23 May 2002

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Site R - Raven Rock

This offers information on a hardened US military communications facility, Site R (Raven Rock) Alternate Joint Communications Center (AJCC), located beneath Raven Rock mountain, near Waynesboro, PA, reported to be the bunker used by Vice President Cheney during the months after 9/11.

News report on Site R:

March 14, 2002:

December 20, 2001:

December 16, 2001:

On Mount Weather and Site R, November/December 2001:

June 28, 2000:

May 1, 2000:

April 26, 2000:


Site R is the Alternate Joint Communications Center (AJCC) located in Raven Rock mountain [hence the name Site R] just over the Pennsylvania State Line near Waynesboro, Pa. The DISA Site-R Computer Operations staff provides computer services to the NCA, the Joint Staff, the OSD and other DoD agencies through Memorandums of Agreement (MOAs). The facility functions as the disaster recovery site for the JSSC's GMC and DISA GCC. The various service [Army, Navy and Air Force] Emergency Operations Centers (AFEOC) are also located at Site R. Support is provided 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. The facility's Operations Center, DCS Technical Control Facility, the Northeast Dial Service Assistance Center and Information Center provide planning, installation, operation, and maintenance of over 38 communications systems (switching, transmission, data distribution, visual information, and power generation) that support the various customers of the Alternate Joint Communications Center Site R.

DoD description now removed from the Web, in Google cache:


US Army 1111st Signal Battalion at Raven Rock ("Signal Masters of the Rock"):


Budget for Site R Integration Program (SRIP), 2001:


Informative Defense Data Network Management Bulletin from 1994 showing Site R's routing servers to worldwide military bases:


A dispute over prices at Site R eating facilities:


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Security for AJCC:




Northwest portals and guard building, perhaps with emergency service equipment.

Source for these 4 photos: http://www.angelfire.com/realm2/bushlostfl/siteR.html

Northwest portal at right in photo at left.

A northwest portal and guard building at left, helicopter pad at right.

Northeast portals.


Photo shows along a curving road: a helicopter landing pad, a guard building adjoining
two northwest portals, and two northeast portals.

Note the faint evidence of a large four-armed cross atop the hill, each arm several hundred yards long,
with the central crossing near the communications building. Perhaps it's an antenna, or perhaps
a benchmark, for satellite communication. A conventional tower antenna is next to the building.

Source: TerraServer, USGS photo, April 1994

DoD News Briefing - ASD PA Clarke and Brig. Gen. Rosa

Q: Can I ask you a question off the 2002 defense supplemental? There's been a lot of publicity about continuity of government. Within the supplemental, you're asking for $74 billion for something called "Site R" that -- apparently, it's a continuity-of-government facility. And this is for upgrades for power, cooling and to incorporate principal staff and joint staff into an organized system. Can you talk a little bit of -- what actually is Site R, and how does this fit into the overall continuity-of-government plans of the Bush administration?

Clarke: Well, it fits into the overall continuity-of- government plans. It fits into plans...a plan that has been in place for some time, well before September 11th. It has been going on, I think, since the start of the Cold War, probably, to make sure that in times of emergency or crisis, the government, in this case the Pentagon and military, can and will continue to operate. So I don't know the specific details about that piece of it you're talking about, but it is to make sure we do have all the communications that we want to have.

Again, a lot of these things were in place before September 11th. Given the heightened state of awareness and the concerns, people are taking a hard look, do we have everything we want to have in place. So I'm sure that's what it's dedicated to.

Q: Is Site R a physical location, which you're not going to disclose, obviously, but is it a location or more of a plan, just a name for a plan?

Clarke: It is part of an overall plan to make sure that the military, the Pentagon can be up and operating. And I'll just leave it at that.

Q: (Inaudible) - physical, standing location that you're upgrading?

Clarke: I'll just leave it at that.

Okay, Barbara?

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