PUGET SOUND: Our Daily Contrail; 03/23/2001

Today's activity began before dawn.  As the sun slowly crawled up the
east side of the Cascades the salmon-pink tinged contrail was gradually
illuminated.  By then it had spread some from its initial dark streak
contrasted against the predawn twilight.  By 06:30 am PST the contrail
was directly overhead of my mid - Puget Sound vantage point and had
formed itself into a pink and white strand of airborne DNA.  The outer
edges were thick and tubular in appearance and twisted at the midpoint
of the several mile long formation.  The two outer - edge structures
were joined together by a thinner gauzy layer that maintained the
twisted - ladder look throughout the entire contrail.  Shortly after
06:30 am a second jet spewing a thick white exhaust flew by on the same
course, then a thrid.  By 08:00 am the first contrail had spread out
into a low altitude haze crisscrossed by several more exhaust streaks.
The snappy below is from a video I made about 07:45 am today looking at
Mt. Rainier to the ESE. (See following email for closeup.) 

Its about 11:00 am now and the dry sky is blue with temps headed toward
a new record.  Our draught actually began in January 2000 according to
today's local tv news.  Although Boeing corporate left town because of a
fear for personal safety from external forces how many businesses are
going to leave the Puget Sound because of rolling blackouts or chemtrail
headaches ???    --- Larry ---

p.s. If Boeing corporate ends up in Denver, then the threat from an
external force is imminent.

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