CORESEARCHER:  did you have any more reports of blackouts ?  BARDSQUILL:  there was some reports in the forum  BARDSQUILL:  think I lost the darned links tho  CORESEARCHER:  just found out NJ had a few around that day to  BARDSQUILL:  Yes, NJ and LA  BARDSQUILL:  LA was windstorms they said.  CORESEARCHER:  hold on that looks interesting  CORESEARCHER:  argentina  la , nj , southern england  BARDSQUILL:  Argentina, yup  CORESEARCHER:  draw a dot between argentina and LA   CORESEARCHER:  and a dot between southern england and norway   CORESEARCHER:  draw a straight line   CORESEARCHER:  from dot to dot  BARDSQUILL:  aggh don't have a good map  CORESEARCHER:  any reports from nothern or mid florida  BARDSQUILL:  thinkin....  BARDSQUILL:  Well that contrail that NORAD chased originated in the Caribbean  CORESEARCHER:  Inquiry demanded into power failure at hospitalThe Globe and Mail, Canada - 25 Nov 2002 -  CORESEARCHER:  Prices also surged in New York trading after a large Aruba refinery shut down during a power failure that affected the island. - - same day   CORESEARCHER: - same day   CORESEARCHER: - same day   CORESEARCHER: - hawaii powerfaliure same day   CORESEARCHER: - Ohio same day   BARDSQUILL:  What day?  CORESEARCHER:  24/25th   BARDSQUILL:  Charlies, grav wave day  CORESEARCHER:  yes  CORESEARCHER:  storms , and general faliyres were blamed  CORESEARCHER:  failures  CORESEARCHER: - NC , USA 26th  CORESEARCHER:  High winds cause problems in San Diego, across stateSan Diego Union Tribune, CA - 25th  CORESEARCHER:  power outage Houston  BARDSQUILL:  keep going I'll post these  CORESEARCHER:  25th   CORESEARCHER:  Power loss gives students time offSan Diego Union Tribune, CA - 26 Nov 2002A power outage forced the closure of San Diego High School yesterday,giving about 2200 students an unexpected day off. A short ...  CORESEARCHER:  Old Wiring Blamed For Burlington Power OutageWPTZ-TV, NY - 25 Nov 2002BURLINGTON,  CORESEARCHER: - Cable failure leads to power outageOak Ridger, TN - 25 Nov 2002  CORESEARCHER:  RPT-Argentine power firm denies blackout intentionalForbes - 25 Nov 2002... BUENOS AIRES, Argentina, Nov 25 (Reuters) -  CORESEARCHER:  (nice one here )Two million hit by power blackout The Australian, Australia - 24 Nov 2002,5744,5554726%255E401,00.html  CORESEARCHER:  Winds, snow likely cause of power outageLivingston Daily Press, MI - 24 Nov 2002 -$rec=43364?news  CORESEARCHER: - Blustery morning leaves some in the darkThe Record, NJ - 24 Nov 2002  CORESEARCHER:  (funny excuse award) Sunbathing birds blamed for power outage near San Simeon -,1413,203%257E21481%257E1010063,00.html  CORESEARCHER:  thats about it