Subj: [TheEagle-L] re: Rockefeller and WTC
Date: 11/22/01 5:03:01 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: (Robert Lederman)

Thanks for passing this along! It's superb.

I can add something to this point:

3. The Rockefeller connection may be the key to unlocking an understanding of this entire issue. Why has their connection to the WTC been omitted from 99.999% of the media coverage about 9/11

I don't know what the following means, but...

without Nelson as governor and David at Chase, there
would have been no WTC, a one billion dollar
project (in late 1960s dollars!) This according
to Eric Darton, the foremost historian of the

Other odd things:

* The towers were just over 30 years old which means
the original financing was done with

* The sudden erasure of millions
of square feet of downtown office space on 9-11
was literally perfect timing for owners of
commercial office space in NYC as we head into
a major economic retraction.

* The WTC's new owner (long lease holder actually) was
barely installed before the towers' destruction.

* A book "The Assassination of New York" documents
pretty conclusively - much to the surprise of its
author - that the destruction of the maritime/
manufacturing/transport industry in Manhattan
was engineered by the Rockefeller family to preserve
and enhance the value of its commercial real
estate holdings specifically its midtown gem,
Rockefeller Center. The complex represents
a significant enough portion of their wealth
that they've had to sweat it over the years:

The family sold it to the Japanese, but got it back when
the over-leveraged company that bought it went bust
forfeiting its down payment and a few years of mostly
interest only payments.

How influential was the WTC in re-engineering NYC?

Take look:

What NYC's waterfront looked like at the commencement
of building (demolition really, 100s of buildings
were taken by eminent domain and demolished to make
way for the Rockefeller brother's towers.) and

then just a few short years later in 1972:

In the late 90s, downtown NYC was in an absolute
boom state and its appeal was beginning to challenge
midtown as a prime location for corporate offices
in the city.

No doubt, some people made out very, very
well when the twin towers fell, but Mr. Leaderman
is correct. The Rockefeller involvement in the
towers' history and present might as well be a state
secret for all that reporters NOT commenting on it.


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