"The Put On" - Lasco-C3 00APR25 - 14:18UT

Hi Kent:

Here's another fine example of the SOHO/LASCO Team's image editing. When will these folks finally realize that image corruption is very easily  caught by a trained eye.

Please compare the following 2 images. 1st the B&W realtime image, Then the filtered (1024 x 1024 pixel) cropped image file. The exact same  enhancement techniques have been applied to both pics.

Afterwards, look at the image previously submitted earlier on 4/17/00. Ref: sun/4-17Erv.jpg

Now, is there anyone out there who still thinks they are not being dupped?

Very Best Regards,

Colonel Ervin

PS: Subsequent C3 image on 4/25/00 detail additional anomalies.

On your marks, image detectives!!!