We Are the Night Watchmen

4/28/03 12:03:11 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Re: any updates from your end?

Nothing on the horizon... literally speaking, (I am very happy to report).

Given the data provided from Zetatalk and other sources, Planet-X should be quite visible now just after sunset, as it has now approached to within the orbital path of Mars, which is only 1.5 AUs from the Sun. I've have scanned the Zeta's coordinates very carefully under ideal conditions and there is nothing out of the usual to be seen there. I cannot state with 100% confidence that it is not there, however the probability of it suddenly appearing at this late date is rapidly diminishing from slim to nil. I plan to keep one eye on the sky over the next few evenings, just in case, but frankly,  I'm breathing a lot easier these days as this potential threat had myself and others extremely concerned for the continued welfare of this planet.

I'm sure the debunkers are lining up and salivating for their chance to unleash a pent up torrent of childish abuse and retribution upon those of us who stopped to consider this potential threat with various degrees of seriousness. Though it is appearing the debunkers may be proven right this time, what if they had not? Mankind will always need it's share of Orbiteers to serve as the eyes and ears of this planet to stand watch for signs of potential threats so that humanity is not blind-sided. However, there will also always be the need to discuss and explore our observations as well as test them against the counter-observations of our more legitimate debunker friends to accurately determine the seriousness of what we've observed. Interestingly, this is similar to the way the five senses and the mind work together to perceive realtity. In that sense, maybe we are collectively evolving into some form of planetary sentience?

As for Planet X, there is still a significant amount of geophysical, astronomical and historical data which seems to support such a possibility, though it is increasingly doubtful that the May 2003 time-line will prove to be anything significant. But keep one eye open just in case. There is still the enigma of the apparent acceleration of global geophysical events and what is triggering them. It not PX, then what? There are still countless mysteries for us to discover, observe, question and identify. As long as there are, there will always be a need for Kent's watchmen, the eyes and the ears of the planet.   For the universe is full of danger and is no place to be wandering around with your eyes closed.

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Most PX-like event thus far, Comet NEAT V1: h







Thanks, SENTINEL, profound Watch!

Not inclined to let down the watch; the PX-thingy has been a wild ride with many diverse theories. px_updated.html

The looting hi-jinks at the Baghdad Museum worry me. What the hell are they looking for, the loot-Pros? Maybe 20,000 untranslated tablets, likely about Enlil, Enki and Nibiru? indexback74.html

We saw Comets X1 and NEAT V1 come in with very little prior announcement. V1 was a doozy, still is, with a debris watch ongoing. indexback67.html

Now we have incoming Asteroid NEO 2003 HW10 incoming, when? TOMORROW, 4/29/02, for chrissakes! [see debris watch above] http://neo.jpl.nasa.gov/cgi-bin/db_shm?sstr=2003+hw10 Board http://www.thehotsheets.com/solarsystem/messages/5007.shtml

And what the heck is this about an Italian Satellite?

In August Mars moves in close, how close, closer than ever in recorded history http://www.space.com/spacewatch/mars_preview_021108.html --Kent