Mathematician:  hey
Mathematician:  you know that new crop circle?
Mathematician:  there are 509 individual little square thingies, which is a prime number, (the ninety seventh)
Mathematician:  9+7=16 1+6=7 which is also prime
Mathematician:  the fourth 
Mathematician:  5+0+9=14 1+4=5 which is the third prime
BARDSQUILL:  what are the implications to you?
Mathematician:  well
Mathematician:  there's two trains of thought
Mathematician:  a) it's manmade
Mathematician:  b) authentic
Mathematician:  following a
Mathematician:  it's very difficult to create such a pattern with a prime number of elements
Mathematician:  needs lots of planning
Mathematician:  it could be manmade because there may be a new way to create crop circles that look very authentic, see chilbolton, the new alien face one
Mathematician:  however
Mathematician:  if they're not
Mathematician:  it's a bit more straightforward
Mathematician:  so the skeptic in me is going with a, tentatively
Mathematician:  but if you use occam's razor b looks more plausible
Mathematician:  occam's razor should always be used with caution
Mathematician:  and not a means of proof
BARDSQUILL:  Good work

Mathematician: and also to fit in with the nine thing you're going with in each loop there are three sections, and there are six loops 3*6=18 1+8=9