2/13/2005 3:56:42 PM Pacific Standard Time

Hi Kent,

I liked the posts from the Iapetus articles from Enterprise, and I had this in my story elements, but the information and hypothesis for such was sent through email to another researcher...

Here is what I saw and here are links to sections with the detailing of this interesting finding..


I am trying to correspond with anyone willing to take a look at these ideas and interesting correlating patterns, dealing with Saturn, Titan and Iapetus more importantly in due response to the 2 articles on Enterprise Mission, investigated by Richard Hoagland. I am not pushing any hard evidence or some type of deal... But am trying to illustrate this information in a decent manner to have critical thinkers mull over the ideas regarding the Saturnian system and of course, Titan and Iapetus directly.

    In these interesting articles http://www.enterprisemission.com/moon1.htm and part 2 http://www.enterprisemission.com/moon2.htm the hypothesis of artificiality of Iapetus and the relation to Saturn and of course, us. I have dubbed this satellite, due to the photo's and article the "Death Star". I see the build up to this, Death Star being of Star Wars fame... To continue on to the point, there is striking details in the satellite and the schematics of this "imaginary fantasy" of the Death Star man-made space station.

    Being that I am a creative artist and write a book that has been published called "Hangwire", I take in George Lucas as my main competitor, with my creations in direct competition but in more "real" terms dealing with us and our own system and where we come from and where we are going... This being said I offer these links to theForce.net where these schematics and images are detailed greatly for the Star Wars fans. Here you can see the "trench" and "engineering" bay of the Death Star, and of course it's similair pattern with Iapetus... http://www.st-v-sw.net/images/Wars/Special/DSsize/DS1trench04.jpg compared to (which I already see he named it the Death Star!) http://www.enterprisemission.com/images_v2/Iapetus2/Deathstar-19-l.jpg

    Here you can see more detailed outlines and imagery of the entire "Death Star".... I do not by any means study this site, instead looked into because of the startling comparison of Iapetus. http://www.theforce.net/swtc/ds/

    My story written 10 years ago, and the later spinoff "Hangwire: Horizons", were hypothetical in my own research, but put into an entertainment medium to base my own theories from... here is an image showing Titan, and the relation of the "controllers" of Earth, who have eventually in a fictional future, colonized Mars, have mining corporations around the Asteroid Belt, Jupiter and Saturnian systems.... Mainly Titan. In my image I have shown "Alien" technology found by the mining company, and then the subsequent events that would follow go into an inter planetary war with Martian colonials, who by then enacted their own sovereignty....
Here is an example image drawn in 2001, the original story was written in 1993... http://www.rnabrand.com/temp/images/hangwire_horizon_pinup_01_2001.jpg
and the original story (I am not pushing my story at you, but if you get into it and like it, great!)... http://www.gravitywell.com/docs/comics/hangwire/index.shtml

    Now to my hypothesis on Iapetus and Titan and how a civilization and our own colonization of the solar system would take place, Using Mars as a jumping point to Jupiter and the other outer planets, I developed the idea of using Titan's resources and Saturns rings as a deposit of natural elements that one could use to sustain a habitat either artificial like a space station or Iapetus, or a "natural" environment like Titan or one of the other Jupiter or Saturn satellites, to retrieve fuel sources, and Oxygen from the outer ring of Saturn... being there was deposits discovered on the ring of Saturn this hypothesis seemed sound, and will be the basis in my story.

    This hypothesis could support the idea of maintaining or re-sustaining an environment for a civilization, such as ours, to travel the great Solar System and beyond in real life terms... I think this is where you or Richard might be going in this same idea. But I find it interesting and I have been trying to support my own theories through "fiction". My published works are there to initially be printed comics and other material. But that is to launch into talks with production studios for Video Games and more importantly, Theatrical Films.

    There is another reason I am contacting you, because I have e-mailed you twice before over the last 5 years. One of which detailed a contact at a convention for Native American Business's, which I had a booth supporting my business and showing my artwork... which included the material I have in those comic book images... The person who contacted me, after the show was over and everyone had left was a representative from NASA. What would he have to do with a poor Native American artist and entreprenuer? Well, they wanted art, a redesign of what I described as the "Jolly Green Giant" for use in promotional material for a Presidential Candidate... They took my information down, but never contacted me back again. These issues raised serious questions to their true motives, and how it relates to someone who writes and draws "fiction" and of course their own Space Program. ESA is in charge of Huygens, but I believe Cassini is American? I am not sure at the moment. But these startling articles, and the fiction from both Star Wars and my own material have raised interesting parallels. These Analogs seem to keep coming out at a much more rapid rate and starts raising these questions and ideas that Richard Hoagland and many others keep investigating.

    I hope that I am touching base with you from a critical thought aspect, and would like to talk to others about this potential, and perhaps offer my own services for Free. There are other things I do, and my ideas are seeing the realization, from "fiction" to reality. Showing once again, art imitating life.