Rainbow Valley Arizona 7-18-2001, 8:30PM.

A Flurry of activity tonight by wave after wave of Golden Orbs. On a North/South axis to the viewer, clusters of three and four Orbs began appearing and hanging in the South sky. No smoke or jittering movement was detected suggesting these were not flares. As many as twelve of the objects could be seen at one time. It is interesting to note the change in orientation from past sightings. Normal orientation is on an East/West axis instead of North/South.

The USAF responded tonight with unprecendented response! A squadron of five Apache attack helicopters approached from the North East, and spent nearly an hour flying at various different altitudes. A squadron of of four F-16 aircraft made repeated approaches shortly afterward. A surprising appearance of a Stealth Bomber was also noticed in the same time frame, but may not have been directly related. The signature black triangle, with three lights at the apex were clearly discernable. No flares were dropped by any of the USAF, nor shots fired.

This writer has never seen this type of response before in over thirty sightings over the last five years. For the first time, writer was begining to think a fire fight might erupt, but the Orbs paid no attention to the miliatary, then blinked off, and disappeared into the hot night sky.