Subj: Radar rings
Date: 11/20/01 1:26:19 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: (indisguise)

Dear Kent.
I am little bit slow in responding to your Louisiana radar ring question because, since last Sunday, one day after my site, DeepSpace4, was updated with new reports of chemtrail sprayings going over Louisiana and Maine, I am barred from the access to the net over my usual ISP link. Because of it, this message is routed over another, temporary ISP.
I see that you have posted exceptional Mr. Carnicom's article that clearly states that we all live in artificial ionosphere which is the product of saturation of the atmosphere with easily ionisable magnesium and barium compounds. This state of the atmosphere was the principal aim of the ongoing, officially nonexistent, chemtrail spraying operation executed by the NATO aircraft of, I believe, mostly US NAVY/ AIR FORCE origin. Its main purpose is to greatly enhance special radar signal and microwave and laser beams propagation. They all love ionized path. This technologies are well described in my article SATURATION WITHIN on the page
on my site. Scalar emissions do not need such environment.
Based on this my opinion of the frequently observed radar rings is as follows.
As radar images are composed by the software which integrates the inputs from the extensive, ground based weather radar system, changes in the radar signal ductility of the atmosphere that are caused by its easy ionization by the weather radar signal itself or by the use of the special, over the horizon radar (VTRPE) or energy beam weapons (microwave, laser), are registered as various anomalies, i.e. partial or complete radar rings or beams. In other words, use of the officially nonexistent energy weapons, special military radar and, I believe, scalar shields, are visible on the weather radar integration screens thanks to the, also nonexistent, military chemtrail spraying operation. On some occasions heavy, frenetic chemtrail compounds dumping creates inhomogeneous saturation of the atmosphere that the weather radar integration software cannot compensate for. This is then visible on the screen as a large number of weather radar circles that are distributed over a large area.
I shall stop here for now. Must resolve internet access stuff first.
All the best.

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