FRIEND: heya , rainin there??

Phikent: yessssss

FRIEND: makes salty dog happy , the rain??

Phikent: sun is being very very sneaky


Phikent: yess, have firelogs, nice.

FRIEND: snug as a bug in a rug eh?

FRIEND: loadin

FRIEND: ooooo, now i see Dolly

FRIEND: you weren't kiddin

Phikent: yeaa

FRIEND: poor salty dog though , not earth directed

Phikent: sneaky

FRIEND: sneaky

FRIEND: hmmmm pretty neat lookin

Phikent: sneakyyyyyyyyyyy

Phikent: think it's a black hole

Phikent: slurp

Phikent: It sux, heh

FRIEND: big laugh

FRIEND: you think the sun is spittin black holes


FRIEND: maybe i better have a nother look at it

Phikent: yea, pretty sexy

Phikent: dark matter

Phikent: thing izz

Phikent: the flare shows it otherwise wouldn't see it. seems to reflect on right

Phikent: Dark matter does exist we can't see it because somehow it does not reflect light it only absorbs it. We can see its presence though its gravitational effect.

Phikent: dark matter is 99% of the universe

FRIEND: thinkin on what your sayin

FRIEND: whenever anyone mentions dark in reference to the sun, my antenna go up .... saw the suns shadow once, did i ever tell you that story

FRIEND: was wide awake no dream

Phikent: yep

Phikent: when you were looking in the creek?

FRIEND: was a stream

FRIEND: was watching shadows of things in the water

FRIEND: what the water did to the shadows

FRIEND: sat there an awfully long time

FRIEND: wish these things came with a manual, things you see.....

Phikent: gotta write it

FRIEND: you think.... write what the manual

Phikent: solar magstorm kicking up too for no reason

FRIEND: maybe your what i am slowly grasping

FRIEND: show

Phikent: yep we gotta write it or science might screw it up

FRIEND: am thinkin on writing a story

FRIEND: for me

FRIEND: find my way through it

FRIEND: show magstorm... [FRIEND] be lazy too many bookmarks

FRIEND: please


FRIEND: funny , thought there was something goin on , feel it ..... lately though sun storms, haven't been able to feel them... used to be able to

FRIEND: feel this one though


FRIEND: wish they were that innocent....just dummies

FRIEND: so tell me salty dog you never did tell me about conclusions of that man you met the other day

FRIEND: did he have any conclusions

FRIEND: or just alot of papers

Phikent: welllllll.......

FRIEND: you and that drawl of yours

FRIEND: mighty slow wellllllll

Phikent: they talked about tons of stuff in detail, traveling around the world watching the elite pirates cuttin deals with dictators which usually resulted in the deaths of millions of Third World people not long after.

Phikent: destruction of whole cultures and tribes, [CONSPIRACY THEOREST] saw that mostly in Africa and Asia and S. America

Phikent: like Indian genocide still happening bigtime.

Phikent: but they said two things that made me pee my pants...

FRIEND: .....


FRIEND: as in spiritual entity

Phikent: Monsters

FRIEND: powerful??

Phikent: 2. They said that very soon within two years these monsters are going to try to reduce the entire planetary population by 80%

FRIEND: well geesum kent, actually if you really look at things, you can see them, don't you think or at least their works...

FRIEND: did they give you anymore specific details then that

FRIEND: as to identity

FRIEND: ???????????

Phikent: yea

Phikent: here's some lists, some of them name names

Phikent: here is some US names:

FRIEND: you accept this as true??

Phikent: why do they want to depopulate? So they can continue to mine, dig oilwells, deforest until this whole planet dies.

Phikent: they don't need people to do this for them anymore

FRIEND: that has been my thoughts lately, whoever these people are or whatever they are, we are no longer needed

FRIEND: not even to fight wars

FRIEND: well we're not quite there but almost

Phikent: Dunno, whether I totally accept, but after listening to them for 8 hours straight in incredible detail I was pretty shaken.

Phikent: always stayed away from politics

FRIEND: i know....

Phikent: they were trying to make me more conspiracy-aware.

FRIEND: i have been drawn in more then one time ..... suxs you dry

FRIEND: well none of them live in my neighborhood

FRIEND: chuckle

FRIEND: only kiddin

Phikent: CONSPIRACY THEORY: I saw it and lived it for 8 hours! Including Mel Gibson apartment with files, documents and escape routes.

Phikent: Mel Gibson=reference to movie.

Phikent: heard him talking on cellphone to ANON, former assistant Attorney General and FBI

FRIEND: being warrior requires courage

FRIEND: poor salty dog

FRIEND: must of been quite the day

FRIEND: you know what salty dog, one nite when i first got the computer

FRIEND: i was messin around playin with addresses....

FRIEND: lookin for back doors

FRIEND: and i ended up in this place that scared the bejeebers out of me

FRIEND: was like mainlining reality

FRIEND: was a site that sold military hardware and weapons

FRIEND: the graphics were incredible

FRIEND: made me realize how far removed we are from those who rule reality

FRIEND: government reality anyway

FRIEND: their dream

FRIEND: sorry babblin

Phikent: like babblin true stuff

FRIEND: gotta figure out how to make other dreams more powerful

FRIEND: then theirs

FRIEND: in a different manner then they have

Phikent: well these bad guys must be shakin in their boots, to spend a wee life in the grip of the darkside, lots of perks, but then having to face their term in the boneyard and probably the pits of hell.

