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dear Sir,

My name is Joao Doria, i'm a professional photographer for 20 years, i know very well what is a lens flare (this is not a flare, because the flares goes to one direction and i see in this pic 3 of them). The photo was taken in Lisbon, the sun was going down, i use no filters and i took it with a Fuji Finepix S602z - 1/1000 f:11.5 and 160 ASA.

If you look at it you'll see a pentagon with 2 light points inside another pentagon.Weird.

Hello, Kent

Did you received my email with the zip file?
I hope my explanations satisfied you; if not, tell me about.
I find a better way to watch carefully the sun: if you have some binoculars, put them on a tripod, put the black cap in the left lens (the "blinded" one - has no focus) ;then place a black card with an aperture for the other lens (to make shadow) for the projection of sun+neighbourhood to a light-grey card - the target.
Remember never look through the binoculars; it's more or less the telescope effect for the eclipses. If there's any bright object near the you'll see it.
Thank you again for reading my message.
And if you need something from Portugal, anything at all just say.
I hope to hear from you soon.