Subj Fw The Takeover-Red List Pickups
Date 11/20/01 110952 AM Pacific Standard Time

Hope this is just another of the many false alarms (like back in the
80's) -Dirk
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   FROM AL CUPPETT (While they still let me operate this method of
commo.) US Army/The Joint Staff (OJCS), Retired


   I, with them Lord's help, broke the "code" on the Red-Blue List in 1995.
It was later confirmed to Steve Q. and Steve C. in 1996! A resident of
VA was shown a copy of the "Region Three Blue List" by an FBI agent. The
list had been given to him by a "loyalist" CIA agent who had made the
initial "intercept". The CIA agent saw his FBI buddy's name on the list! The
FBI agent than saw Steve C.'s name on the list, and showed it to him. And
so on down the line.

   Steve saw his name, his son (1) James' name, (2) "Richard's" name,
and (3) "Jim's" name. They are the only ones he saw that he recognized. The
names had no addresses, only SSN's!!!! Therefore, as noted below, they
will use SSNs.

   (1) James is a two-hitch veteran of the USMC, Infantry, long range
patrol, and an "activist". He has had many UN choppers over and " even
BESIDE" his person/house.

   (2) Jim is an ex-Mormon with a bomb shelter house. He has
experienced numerous passive attacks, even a noise-canceling-equipped chopper (seen
by a friend at midnight) with a spotlight, hovering over his "house".

   (2) Richard is a Republican, arch conservative, businessman.

   Steve C is an activist and after being on SW radio was paid visit by
the chopper about a week later. They are operating out of Camp Goetche
(spelling may be wrong) on Quantico USMC Base, in VA (Confirmed by "Hot
Spot" Rescue Team member) !!! Steve then had a "confrontation with one
chopper, 40 yards away, for the radio "trouble" he had caused the NWO.
I described it on my Prophecy Club video, "Straight from the Joint
Chiefs". I just didn't tell anyone exactly what the "stand-off confrontation"
consisted of in front of a live audience.

   The Red listed people are "arrested before unobtrusive plans for
mobilization (martial law are initiated". That is a direct quote
(almost, without looking) from the "book".

   Blue Listed people are "arrested subsequent to a declaration of
martial law ("mobilization" in Nazi terms) ". We have determined that the
arrest period for "Blue Listees" will be the immediate SIX weeks following a
martial law declaration.

   Unfortunately, they are already pulling people our of cars in IL and
MI. Over a month ago a police officer wrote me and told me his sis-in-law
had seen "black uniformed police" with no insignia or logos displayed
pulling people out of cars in SE Michigan. These would be Red Listees. These
"cops" are using SS numbers input into their patrol car's computer-radio
system. If the "stopees" come up "Red" they are handcuffed and taken away. Now
I have deduced this "method" by professional and collateral knowledge
which I have not set forth herein.

   Further, they were pulling people from cars north and south of
"Wilmington, IL" during the same time period. I believe it was on Rt
51/53. The town and the highway are from memory, not my "master station log"
(MSL). These particular black-uniformed cops were "big and burley", and
as usual they wear the "cool" sunglasses, stated the report; which a local
police officer. He said the Wilmington local policemen are nowhere this

   This means the Red List pick ups are already going on! Road blocks
are now being used to pick up people. There was one report from OK about a
bus being stopped and these cops pulling people off. They carry Federal ID
cards, issued by FEMA or the Department of State", I can't confirm

   The videos, the one mentioned above, and "Black Ops and Prophecy",
can be obtained from the Prophecy Club, and I make nothing from those
sales, @ 758 266 1112 . I think it's, but I'm not sure how
you email/work it. But it is the Prophecy Club that handles them. If you
get them watch the "Joint Chiefs" first; as they're sequential in nature.
   Al  C