9/3/2005 4:04:14 AM Pacific Standard Time

I just downloaded a series of GOES 12 images, from Thursday through Monday, and you can see that the water temp was around 92 all along the hurricane's path for those days and is now under that temp. I'll send them along. They're combined images of all those taken over each day (dates/times are UTC).

In the meantime, here's a link to the complete, intact (with tables and images) AF report on using weather in warfare.


Resending this, as I'm not sure McAfee allowed this through the first time - and I haven't seen that you've posted yet.

I also note, that although I have sent this to George Noory and FAXed it to Richard Hoagland,neither one has mentioned anything close to it. I guess nobody in ANY media wants to go on record talking about the US and Russian military working on concert with each other to manipulate weather and destroy an American city. Of course the ostensible purpose would be to provide an excuse for martial law (as a social experiment, similar to picking people off houses w/choppers and dropping them onto islands in N.O.?) first in a small city and then on to the rest of oil-starved, panic-ridden America.


Sure thing, Kent. But you know me, that's just the tip of the iceberg - there's a LOT more where that came from - but figured that would be enough for most people to chew on for a while.

Don't remember how much I told you about the research I did with Bill Brown (in Sedona) whose co-researchers included Tom Bearden, Wm. Tiller and Norm Shealy, but it was mostly about weather/mind control using Tesla technology. We uncovered a LOT about the cooperative efforts to develop this between BOTH the Russians and the US military. Last time I worked with Bill, he had found about 40 transmitters at various US bases. This all got translated into GWEN and then HAARP. Some of the info they dug up was published by a small press (Liberty Bell Books, Sedona) under the title Weather War Worldwide in 1983. Good general overview of the technology of the time, if you can find it.

Remember my little GWEN experience in Kanab, UT, in '94? The AF was applying for a building permit from the Kane County Comm's and I went to a couple of meetings. They knew nothing of the technology involved, but had been given an environmental impact statement by the AF. They asked me to read, analyze and give them a report on it. Wish I'd kept a copy, but essentially it was a whitewash, claiming it had no real effects on anything, animal, vegetable or mineral - yes, they even "studied" the effects of the frequencies it would use on the soil and even the groundwater, or made reference to other past studies.

What was very telling about the report is the equipment discussed. As far as I could tell, it was all above-ground, all solid state and NOT radiation hardened. Which led me to wonder why would they use the argument that it was needed as a comm system for after a high altitude EMP burst which would put everything else out of commission if it was made up of components susceptible to EMP itself? My report back to the County Commissioners basically focused on the lack of human studies (except for a reference to research done in some Scandinavian country at a very different frequency) and info on what had happened in other states which had allowed the Navy to install the Project Sanguine transmitters. Those good Mormons were VERY concerned about the spontaneous abortions and mutated cattle (and human babies) that resulted from the earlier ELF transmissions in the 1950's, so they voted to turn down the construction permit.

That's it in a nutshell, but there's a lot more behind all that stuff I was doing back then - and the devil is in the details (like GWEN equipment not being radiation hardened).

Essentially, the world's military has had the capability to use ELF for weather-steering since the early 50's, starting with applications of Wilhelm Reich's cloudbusters. Those things are basically long-wave resonators, if built correctly, but the energy translation and conduction of orgone is the part most "engineering types" don't get. So it was a "military secret" for as long as dumbed-down Harvard graduates didn't have the science of the Life Force in their curriculum. The military soon turned to electronics with the so-called weather balloon experiments which lofted orgone transmitters into the sky. See the research done on those by Preston Nichols and Al Bielek for more detail. I had a back-engineering style analytical report he'd done on them back in '93 but lost it somewhere along the way. Cloud seeding was old hat by then (the mid 50's) but that was what was presented to a very gullible public. Had to give the sheeple some reason why there were weird weather patterns over the country. There were thousands of transmitters put up over the years, but apparently there were very few (or no) receivers for them ever found in the electronic junkyards. That's what made Preston decide to analyze what they were and that's when he found out their actual purpose.

Of course, the CIA was more than willing to use the orgone technology for other purposes at the same time, but mind control is a whole different topic. The common factor is the frequencies involved - right down around the Schumann resonance frequency. Happens to be what all life forms on this planet have evolved with and right in the middle of our own brainwave range. So when birds are going crazy trying to get their bearings for migration, it's not simply a matter of Earth's magnetic flux lines fluctuating. HAARP's side effects (and some of its intended effects) will be put to widespread use some day when the PTB feel threatened enough and Heaven help us when they do.

