FRIEND: Hi: How was the quake?  all circuits busy .. can't call up there
BARDSQUILL: right under my butt, was pretty scary
FRIEND: how big?
BARDSQUILL: saying 6.2, but dunno, was STRONG!
FRIEND: wow, I didn't hear it was THAT big... wow.  saw on CNN people were running out of buildings
FRIEND: I tried calling Lee Chin... and all circuits busy
BARDSQUILL: hope it ain't a precursor
FRIEND: no kidding.
BARDSQUILL: things shook hard for about a minute, then the ground rocked back and forth for long time.  
FRIEND: wow ... we had one in San Jose a couple days ago, but was only a 4.9  
BARDSQUILL:  felt like a 7.0 to me, USGS often under reports  
FRIEND: yes ... I wouldn't know how to tell how big it is... never felt one yet  
FRIEND: news is saying 6.2  still
BARDSQUILL:  felt like puny lil bug
FRIEND: sorry I missed it... any local reports of damage?
BARDSQUILL: seeing scattered damage on tv
FRIEND: I would think so ... hope nobody hurt  
FRIEND: sounds like it would have been right under Lee Chin.  wow... TV is showing an auditorium with pandemonium inside
FRIEND: wow, saying they felt it as far east as Salt Lake City
BARDSQUILL: 28Feb2001 18:54:31.0 47.0N 124.0W 10 mb=6.7 A*LED NEAR COAST OF WASHINGTON  1918
FRIEND: 6.7?  incredible  
FRIEND: can't get through to the washington/oregon seismo
FRIEND: what time was teh quake?  not showing on the list yet  
FRIEND: never mind... this list is just CA
FRIEND:  Pacific Northwest Seismograph Network - Recent Event Catalog  shows other Seattle area quakes recently also  
BARDSQUILL: Seismologist at U of Wa saying 7.0
FRIEND: cripes ... getting bigger  
FRIEND: showing one  18.2 km NE of Olympia  4.7 ... was there more than one quake?
FRIEND: also one last night near Lake Chelan
FRIEND: that was a 3.2
BARDSQUILL:  wondering about Mt. Rainier
FRIEND: I hope the schools in the valley are ready to evacuate at a moments notice.  I heard that they were
BARDSQUILL: checked Brian's school
BARDSQUILL:  getting injury reports now  
FRIEND: what are they saying?
BARDSQUILL: Harbor View Hospital had damage
FRIEND: oh oh  
FRIEND: going to try calling Lee again... hang on
FRIEND: nope.  all circuits busy
BARDSQUILL: sure is hard to get into earthquake sites
FRIEND: yes, can't get into UW at all