Subj: HHHHHMMMMM ... Verrry INNNterethting !!!
Date: 11/15/01 10:31:08 PM Pacific Standard Time

BLOCKED By Bushy Bolsheviks

Interesting !!!
This article was sent back to me - it bounced -from about 50 news services I
sent it to.CBS,CNN,ABC, FOX, even to Right Wing Net News websites and
Rumor Mills.  They are assuming real 1984 Mind Control.  I wonder if the Bush-Putin picnic at the Texas Ranch will have all of us doing the Saber Dance and drinking vodka soon ?

Pointman USA

PS:Now I am being blocked just mailing this one out to the lists.



A couple months ago I watched two skyscrapers crumble to the ground like
they were wet sand castles and some bully came along and kicked them down.
Now, this week an airplane fell apart in the very same city, as if it were made of wet crackers.

And, as usual, the public, like little kids, gathered around the best of
story tellers, believes any ridiculous story the government controlled
media tells them.  This week's crashed plane's fuel only burned down a
few wooden homes. The plane in each tower somehow burned down two
entire steel sky-scrapers and many other steel sky-scrapers around
them collapsed also. ( Those two planes had much less fuel than the
one that hit the wooden homes.)

Never mind many people saying they heard explosions in the other
sky-scrapers and shut your ears to witnesses saying they heard
explosions in the third plane that crashed this week. (Remember, all 3 planes
crashed in New York too.)  The "boob-tube" is convincing you the rudder
ripped off first and the two engines came off second. This is not  what witnesses standing out side heard and saw -like the pilot that talked to Brian Gumble on TV at 11AM- that morning had stated.

They said they saw a plane with no engine and fire where the engine
was located, then the other engine off in their view, next, the rudder
came off, but they thought it was a piece of the wing as the plane flipped
over and nose dived down.  The plane was 800 to 1200 the air and was doing around 200 mph-barely flying. This would not be enough stress to fling a man off
of it as he clung onto it with his finger nails.

Oh..No ?  Have you seen the old World War One  dare-devils in "dog-fights" with shot up planes, smoking in fire, they fought for hours in
the sky rolling over and flipping at high stress conditions
Have you seen the civilian pilot-co-pilots standing on wings, during the
Roaring 20's-as the planes would flip and roll and turn over vertically
and horizontally??The stunt men were still there when they landed on the
ground.Also, the extreme stress of all of that crazy flying  never snapped a plane in half.

Have you seen the movies of military pilots-like "Top Gun?"
Have you ever watched PBS or on satellite TV, the  Discovery Channel
or the History Channel of both World War I and World War II dog-fights in the sky?
Have you ever watched bombing raids and airborne rangers bailing out?
These planes were shot up with dozens of bullets sometimes being hit
by big guns and explosions blowing off chunks of the plane and they
still flew them back to base many times !

In miles of vintage war film footage you watch some crash from 20,000
feet in complete spinning nose-dives and not one wing,or rudder,or
horizontal stabilizer rips off from the high altitude and high speed fall -and
the plane is gapped with holes from being shot down.
But, these days with our modern high technology some 50 to 75 years
later our planes just fall apart at low altitude and low speed as if they
are put together with Elmer's Glue, and they weren't even shot up or blown up.

Remember a few years ago when the entire top of a plane ripped off
and the passengers made it back for a safe landing by wearing their oxygen
masks ? (I can't remember if that was a bomb or what that did that?) In
any,event it was at high altitude and it made it back down safely.
That plane looked like a convertible with the roof rolled back, only
the floor structure held the entire plane together; windows and all were gone.

The Empire State building was hit by an Airforce bomber-B-29 or
something-and it only had a few chips of concrete fall from it.
It is either simply corporations are making and maintaining planes and
buildings so cheap now or else we have something much more high tech
and clandestine happening here.  There was much more  fuel in the plane on the ground that only burned up a few wooden homes than they planes that traveled for miles and then
melted the steel Twin Towers. This is very strange.

The plane that just crashed acted as if it hit 3 giant steel wires
stretched above the houses. Wire one ripped off the first engine,
wire two ripped off the second engine seconds later , then wire three
ripped off the rudder -vertical stabilizer. The rudder section could have been
ripped off as after it rolled over to crash.

Witnesses said one engine was off that area of the wing was on fire.
The plane tilted sideways,then the other engine was in view and it ripped
off,then the vertical stabilizer-rudder came off.

Now, let us use our imagination here. Suppose you are Black Operations
team sitting in a building aiming a new directional Star Wars type
weapon at an airplane. Like a sniper with a rifle you only see one side of the plane.
You take out the engine , the plane rolls sideways and you can see
the other wing, now you can take out the second engine, and it is almost over
head so you zap the vertical stabilizer which is in the horizontal position overhead now.
Power on, zap, zap and zap,then Boom. Is this what the witnesses heard?
Gee?  What a Conspiracy Theory ? 

Well, back to reality.  Planes I suppose are just so cheap, like the sky scrapers these days we should never get back into any of them ever again. I'll boycott both for life !
But, just for the fun of it, about a thousand of us on the Net need
to go to Internet search engines, like Google, and do some link to link to link
digging into this matter.  Just for kicks type in: Star War Weapons,
Sonic Weapons, Laser Weapons, Phaser-Orgon Weapons, Plasma Weapons, and other
research that the Department Of Defense has been allocated to work
on -underCol.John Alexander and others of the D.O.D. (Doctors Of
Death). They have been given trillions of dollars after W.W.II up to
now for this very research.

But, on the other hand it makes us feel better if we just turn our minds
off to it, right ?  We can say corporations just build things cheap these
days.  It is true that cars and guns and appliances and tools were made heavy but
solid and lasted through much usage.  We just don't build things like that
anymore because we don't build anything anymore !

We don't like to get out of our comfort zones with these issues do we ?
Besides, if we question the CIA's TV dominance we may wind up on their "red-list"
and get carpet-bombed also-right ?

While you are at it, read his books.  One is, "Future Warrior" and the other is "Warrior's Edge". In one of them he (Steve Anderson) states it is to eliminate the Constitutionalists, Libertarians, Conservatives and Christian Fundamentalists.  Now, what are they doing in the Middle -East? They are eliminating the Muslim fundamentalists over seas. Homeland Security,
Martial Law and UN-NATO troops will do the eliminating over here someday too. I mean, after all they have already written about it many times in many places.  They said they would. And, they will !

This, in my opinion is also a part of the Masonic "Ordo Ab Chao".  They secretly create the chaos, blame it on somebody else or something else, then come up with their solution for a serene society.  By the way, all the players in this, the President,the Secretary Of State, Attorney General, and the leader of Home Land Security are all members of the good-ol-boy occult clubs like Masons, Skull-and -Bones, Rosicrucians, Knights of Columbus, CFR, etc.  It is in their very nature to operate this way, in the shadows; to seize,and hold economic fortunes from the masses and then be appointed by the same blind masses to political power from generation to generation.

But, on the other hand, to be logical and practical about this, we are not
the nation we used to be.  We used to make good solid products.  Now we have
lost our production capabilities.  We used to have free speech, the right to
privacy, the right to private property and self defense with weapons of our own.  But, they are getting ready to take all of that away from us, within the next 5 to 15 years.

Just think ... Within two decades the 'United States of America' could be reduced to nothing more than some strange video, or in some strange underground history book, that you'd  have to hide to read or view in a closet or attic out of the way of government spy cameras.

It is the  Parallax View !

Pointman USA
W.D. Ross, Rt.1,
Box 38, Liberty,
West Virginia   25124