Subj: vibration isolators & other little-known WTC facts
Date: 9/20/01 7:46:42 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent: I tried to find things related to your posting about transducers and amplifiers and the 10-Hertz idea. There's a lot of architectural knowledge I forgot from college too. I hate having to re-learn things, but here's some tidbits I found so far.

vibration isolators:

See the math section where it shows:
w=Resonant frequency of the supported structure
k=stiffness of the isolator spring
m=mass of the supported load
w=10Hz for World Trade Center
m=??? mass of WTC should be easy to get
k=??? this must be the delicate part!

Can any math sleuths do some math for us regarding buildings so we know the resonant frequency too? Then maybe we can use a frequency scanner inside skyscrapers to check for amplified transducers. Well Gee Whiz: they have a device to check for microphone bugs?! Why not transducers too?

Then there's Minus-K building vibration-isolation technology!

For tranducer, amplifier, & skyscraper resonant frequency, ask these companies:
***THIS NEXT PART is interesting!***
Cached version of
"The Great Pyramid is the oldest structure on earth. The masonry is so great, you could build a highway from San Francisco to manhattan, new york which would be 8 feet wide and 4 inches thick. In order to gain some mental picture of The Great Pyramids size, let's compare it to the world trade center which is 1368 feet tall. The world trade center took 11 years to build using 5,000 workers. It is mostly open space with nearly 1 acre of office space per floor. If you removed all the empty space in the trade center towers, and then shape the remaining material into the general shape of The Great Pyramid, placing it along side, the World Trade Center would be just 4 feet 10 inches tall. The Great Pyramid is 454 feet tall by 756 feet per side and is nearly a solid structure. The Great Pyramid is built on top of a granite mountain whose top just happens to peak at the level of the Egyptian desert."

The old Singer Tower is mentioned below. I couldn't quickly find another reference to this though:
See the section "Hidden Architectural Treasure":

FEMA - The Secret Government: