Subj: Executive order does NOT apply just to non-citizens
Date: 11/28/01 4:55:12 PM Pacific Standard Time

Editorial concerning His Excellency Bush

While our attention is rivetted to the bombs in Afghanistan, how about the bomb dropped here? That bomb, which has the potential of being more devasting than anything that has ever happened here in our history is the Executive order of November 13, 200l. I will present the facts and you be the judge. Here is the Whitehouse location where a copy of this order can be found. These are not my words, but theirs.

By creating "a state of national emergency" President Bush has officially put into effect martial rule. Martial rule, martial law in its softer stage, abrogates the Constitution, Bill of Rights and all that goes with it. What is put into effect as official law then is the Law of War and or the Law of Necessity. The Law of War and or Law of Necessity is no law or is the setting aside of lawfulness.

President Bush uses the following as part of his authority for this order "Use of Military Force Joint Resolution (Public Law 107-40, 115 Stat. 224) and sections 821 and 836 of title 10, United States Code". By the way Joint Resolutions are NOT law. Look it up.

These alleged terrorists that are "accused" will be " tried for violations of the laws of war and other applicable laws by military tribunals." "The term "individual subject to this order" shall mean any individual who is not a United States citizen with respect to whom I determine from time to time in writing that " Notice that it is "I" the President who will determine who these "individuals" are. We are led to believe that these people are non citizens, but it is the President who determines the definitions. Even if this were merely limited to non-citizens, what about the rights mentioned in the Bill of Rights. Remember, these rights extend to every man and woman. But this does not extend just to non-citizens.

These alleged "individuals" can be tried for acts that " have as their aim to cause, injury to or adverse effects on the United States". What in the world does that mean? Does this mean that if one criticized the acts of the President, it could be construed to "adverse effects on the United States". This is open to very wide interpretation and only the President has the authority to decide. This is not all.

Here is what the "individual" tried can be subject to:"(a) Any individual subject to this order shall, when tried, be tried by military commission for any and all offenses triable by military commission that such individual is alleged to have committed, and may be punished in accordance with the penalties provided under applicable law, including life imprisonment or death."

Most people will say, well I am not a terrorist, but read further. "(a) Nothing in this order shall be construed to -- "(3) limit the lawful authority of the Secretary of Defense, any military commander, or any other officer or agent of the United States or of any State to detain or try any person who is not an individual subject to this order." People, if this Executive Order is not immediately challenged and over ruled we will be in a state of Martial Law. And "ANY PERSON" can be tried by a military tribunal for whatever they deem.

Open your mouth now and complain, for tomorrow you will not be able to. Read the Order and you will see that everything I quoted is from their own mouths.

Larry Wolfe