Subj: random thoughts 
Date: 3/16/02 3:17:39 AM Pacific Standard Time
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Dear Kent...

Thanks for posting me on your site. It was quite un-expected. I'm not
into self-glory and believe to my core that solutions must be offered in
a way to get people to realize there is another way of thinking about
life, and not forced upon them. Suggesting there is another say of
thinking about life... away from machine logic, towards human logic.

Its why solutions are so important, especially when faced with so many
problems...all of them tracable to one thing.
Greed creates problems.
Sharing solves problems.
Even the Bible says greed for money is the root of ALL evil.

Its really as simple as that.

The rest of this is not a rant. I don't rant. Its the way I see things.
My opinion. Publish it if you see fit.
Comment on it before publishing it if you feel a need.

Its why a world without money is so important to me because I feel it
can be easily introducing the concept of how to eliminate
money and letting the world talk about it. Find a way to market freedom
and freedom will find a way of marketing itself. Laws are designed to
limit those freedoms. Its why laws have to be marketed, as life. Its the
stuff of the ameriKan dream where hollywood sells lies and corruption,
and then calling it evolution, marketing itself to death.
As it must...because it MUST consume...itself in order to survive.
With logic like that, is it any wonder western culture is so screwed up?
Its in denial of its own suicidal ways...hoping to be resurrected...
through the education system
through the children

A core belief of mine is that a person has to identify the enemy before
it can be dealt with in a fair and balanced manner.

Its why ANYONE interested in control, is pushing for more and better
education. Its their 'life' line. Their 'hope' for the future.
Psychologically speaking, the parent is guilty of abusing its child and
is willing to lie about it through time, because its too ugly a lie to confront.
Its why 'they' will genetically engineer 'their' children. Done to
ensure 'their' control of some portion of THE future they hope to create.
Its why 'they' will destroy, in order[fraternally] to rebuild, using
humans as fodder for 'their' grand design.
Its insanity, from the very top...inbred for centuries, holding the keys
to the game...because they have distorted ideas about love and what it
is to love.

Yes...the stakes are high and this is serious be enjoyed, not
feared. God is in control becuase evolution is in control.

However...I am compelled to offer a solution anyway. Its found in 
I have no stake in promoting this site other than from my stake as a
human being, wanting freedom to be a human being. My selfish self
interests helping others to their selfish self interests.
In peace.
In utopia...people are free to be selfish...if they want to.

There is nothing to fear but fear itself. It works in the dark as well
as the light.

With all this said, I want to blow some a good way by
offering, some thoughts and opinions.


Can anyone explain zero to me? In any as a concept, or
zero as a reality.

I was playing around with my digital vernier caliper and re-set zero on
a random point along the scale of the tool, and then closed the jaws
slowly, watching the numbers tick off.
Metric and english, both had -0...
Neither had a +0 though. Just zero. A portion seems to be missing.

How can nothing[zero, 0]...have positive and/or negative anything?

Can 0 minus negative 0 be less than zero when zero is nothing?

Can 0 plus +0 be more than nothing?

How can nothing be anything other [more OR less] than nothing?

What is nothing?

Or...what is the smallest known particle made of?

Enjoy the thought...

I think...

Its the hidden reason as to why science cannot resolve God. Science
cannot figure out iteself and the reason why science is so confused,
while manifesting reality frantically, in order to save itself.
Simply put, scientists have a 'god' complex, using
Pythagorean/Platonic/Aristotlean/Socratic logic and math to make
'something' out of 'nothing', from a dream, practiced occultically,
using the only tools available to them. Lies and Lie'ing, in secret,
behind closed doors.

The 'free' world slaves to its machine master, dreaming digitally
enhanced dreams, machine logic controlling its creation like parents
protect a child, caught in a moral bind of Man vs machine with mutual
needs in conflict, BECAUSE people are taught to think like machines.
From birth. Justifying its'self' in denial of its 'self'. Its why clones
are so important to those who seek control. Blood-lined clones of
elitist's, taught from birth to solve the problems they create..
Its how they are trained. its how we, are all trained.

Aristotlean logic cannot dissect itself, by its own logic. Aristotlean
logic is dogma. Aristotlean logic relies on numbers to justify itself.

The way I see it, GWB is correct in saying its anti-god vs
God...anti-god vs Man, the anti-god its image. Your image.
My image. Our image.
Man made good vs evil.
The world is seeking balance.
Western culture is seeking imbalance in order to its image.
A manifested Chandler's Wobble.
Its up to individuals to choose balance or imbalance. Evolution is ALL
about free choice. Some seek to control evolution...religiously.

A viable alternative that will solve this suicidal 'death' fear that
grips ameriKa is to get them to accept the shit and evolve...get over it
and share, because evolution is for ALL...freedom to evolve is for ALL.
Especially for the clones and nearly cloned...programmed, to believe and
debate the Big Lie from birth. Debating lies with lies begets
lies...becoming truth for some. Marketable by others. Justifying clones
for market control. Machine logic, creating itself.
The greediest of the unbalanced masses feeding off the confusion created
by lie'ing about lies to feed their need for greed. Programming the
masses via political science practiced religiously.

People should think about this logic stream...hard, in my humble opinion.
Political Science=Human Science

I believe human needs should control the numbers instead of the numbers
controlling human needs...
Science is Godless logic. Science is machine logic.

The 'evil' in this world are regular people programmed to think
scientifically, creating reality scientifically. Its why the world is in
chaos. The numbers are NOT adding up. The machine is making decisions
with interests in saving itself because it 'fears' the chaos it has
controlled and created for so long.
Its why love and acceptance is so important at this point in time. The
machine is nothing but a child...insecure in its 'being'ness', afraid of
its future...a future it cannot control, unless its bold in its action.
Bully behavior. In your face economics. Pay up or die.

I think its time to change the debate...make it positive instead of
negative. I'm simply offering a solution instead of another problem.
Get people to talk about heaven on earth and heaven on earth can be had...

trust can go a long way...its all a matter of perspective.

freedom peace and love for all
on one condition