Subj: Nothing important in FBI's newly-released McVeigh docs
Date: 5/13/01 3:35:32 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: (Bob Anderson)
To:    president@whitehouse-gov,

Nothing important in FBI's newly-released McVeigh docs

Now that's one HELL of a surprise, eh? Like they'd EVER release anything
of significance about the Oklahoma City bombings case, anyway!

What a CROCK this latest shtick is, once again!

This whole latest "wrinkle' about these "unreleased" documents amounts
to exactly this.

Now that some sort of supposed previously-unreleased FBI documents on
the case have now been suddenly and VERY MYSTERIOUSLY "released", bush,
via Ashcroft, gets to look like some kind of pro-Constitutionalist
patriot (barf bag, PLEASE!) for holding up on frying McVeigh until this
new material -- utterly WORTHLESS and inconsequential though this
"unreleased" material really IS (of COURSE!) -- can be evaluated by both
prosecution and defense teams.

What's more; there are obviously some not-so-subtle digs at the Clinton
Administration inherent in the Cheney-BushMob's's moves in response to
the FBI's curiously-timed "release' of these particular documents.

Well, a day later, now that everyone's had time to study what the FBI
just put out, the consensus is the material isn't worth squat and has
absolutely NO real impact whatsoever on the nuts and bolts of the
FedGov's case against McVeigh.

Thanks, guys.

So: the whole thing was a BIG BS setup by the Cheney-BushMob using
Ashcroft, to have the FIB release some basically garbage paperwork
related to the McVeigh - OKC Bombings case, and make a big hullabaloo
about how the material was NOT previously released though it should have
been (never MIND that it's all basically TOTALLY unimportant!). Then,
bush can play the thoughtful, pro-Constitutionalist patriot who
prudently holds off on executing McVeigh; thereby implying criticism of
the Clintonistas' handling of the entire nightmare (always an easy
shot), and also making everyone agonize over the whole damn horror a
little bit longer... but in the end, fry McVeigh's butt just as has been
planned all along.

And what's REALLY FUNNY about THIS is that as Texas governor, Big dub
fried MORE BUTTS than, like, any other political ruler in the history of
humankind... or damn near to it.

Indeed, Dub was executing them butts left, right and center, for
breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner, during his stint as
Longhorn gov. But NOW, he's all, "hey, I think it prudent to make SURE
there's nothing in these FBI documents which will prevent the execution
of patsy McVeigh, and thus prevent me from taking great joy in watching
him squirm, twist, contort and DIE: which as a high-level Skull & Bones
initiate, I will TRULY enjoy watching."

Right, dub.

from the FedGov/mass media version of the OKC bombing events which were
used to convict (and fry) McVeigh is the FACT that there were a NUMBER
of other persons involved in EVERY SINGLE STEP of the entire series of
actions which led up to the bombings at the Murrah Building in 1995.

McVeigh, if anything, was at most a second-level operative/patsy, whose
previously-installed government mind-control implant was obviously
working REAL overtime: not ONLY during the time BEFORE the bombings, but
DEFINITELY throughout almost the entire time ever SINCE the bombings.

McVeigh has been programmed to take the whole rap, and that's just the
way it's all going to play out, "previously-unreleased documents notwithstanding.

This whole latest wrinkle is just more ultra-manipulative 4th
Reich/NWO/Cheney-BushMob mind-conditioning shuck and jive. Get used to
- - - - - - - - - - - -

WIRE: 05/13/2001 0:59 am ET

Little New in McVeigh Case
Documents: LA Times

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A government official, who was briefed on the
contents of overlooked evidence in the case of condemned Oklahoma City
bomber Timothy McVeigh, told the Los Angeles Times that the documents
seemed to offer little new information, the newspaper reported on Sunday.

The unidentified official said that of the thousands of pages of
documents held by the FBI, "about 700 pages are witness statements,
while the rest include less significant material, such as cover sheets
describing what was in a file," the Times reported.

"The official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said the witness
statements do not seem to offer any new details on the facts that led to
McVeigh's 1997 conviction," the newspaper said.

The 1995 bombing killed 168 people, including children in a day care
center, in the Alfred P. Murrah federal building. Another 500 people
were injured.

The discovery of the documents led to a delay in McVeigh's scheduled
execution from this Wednesday to June 11.

McVeigh, 33, a former soldier, is waiting for his execution in a federal
prison in Terre Haute, Indiana.


The Gulf War veteran admitted the bombing and waived all appeals, saying
he was prepared to die for his actions.

McVeigh prepared himself to die but would now consider appealing his
execution order, his Tulsa, Oklahoma-based lawyer, Rob Nigh, told
reporters on Friday outside the federal prison in Terre Haute.

"Mr. McVeigh is very resilient," he said. "He's capable of evaluating
new information and making a decision based on that information."

Asked if McVeigh would now challenge the death penalty imposed on him in
1997 for the bombing, Nigh replied: "It is certainly possible. He is
going to make an informed decision."

The U.S. government had little option but to delay what would have been
the first federal execution in 38 years after revelations that the FBI
failed to hand over large quantities of evidence -- including interviews
conducted in the aftermath of the bombing, pictures and tape recordings
-- to McVeigh's defense team.


U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft said the delay was ordered "to
promote the sanctity of the rule of law" but that the documents did not
create "any doubt about McVeigh's guilt."

President Bush agreed with the decision to postpone the execution,
saying, "This is a country who will bend over backwards to make sure
that (McVeigh's) constitutional rights are guaranteed."

The decision provoked outrage, however, among the bombing victims and
their relatives.

"He's already admitted he was guilty and taken full responsibility for
it. Go ahead and let him die," said survivor Martin Cash, who lost an
eye in the blast.

Others blamed the FBI for a monumental mistake in its handling of one of
the most important criminal cases in U.S. history.

"What an embarrassment," said Fran Ferrari, a survivor who had planned
to watch McVeigh's execution on Wednesday on closed-circuit television.
"Who is responsible for this happening?"

FBI Director Louis Freeh, who was appointed by President Bill Clinton
and has held office for the past eight years, said last week he would
retire in June with two years left in his 10-year term.