We Are the Night Watchmen

Date: 5/13/03 9:20:17 AM Pacific Daylight Time

PX: Flight Delay?

Although I'm pretty much convinced by this point that Zetatalk's Planet X scenario is just an intriguing hoax or possibly a purposeful distraction, I continue to keep one eye on it, on the off-chance that I'm wrong. As such I've noticed they have posted some revised distance / velocity data on their site; http://www.zetatalk3.com/teams/rogue/jpass.htm, which refutes their previous claims that PX would brake and slow down as it passed through the inner solar system. According to their original data, PX should currently be on it's final approach between Venus and the Earth and all hell should be busting loose, but clearly it is not. So to buy an extra week it appears they have flattened their original deceleration curve so that PX now supposedly maintains a steady velocity. This effectively bumps their original projection of PX's position back 158.1 million miles along it's path, from their original estimate of 53.5 million miles from Earth (as of today). This last minute "adjustment" would currently place PX roughly between the orbital paths of Mars and Earth on the opposite side of the Sun, according to the new data.

In the chart below I've overlaid the newly "adjusted" zetatalk distance estimates (light-green line) over their original distance / velocity projection (red).

Interestingly, this last minute adjustment does resolve a previous discrepancy, where the May 15th coordinates plotted against a star chart showed that PX was still well below the solar elliptic, which seemed to contradict the Zeta's description of PX's final point of passage; http://www.zetatalk3.com/theword/tword03y.htm , which was stated to take place approximately around May 15th. This one week offset would provide the additional time required for PX to pass the Sun and move up through and above the elliptic to reach the passover point just ahead of and above the Earth's orbital path.

This last minute adjustment also resolves another old discrepancy, where according to their original distance / velocity projections, calculations showed PX could only approach within approx. 42 million miles of Earth. This contradicted the Zeta's statement that it would approach within approx. 14 million miles. By pushing the passover date back from May 15th to May 23rd, this would advance Earth sufficiently along it's orbital path to eliminate this approx. 28 million mile discrepancy. At an approach distance 14 million miles, the Earth change scenarios described by the Zetas (and several other sources) would be far more likely, than at 42 million.

I noted these discrepancies some time ago, and as the "Zetas" have been rather elusive concerning the exact details of the final passage, I have considered that they might have inserted a padded estimate to throw some people off their agendas and give others an extra week to reconsider and prepare -- or more likely, to simply prolong this hoax.

The best evidence to support that this is a hoax, is that with less than 48 hours until the promised rotation stoppage, there is no precursor moaning and groaning coming from the Earth's or earthquakes and building collapses as predicted by the Zetas and sunset seemed to be right on schedule last night. Still, it never hurts to keep your wits about you, just in case I'm wrong.


Date: 5/14/03 7:54:42 AM Pacific Daylight Time


Kent:  I can't help but wonder if there is a connection between the following crop circle and May 2003?

Will May 2003 prove to be the month of the quadruple eclipse, which appears to be depicted in this crop circle?  Mercury (May 7), Lunar (May 15), Solar Annular (May 31) and possibly one other on (May 23)?