I recreated the rectangle in the 3D rendering program, Truespace, with intention to extrude a model that matched the perspective of the terrain and the area contained as described in process #1.

2. I tilted the Truespace rectangle to match the implied slant in the inscribed drawing above and overlaid the resulting model to see if the root 5 rectangle appears to apply. It seems this is true at least very close to a match (Fig C).

Please note the importance of the root 5 rectangle in Golden Ratio Theory.

Also please DO send us your thoughts comments and further observations.

(Fig A).

(Fig B)

(Fig C)

Most Immediate Impression: the Circle seems to be within the perimeter of the larger Giza site, perhaps in a key position.


Brief Speculative Outline-Report on Data & Calculations Regarding 'Circular Structure' West of Chephren Pyramid  -- by Michael Lawrence Morton (c) 2001

This circular structure appears, to me, from Internet 'overhead photos' to be centered at the_identical_latitude as The Great Sphinx of Giza. more

UPDATE GIZA CIRCLE, Concerning Hillier

From: and

However, these kind of 'researchers' will come up with lots of interesting justification and reasons to mask the poor judgement and poor research skills; many of these I will document at this Giza Conspiracy domain. Now.... If it was clearly shown, with only a little explanation, that the Mars-Earth Connection webpage is suggesting a conspiracy theory about the Giza Plateau - although in its early stages - we can then move in the direction of getting down to discovering what this structure really is.

[Kent Steadman] Excuse me, Hillier, but weeks ago I directly queried you to assist in identifying the structure. You didn't answer then and now the big debunk.

In a message dated 1/26/01 1:09:03 AM Pacific Standard Time, hillier writes:

You guys are your speculation never ceases to make me chuckle.

Lines on a map make you chuckle? Rather giddy aren't we?--Kent

In a message dated 1/26/01 2:07:16 AM Pacific Standard Time, hillier writes:

No, the speculation that the circle structure has been purposely placed to line up with the Sphinx.

Have any idea what the structure is?--Kent

Lucas: Open Letter to Amargi

MARCH 10, 2001: Finally, Amargi coughs it up

Egyptians flocking to the Giza Pyramids during last week's holiday met with an unpleasant surprise. Hundreds attempted to reach the plateau via the Mena House entrance, only to be barred by the tourist police.

Hawass insists that "the Pyramid area is not a zoo and should not be the scene of acts of vandalism and disfigurement to which the walls of the Pyramids bear witness. People have to understand that it is a sacred, divine place, not a venue for parties, dancing and singing."

At least one antiquities official, however, who preferred to remain anonymous, rejected Hawass's argument, pointing out that the plateau has recently been used for squash contests and musical concerts, the last being the millennium performance of Jean-Michel Jarre's Twelve Dreams of the Sun. At the time concern was raised about the effect of vibrations on the monuments, only to fall on the deaf ears of antiquities officials. "I would say that the acts of official vandalism inflicted on the site far exceed those committed by ordinary visitors," said the official.

March 08, 2001, 01:57 AM CAIRO (AFP English) - Security forces turned back hundreds of angry Egyptians from the main entrance to their Great Pyramids on a major Muslim holiday here Wednesday to "prevent overcrowding," while busloads of western tourists were ushered through.

Egyptians were prevented from reaching the pyramids to make room for tourists

'Why don't they turn the foreigners back. We don't have hired vehicles like them, so why don't they make them go.'

They build a High-Class Hotdog Stand but then:





Above Audio clips allegedly from a video: NEXUS presents Dr James Hurtak, Excavations at Giza. Allegedly copies of this video were at onetime available from NEXUS magazine, 55 Queen's road, East Grinstead, West Sussex, RH19 1BG, UK. Phone number, 01342 322854, UK prefix  [However it is like pulling hound's teeth to retrieve a copy--any help appreciated]

VIDEO: First two levels below Causeway

EDITOR: Note to informants and agents over at the Plateau plunging the cavities below Giza, activating devices, or are aware of privileged excavations, we need recon photos and evidence NOW! No more Cosmic theories based on ancient star maps. No more hush-hush accounts of private explorations. No more anonymity. Time to put your butts on the line now.