By the time the so-called "Russian Woodpecker" (Over The Horizon radar) was heard hammering the amateur radio bands in the 70's, both military groups had enough experience in weather engineering to direct the scalar-wave beams. But the US capabilities were kept more secret and applied in ways that would point the finger at the Russians. Guess they didn't figure on somebody like Bill Brown. He was more famous for his etheric surgery practice back in Toccoa, GA, and less well known for his collaboration with Robert Monroe in developing the latter's OOB techniques. Bill was the source for a lot of Monroe's ideas and Carol Carr, who later wound up in Sedona, was Monroe's "guinea pig" for the techniques. Interestingly enough, at the same time the CIA was funding the SRI RV'ing research, they were also consulting with Monroe. Carol told me that often she would be present when Bill Brown had just finished a session testing Monroe's latest application of one of Bill's suggestions and had just left, when into Monroe's office walk a few CIA types and they go behind closed doors. Very convenient that The Monroe Inst. is located in Faber, VA - a little over a 2 hour drive from Langley.

Anyway, by the time the OTH radar was being used more often than not, Bill's practice had been curtailed quite a bit by the 10.000000000000 Hz "noise" he was constantly subjected to. That's when he moved to Sedona, mostly to get away from the beam path that Toccoa was on but also because the doctors on "the other side" that worked on patients through him told him that he would find people there who would help him. One friend of mine, who had been there for several years already, was an old broadcast tech who built a Tesla transmitter for Bill and when they fed some numbers into the machine, via a radionics type hookup, the noise seemed to settle down and Bill had some relief - briefly. It wasn't long before new piggybacked frequencies were being transmitted on the microwave "carrier" and Bill was back at the drawing board coming up with more frequencies to program into his own "shield", which now surrounded Sedona. Needless to say, every time he came up with a new frequency to counter what was being transmitted, "they" would come up with a new one (or more).

That's when I showed up in Sedona. I rebuilt his transmitter (it had been incorrectly translated from schematic to perfboard by the other guy), tuned it and set up a computer system for Bill to work with. Now he could calculate new frequencies much faster but, as we soon saw, those who were doing the transmitting were coming up with new frequencies almost daily. He finally went out of body to several of the transmitting sites, locating them, consulting with Tom Bearden (who checked with his mil contacts and VERIFIED the new locations) and would reprogram the thing almost daily. He ended up chasing his tail for a long time and never did get back to his practice of etheric surgery, for which he was well known in many Eastern Establishment research hospital circles. But the info we gained on the development of the ELF weather and mind control technology was invaluable, as far as I'm concerned. It verified almost everything we had heard in hushed tones from various other sources who passed through town now and then. Bill finally just spent all his time going out of body, getting new frequencies almost every day and plugging them into the transmitter, just so he could get some sleep each night. I gave up trying to help him, as he had his own very ingrained thoughts on how to combat the transmissions and it was difficult to get him to listen to any other way of nullifying it.

That was back in the mid-80's.

By then GWEN was being implemented and HAARP was on the horizon (pardon the pun). I think the location chosen was not just because it offered a useful path for the steerable beams but also because it was so far away from prying eyes that it would be hard for anybody doing any serious research (not directly connected with the military) to go there without being seen. The last ELF xmitter Bill had located before I gave up trying to help him was in Dayton OH (yes, Wright-Pat). Virtually ALL of the 40 xmitters in N.A. were on mil bases. Too close to home, so-to-speak. So way out in the middle of nowhere, Alaska is a perfect place - and as long as the whole system is steerable, it almost doesn't matter where they locate it and the other xmitters they use to cross the scalar beams.

What I'm saying is that the technology has been available to them for over 50 years, they have proven it for their own purposes and developed it for applications in warfare. Who they're going to war against is the big question, but I think that should be obvious when we see what just happened in New Orleans/Biloxi. The generation of a hurricane system halfway across the ocean from where they are naturally born is one tell-tale sign. The timing and steering it over water which is "unusually" warm is another. One report I heard was that the water in the Gulf was about 95 deg., instead of the more average mid to high 80's. That'd be a lot of digging for data at noaa to verify, but it's probably correct. The GOES 12 sea surface temp data is updated every 3 hours and looking back over the last several years at raw data might take a while. Maybe I can find a report somewhere for you. I do note, however, that much of the area East and South of Cuba is about 92 deg. today, just as the next two hurricanes are coming in, as well as mostly along the coast of TX, but cooler where Katrina has just passed. It'd be interesting to see the daily sea surface temps along the path of last year's hurricanes and correlate it with the time they were OVER those areas.

more later,