Date: 4/17/03 4:17:40 PM Pacific Daylight Time

I pop by your site to see if anybody has noticed anything (Radar rings, ELF pulses, solar activity) but I've been surprised that nobody cross reference with Total Electron counts. Take for example your "witch storm". I've been noticing a symmetry the last few days again and when I looked at it the night before last the western edge of the red zone match the western edge of the Witch storm. I have noticed quite often the TEC correlates to unusual weather patterns. What you have to understand about TEC patterns is that they should stay random as they are influenced daily by auroral activity of the sun. You can go to  for this and some other excellent (note the PC3 pulsations) current info from Australia (of course the US doesn't give us such info). Unfortunately, the last 5-6 months I haven't had the time to watch and archive the info, I've got to the point when I do get a chance to cross reference things I just go Uh-huh there it is again. You will also notice what I call "fixed" patterns that occur over the US but not over Europe or Australia. I have attached a couple of my anomalty files for your reference. If you're interested, I can go through my archives and send you more. Note the unnatural symmetry of the patterns as well as the locations corresponding with radar rings that have been detected.



Magnitude 3.0 KANSAS 2003 April 17 17:31:59 UTC

Magnitude 4.4 UTAH 2003 April 17 01:04:19 UTC


The site in the northeast I believe is Dover AFB. This was one of the original sources from the beginning, Vandenburg appeared to come online last year.

Well, here we are two hours later, Dover is off and Vandenberg is still on. Everything I have tracked for the last couple of years appears to emanate from various air force bases. Since these images are actual representations of the electron count of the upper ionosphere and with the involvement of the air force I would have to think it ties more into the HAARP experiments. There would be the potential for weather manipulation here as well. Either way it takes high levels of energy to effect the ionosphere in this manner

Date: 4/18/03 8:10:37 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Check this out, this is why I think this is related to weather manipulation (which does not rule out other uses as well)

Date: 4/18/03

Notice how the ionosphere matches our primary weather currents. In the north east Dover is "sucking" up the Gulf Stream while Vandenberg/Edwards are working on the Pacific. I'm going to have to check my maps to see who we have in the mid-states working on that low density pocket in the middle. It might be interesting to watch the composite radar the next 24-48 hours to see what pops up.

...........\..........April 19/2003 22:15Z


Date: 4/19/03 2:14:26 PM Pacific Daylight Time

radarmatrix comment:: Looks like the colorado 3 are at it again and there is a line of radar activity from north to south same players involved.


T Index Map: This image shows the DIFFERENCE between current OBSERVED HOURLY conditions and PREDICTED MONTHLY conditions . The colours blue, green, yellow, red, correspond to "enhanced", "normal", "mildly depressed" and "depressed" conditions respectively. Depressions and enhancements are with respect to the IPS predicted monthly T index for that month.