Subj: Warning For Valdez Glacier Stream
Date: 8/15/01 9:17:26 AM Pacific Daylight Time


hmmmm...seems to be alot of heating up on the glaciers lately!  One thing that really bothers me...we happened to be watching King 5 News when the Mt. Rainier story broke...I distinctly heard (and so did my husband and mother-in-law and some others on the web) them interview a geologist who said that the volcano had been given a 'code 2' which meant an eruption within either 30-90 days or 60-90 days (I forget which).  They never went back to him and none of the other local news stations made mention of it - he was on once and that was it!  I'd love to find out who he was...unfortunately, I was at the computer and was not looking at the tv - just listening to it.  Oh well...


Date: August 16, 2001 at 11:54:51

Ok, the news has been full of stories of Mt. Rainier and the glacier letting go. Even the White River here that comes off Mt. Rainier and feeds directly down between the town of Enumclaw and Buckley is rolling wild with dark brown muck. Never seen it quite this bad, with this dark a color of water!

So, as to the newstories. I was watching as many of the stories unfold as it was happening here the other night, and I heard one supposed geologist say that the mountain was definitely "warming up" and that he was suggesting that if it continues in this manner that he could see the mountain going within the next 60 to 90 days, as in major event!

I'm not entirely sure I heard what I heard. I mean, I couldn't believe it. He said it so casually.... and it also made me wonder if he actually knew what he was talking about, as in "expert".....or was he just flapping his lips?

Did anyone else hear this newstory on the tube to verify what I heard, or anything.

Not one other news report on any other newstation made reference to the mountain heating up and maybe getting ready to blow.

I want some stronger facts about this.... or this guy shouldn't go around spouting off information that may have no basis.

Logic tells me that if the scientists/geologist even remotely thought that Mt. Rainier was in serious threat of going in the next 60 to 90 days, that there would be news reports all over the airwaves, there would be serious evacuation drills...because it could mean thousands and thousands of lives, and I am sure they don't want to do a repeat performance of the blotched evacuation of Mt. St. Helens, and all those that died in that eruption.

Date: August 15, 2001 at 15:11:35

From: hummmm?!,

Subject: St. Helens

Is she talking back to Rainier? Rockport is still this morning.

Date: 8/15/01 1:00:23 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent, on the current earthquake activity for the area, did you notice the 'shape' the earthquakes make? It almost looks like a wave. Like an ELF curve moving inland.

Date: 8/15/01 4:47:32 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Hi Kent! It's ANON in Denver. This morning Charlotte King reported an ant invasion, cats sick overnight, heart symptoms, leg pain, and teeth-chattering chills. Not good, huh?

Date: August 15, 2001 at 20:37:37

4hour nap! + wrist/ankle pain. If this is not local (no release yet)it will be for the Rodgers creek fault. Job, any change in magnetic stress indicator? Can still sleep if hubby weren't coming home expecting TLC after a brutal day. Left ankle last time was only a 3.8 on Rodgers Creek. This time was about the same level of pain but the wrists/fingers are painful with no t/s in the works.

Date: August 15, 2001 at 19:11:00

which puts it how close in west/east of the of shore volcano and what relation to "the sisters" area south...where the magma is  under there. I noticed the webcorders also and this St.Helens thingy is getting to me. when they show up in the same place on other charts it can't be thunderstorms. Maybe she whould be on the Code 2?

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the issue about this event being caused by dry and hot weather is, I believe, spurious.

The area around the mountain has NOT been particularly hot. It is true that we are having a drought, but it is not due to heat particularly, but rather the lack of rain.

The lack of rain, has NOT been due to the lack of cloud cover as we are 10 cloudy days ahead of average for this time of year. But, even though cloudsn (mostly chemtrails, likely), no precip to speak of.

As to the heat, yes, we have been setting heat records recently, BUT, this is misleading as we have had cool nights, cloud cover until past noon, and then sun when the clouds burn off around 1 or so. Then it gets bloody hot quick, but only until evening then we cool off again.

And I checked with NOAA stats and our cloud covers have been above the height (14thousand feet) of the mountain as a rule except for last 6 days. So likely not a situation where sun on the glacier but we can't see it for low cloud cover.

AND the Kautz Glacier where the flow started is a very low glacier with its entire extent below 10 thousand feet.

So I am personally not willing to accept the idea yet that this was weather related.

There is also the issue of the cracks that are appearing on the glaciers all around the top of the mountain. These cracks are not usual in that many are wider at the bottom than at the top.....! I know directly from someone who fell into one. She had much more room below her feet than at shoulder level.

I will be going to look myself this weekend unless work intrudes.

So, all in all, yet another anomoly to chew on.

And just to muddy the mix, there are the strange booms which we know and have been told are the 'new' artillery pieces at ft lewis (very believable) but these impacts are so strong as to shake the ground and the windows. So surely would also shake Mt Rainier....

Then there are also the army convoys of very long trucks with the poor bastard who sits in the little cage at the back driving the read wheels. There have been several of these convoys get off the freeway in lacey and take college street out to yelm highway and then to the back side of ft lewis. They are so long that they cannot, apparently, take the regular through base access roads to their destination. And they are carrying hugely long rods and hollow tubes that are metallic but really defy description beyond that. All lashed down in bundles about 10 to 20 feet thick and maybe 70 feet long. They stick off the back of the trucks about 12 feet.

I have been stopped by two such convoys and a woman I know who lives in apts on college street has seen 5 others prior to my go figure.

Anyway, strange days indeed up here in puget sound.

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Mount Rainier---Surrounding Area Temps

Mount Rainier--14,409 feet.

Some climate info

There have been highs of 80-90s at surrounding areas-






As to the air temps at the glacial elevations-Go to the "Soundings from

MAPS/RUC Analyses/Forecasts site" below and type in the location airport

ids for the airtemps at the different elevations-



Toledo-- KTDO

Plot sounding from MAPS/RUC Analyses/Forecasts:

As of 23:00 UTC, the airtemps at 14000 feet have been 32F, 10,000 feet is

50F and warmer as you go to lower elevations.