7/22/2006 11:29:10 PM Pacific Daylight Time

July 23:  An update MPEC on Sunday for close-passing 2006 OK3 reports observations from CEAMIG-REA in Brazil and Great Shefford Observatory in England, doubling its observing arc to 11.686 hours. And another small-asteroid discovery from the Siding Spring Survey (SSS) in New South Wales has been announced. SSS found and followed 2006 OY4 on the 20th and, along with CEAMIG-REA, confirmed the discovery on the 22nd.

July 22:  The Saturday DOU carries no reports of small-asteroid observations. But, at 2008 UT, the IAU Minor Planet Center announced an intruder. 2006 OK3 was discovered by the Siding Spring Survey in Australia at 1414 UT today and was confirmed by that facility alone, which followed it for the next 31 minutes and picked it up again at 1939-40 (an observation arc of only 5.424 hours). This object, estimated to be roughly a dozen meters wide, is passing through the Earth-Moon system and will come to 0.7 lunar distance at 1045 tomorrow (+/-11 minutes) JPL reports, and is calculated to go out of view by noon UT on the 24th. Update: JPL has posted 2006 OK3 as a very low-rated impact risk.