FRIEND: just babblin bad, aiyyyyyy

FRIEND: am not so sure there is a hell salty dog... i think they create it here... think there is only nothingness if they get to run their dream to the end

FRIEND: unless that be hell

FRIEND: like in that kids movie, what was the name of that

FRIEND: damn can't remember now

FRIEND: o i know

FRIEND: Never Ending Story

FRIEND: but then, that is just rambling thoughts on my part

FRIEND: maybe there is a hell

FRIEND: but, seems to me that concept has been used to the N degree to get what they want

Phikent: yea, me too, I keep thinking that this whole place is like a big virtual reality game

FRIEND: damn, wish i could define , THEY.... one of [FRIEND'S] ultimate wishes....

Phikent: but, seems like those bad dudes wanna stay here and live on an holodeck world that they screwed up.

FRIEND: maybe its a sickness

FRIEND: maybe it has a cure

Phikent: yep

FRIEND: maybe we are they, but sick

FRIEND: gettin weirder

FRIEND: time to stop

FRIEND: me thinks

Phikent: well thing is we whom live within their reach are not blameless, we work for them

FRIEND: .....agree

Phikent: we pump their gas, wear their gold, cook in their pots n' pans, log the forests, spend their fake money

Phikent: but now they don't need us as much.

Phikent: so pahtooey to us

FRIEND: well maybe that's a good thing

FRIEND: reality check

FRIEND: is what i have been thinkin anyway

FRIEND: makes room for a new dream

FRIEND: if we have the courage

FRIEND: i was thinkin the other day.... we don't teach that concept to our children anymore....

FRIEND: or embrace it ourselves

Phikent: sigh, like I say my first thoughts were, GEEZ, there is something really wrong with this place.

FRIEND: chuckle

FRIEND: i am sorry

FRIEND: sorryyyyyyyyy

Phikent: huh?

FRIEND: i can go on

Phikent: what ye sorry for?

FRIEND: for going on like that

Phikent: keep goin, saying good stuff

Phikent: Up to [FRIEND] and Salty to fix ya know, ain't nobody else gonna.

FRIEND: well, here's what i think maybe is it.... we come in here, got good heart.... creator lives in our hearts i think

Phikent: we got to think of ourselves as Elders, why? Hell, nobody else does, heh.

FRIEND: he gives us fear, so we know when something is not sacred

FRIEND: gives life= sacred

FRIEND: which we are also given courage


FRIEND: if bombarded with fear after fear, and lose some major battles along the way

FRIEND: sigh.....fear does not give rise to courage but

FRIEND: defeat, apathy, spiritual death, we can't feel it anymore because we have forgotten it

FRIEND: like a lost memory

FRIEND: but.... only lost not destroyed

FRIEND: sleepin

FRIEND: needs shakin up

FRIEND: stirrin

FRIEND: what is that you always say

FRIEND: boil boil, something to do with soap

FRIEND: see i put you to sleep ......

Phikent: I like Elder concept

FRIEND: so call in the powers

FRIEND: tell me about... elder concept

FRIEND: seriously

Phikent: why do we assume that everybody has to turn around for something to happen, might only take one or two, after all committies usual sux

FRIEND: oh agreed... believe their are some leaders....spiritual and physical

Phikent: For instance

Phikent: This big ol flare region came around, threatening us with an X10 flare which woulda been bad

Phikent: So I say, hey, person-starman, fix it.

Phikent: person-starman says okay, give me a coupla minutes

FRIEND: ok, let me ask you this

FRIEND: are you sure flare was a bad thing

Phikent: coupla minutes go by, starman says, okay, fixed, and beyond all percentages this alpha-beta-gamma region, biggest since 1942, goes swinging on by gentle as a lamb.

Phikent: we would have lost atmosphere, lots

FRIEND: are you sure

Phikent: spiritually might have been cool, but Ma earth woulda screamed!

Phikent: yup, sure

FRIEND: let me ask this, do you remember a guy named Kyzinski or something like that.......

Phikent: seen it happen with a dinky flare, let alone staring down the maw of a equatorial region dead center.

FRIEND: ok , maybe your right

FRIEND: i don't know salty dog....your right, starman did good i guess

FRIEND: i just have this creepy feelin

FRIEND: that, something has to stop the progression of the road we are on

FRIEND: and i would be too humble to assume that one should have power over the sun

Phikent: tell you the truth, dunno, but, I've been watching these flares for sometime and....

Phikent: oddly, they seem to already forgive earth, that is, they appear spittin n' fumin....

Phikent: then they cruise across the face....

Phikent: then they go off to the west out of earth's line and bazamm the blow again, deal is....

Phikent: there was an age when humans didn't think of themselves as such pissants, they talked to both the earth and the sun...dummy anthropologists write it off as some kinda Neanderthal pagan dum junk.

