Subj: Why a link to Rense 11-27-01 interview with Carnicom is still missing?
Date: 12/3/01 12:49:44 PM Pacific Standard Time

Hello Kent.
Now that it turns out that IT is only a computerized, walking gyroscope, here is something much more important:

As it seems that it shall take some more time for the Rense’s 11-27-01 show with Clifford Carnicom link in Yahoo broadcast archives to materialize (it is not the first time that Yahoo has some chemtrail related problems), for those who can withstand unprocessed Croatian-English shorthand from my database (sorry but at this time I have no time available to streamline it, in this shape it was stored for my future use), here are some highlights. Numbers indicate time elapsed from the start of the show:
Jeff read a latter form the unnamed Canadian university teacher who has collected a rain sample, distilled it down to concentration 10000:1 using 0,5 atmosphere vacuum pump to preserve all solution compounds intact and gave it to a friend who works on the university he teaches. His friend made analysis that has shown that concentrated rain sample contains magnesium oxide, barium oxide and hydroxide, aluminum, titanium carbonate and long polymers. His friend said that the sample was quite toxic.
This finding confirms results of Mr. Carnicom's research which he has collected over the time using different methods that were prevalently of theoretical nature (observation and theoretical analysis). Aluminum metal peaces are judged to be round and as small as 2 microns.
University of Maryland. Observed change in visibility corresponds to data that the science of light scattering through particulate meter postulates. Using their data, from the observed visibility it can be deduced the number and the size of particulates that are suspended in the air. This could be further used to judge the amount of the total particulate meter in the sky.
Very conservative estimate show that the particulate concentration well exceeds the maximum limits established by the EPA.
Plasma is ionized gas. It makes 99,9 of the Universe. Earth is an anomaly.
We have metals in the sky. Their compounds are easily ionized. If it assumed that the particulates are of electric conductive nature, as was observed and it is the case, than our atmosphere has been turned in to the plasma. It is week but usable and viable plasma.
Plasma frequency is natural resonance frequency of plasma. It can be changed and controlled, i.e. manipulated. It is in direct function of the number of free electrons in the gas that makes the plasma.
As every metal atom has one free electron (this is why the metals conduct electricity), there is a relation between the amount of the material in the atmosphere and the number of free electrons in the gas. Knowing the number of free electrons a plasma frequency of the gas can be found. This number can be checked against the known plasma frequency of the ionosphere (3 MHz).
Radio signal can penetrate plasma in the ionosphere only if its frequency is higher than that of plasma frequency of ionosphere (it has a higher energy density). If its frequency is lower it bounces off the ionosphere plasma. Higher frequencies paunch the hole in ionosphere. Radio signal of right frequency can be conducted inside ionosphere layer over the horizon.
Energy form the sun (gamma, UV or even visible light) is enough to ionize some metals and their compounds.
Using the same method applied to study the ionosphere, when applied to the lower modified atmosphere (visibility estimate-mass estimate-free electron estimate) Carnicom ended up with the conclusion that the atmosphere is being prepared for the radar frequencies and those below it. Atmosphere was not modified for the gamma ray protection.
This makes this second ionosphere, that is situated at the lower atmosphere altitudes, adequate for many applications from microwave, radio and up to radar frequencies. This means that apart from the usual military applications, such as direct energy (microwave, laser) and radar, atmosphere is now adequately prepared for mass mind, health and weather control also.
Manipulating the ionosphere using the ELF radiation, 1999, Naval Research Laboratory.
If radio frequency is send in the ionosphere (few MHz) it heats up and its conductivity changes. This generates current in ELF portion of the band in the range of 5-10 Hz. This frequencies directly influence biological systems. This is modulation in that one frequency (higher) is used to create and control the other one (low).
To measure electric currents that propagate through atmosphere Mr. Carnicom had to construct his own electrometer. Instrument he has made registers electrical current caused by the charge of the plastic comb after it was used to comb the hair at the distance 6 feet.
Atmosphere current density is fundamental property of the atmosphere. It should be around 1-2 micro amps. Hair dryer produces atmospheric current of 10 micro amps. In September 2001, Mr. Carnicom, over many days and in different atmospheric conditions but always during a calm weather, conducted measurements that have shown that  atmosphere current strength is 11-13 micro amps. This is ten times greater that it should be expected. As his instrument was not a professional one, and could have some calibrating problems, at that time he has left this finding for the future comparison and study.
Heavy duty electric storm could produce the atmospheric current density of up to 10 micro amps. Current measurements, conduced three month after the first one, show that the atmospheric current is now much greater than before and that it now exceeds the capacity of his electrometer.
Other fundamental characteristic of plasma is its conductivity. Atmosphere conductivity calculated from the expected atmosphere current density and plasma frequency deducted in the formerly described way has shown that his measurements of the atmosphere current density obtained by the electrometer were accurate.
Atmosphere has been fundamentally altered. It is turned in the ionosphere.
Carrier wave is standing wave that is undetectable (unless its wavelength is known) until its parts are energized (modulated) to carry the wanted information. Waves of 9 m or longer require only 0.01 W to generate.
Basic proposition here is tat the atmosphere has been turned in the conductor.
ELF 3,5-4-7 MHz is now permanently present and it is the range primarily used by the HAARP transmitter.
Teller's paper has a key word, it is «dielectric». This means he proposed to spray an insulator. As aerosols that are detected are conductors, the premise that the ongoing sprayings are Sun-shield related DO NOT FIT. Teller's sun shield proposition is a fake.
Furthermore, ozone is damaged by the same aerosols that are not there.
The proposition most consistent with the all data that were collected so far is that the air is being (was) altered to be primarily a conductor. If energy can be transfer anywhere over the world through the atmosphere then you control the world. Today HAARP device can be accommodated in the 4 track loads and it has not to be ground based at all.
Missing last 5 minutes of conclusion part.
My notes:
HAARP device can be/ is ship installed, or, using last evolution of TR-3B and its parent Nautilus platform, air or space born as well.
If present, I cannot discuss any inconsistencies at this time. This shorthand should be viewed only as a data file for the study in course.
All in all it is much of that I have indicated in my SATURATION WITHIN article last September.
I find that this makes clear why the interview is not linked in Yahoo, Rense has nothing to do with it. He is OK.
Now must go, much to do for living.
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