FRIEND: they're lost......

FRIEND: anthropologists

FRIEND: their wakin up though.... payin more mind

FRIEND: their loss meant to say

Phikent: So here comes somebody from the backwoods, a great scientist really, working on things that silly scientists go poo at.

Phikent: and what does starman do? why, he talks to the sun like folks did for thousands of years before the current dark ages.

FRIEND: o i did not mean to infer that i don't believe that starman can do what he does salty dog, just hope he is makin the right choices....

Phikent: Think all he does it bring the matter up with Sol, hisself

FRIEND: well that's a pretty direct line

Phikent: Hey, Sol, you ol' fart, do you really wanna blast us. Cain't say as I blame you, but.....

FRIEND: in lodge one thing that is emphasized is be careful what you pray for

FRIEND: i get the feelin the "powers" hmmmmm

FRIEND: don't know how to say what i want to say

FRIEND: confusin my self now....

Phikent: yep, but it's also okay to be an Elder, full circle now.

Phikent: AND to take responsibility

Phikent: for the whole mess.

Phikent: Elders make mistakes, but at least they ain't twerps.

Phikent: Know how one becomes an Elder?

FRIEND: tell

Phikent: By declaring themselves an Elder.

FRIEND: yah well , what are you waitn for

Phikent: the magical formula kinda goes like this, ready?

FRIEND: ready

Phikent: Magical Formula=AWWW SHIT, I AM AN ELDER!

FRIEND: any perks??

FRIEND: chuckle

Phikent: lousy perks, in fact lousy job, don't recommend it

FRIEND: sorry , am serious, serious be me, am listenin

FRIEND: figures

Phikent: tis the way the mind worketh though


Phikent: declare it, make it up, invent it, then give into it.

FRIEND: doubt

FRIEND: well you dark haired little fish you.....

Phikent: giving into it the hard part, in most cases involves getting one's butt kicked to the point where it is okay because the rule-thing doesn't mean beans anymore.

FRIEND: almost salty dog

Phikent: your turn, keep goin

FRIEND: o , about the dark haired fish you mean

FRIEND: or the no doubt part

Phikent: the almost, salty dawg part and the fish-thing too.

FRIEND: almost there....givin in part....where rules no longer apply .... except higher rules....

Phikent: hmmmm

FRIEND: believin

Phikent: I would say that....

FRIEND: believing deep inside

FRIEND: way deep

FRIEND: deep deep deep

FRIEND: hard to explain

FRIEND: scary

Phikent: methinx the higher rules ain't floatin around as neon dayglow rules in the deep heavens or even the deep soul

FRIEND: me neither... great mystery

Phikent: but they have to be ummm constantly shaped.

FRIEND: agree....

Phikent: In other words Elders participate in the shaping

FRIEND: agree

FRIEND: hey we agree

Phikent: but the shapes poop out if nobody willing to shape

Phikent: seen this in art for instance

Phikent: folks say, I wanna be an artist, so what the hell do I do?

Phikent: answer: do art

FRIEND: am here ...

FRIEND: thinkin

Phikent: like real elders trying to train new elders

Phikent: once went to a Sikh elder from India, good case in point

Phikent: but what do I run into first, not the Elder hisself but a bunch of Elder-groupies

FRIEND: Elder groupies


FRIEND: your kiddin , there is such a thing

Phikent: Elder groupies say, before you see the MASTER, you gotta become a vegetarian, give up sex for nine months, meditate every day for 26 hours

FRIEND: guess you didn't get to see him huh


Phikent: they even had a list on paper of what I had to do to be initiate by Sikh.

FRIEND: so ... what next

Phikent: So I said you gotta be kiddin, I ain't doin this stuff and proly never will.

Phikent: So I said, will you take your sorry butts into ol' Sikh and tell him I wanna see him.

Phikent: So they did and came back all shaken up that ol' Sikh said okay.

Phikent: So I go see Sikh

Phikent: First thing I say is, Jesus Christ, Sikh, what's with all these rules?

Phikent: He laughs his head off and says, "My groupies kinda go crazy about all that, pay no attention."

Phikent: see the groupies come from a Christian culture with a pecking order and a bazillion rules

Phikent: So he gluts them on even more rules so soon they will implode.

FRIEND: pretty sneaky

Phikent: puts em on a vegetarian diet for three years, then waltzes out among them and gulps down a can of spam.

FRIEND: hmmmm

FRIEND: o my god

FRIEND: spam huh

FRIEND: i get what your sayin

FRIEND: tis gotten

Phikent: preaches non-violence til they are stepping around ants so as not to go to ant-hell.

FRIEND: now i am laughin

FRIEND: stop

FRIEND: too funny


FRIEND: you mean we can step on the ants

FRIEND: chuckle

Phikent: then he waltzes out and punches one of them ant-stepping groupies in the nose.

FRIEND: oh get out he did not

Phikent: yep

FRIEND: your exaggerating now

Phikent: nope

FRIEND: oh my gosh

Phikent: plays opposites so they finally just give into the fact that to become holy doesn't mean doin a damn thing, but is already there--inside.