Subj: Political Clones
Date: 12/6/00 8:00:03 AM Pacific Standard Time
From:    (ANON)

Hi Kent,

 Caught your request for info on Political Clones and thought you might like to hear the following story :-

I was in the UK about five years ago visiting Tony Dodd (A retired Yorkshire Police Sargent) who has become probably the most famous UK UFO Researcher of all time. Tony gets all sorts of data from all kinds of sources - he normally specializes in Alien - Human interaction info. Tony is a very honest and ethical person. He believes the info provided was truthful.

 He told me that he was contacted by a couple of animal rights activists in the early 1990's. In the UK animal rights activists are a very aggressive semi terrorist style underground group who raid research labs freeing monkeys and rats etc.whilst trashing the equipment. They have been known to send letter bombs to scientists who carry out particularly odious research on animals. 

They told him that their group had raided a large drug company research laboratory complex in Surrey in Southern England. It was surrounded by a high barb wire fence with ribbon razor wire topping in the middle of which was another wire compound containing a single large three storey building with no windows. The team got into this building via the roof and a fire escape ladder. They had cased the complex and were certain that much animal experimentation went on there. The high security central lab with no windows caught their attention.

In the basement of this building they found five naked human bodies on beds in a climate control room. Each adult sized body was hooked into a system of tubes and wires - carrying nutrients and monitoring sensor telemetry linked to computers. They had only a few minutes in the lab before some one triggered an alarm and they rushed to escape but one team member was captured by security guards - he has never been seen or heard of again.

The odd thing was that each of the five comatose bodies were EXACT duplicates of one another. They were each one identical in appearance to Mr. Airey Neave. Airey Neave had been the Conservative Party "King Maker". At one time possibly the most powerful man in the UK - the man behind Margaret Thatcher's rise to power. At the time of the animal rights activist raid he was reportedly very dead due to a large IRA car bomb .................................

The significance of the five Airey Neaves being kept alive (or being created) after his death escapes me - other than say a continuing human clone research project - or a previous stash of clones now redundant since the public identity had been murdered - possibly saved for some other purpose ???

The two animal rights activists were very scared men since two other comrades of that nights raid had subsequently met with very nasty ends. They assumed the captured team member had spilled the beans on their ID's etc. They were on the run from unknown enemies - the Police were not known to be involved and their raid had created no press stories. They imparted their story to Tony so that others might know of their bizarre findings.

There are vague references and rumours of Nazi human cloning experiments undertaken prior to and during WWII. I have long suspected that if a Scottish University team could clone a sheep that someone else operating with a real budget could have done it years previously - possibly soon after the discovery of DNA ?? or even earlier on the Island of DR Moureau !!! Obviously human clones would have been a logical goal for the fabian oligarchy - or for some would be king off planet aliens - such as Rockerfella ..............

Removal of senior politicians and government officials and their replacement by clones is an obvious possible scenario. In WWII there is good evidence to suggest that President Roosevelt was replaced by a rather poor double in the last year of his "reign". A US Doctor wrote a book on the subject after actually being present at the real Roosevelt's death at an Eastern States Country Club. The Russians refused to believe that it was Roosevelt at the official burial - they demanded to see the body - but they and everyone else were kept from the coffin by armed marines - also the grave was guarded for years.

Churchill and others, eg. Montgomery, used near doubles - so if you could create a perfect double you could theoretically replace the top man with your clone. I have little knowledge of their mental state but a friend played in a Jazz band at the White House for Carter and met him. My mates comment about Carter was that he was oddly dumb - as if there was no one home !!! Recent comments about Gore changing body shape and colour could just be the stress of the election but might indicate a clone operation. As Nader said Gore is also very dumb - but then Bush comes over at times in similar vane ........................

Another system is to Pain-Drug-Hypnotize (Brainwash) the incumbent target into a Manchurian Candidate type operative. This presumably takes some time - in the 1950's it took months but now who knows - days ??? Therefore if the target spends a while in hospital this or a clone switch might be the scenario.

Curiously our Australian PM Howard and the recently elected New Zealand female PM both had a few weeks in hospital just a couple of months after coming to power ...............

I have little knowledge of the NZ PM, but Howard certainly suffered a personality change after his first few months in the job ..................... He now lives in a kind of limbo land lauding past OZ cricket stars, whilst the country is falling apart around him.

Whereas here in West Australia we have a PM who allegedly spent some time in a mental institute in his teenage. This fact has not been publicly reported. A surprising number of politicians and maniac killers have a suppressed history of loony bin incarceration (please forgive my politically incorrect moniker). When it comes out in a murderer case investigation it is said to show why the killing happened - obviously the man was a nutter. BUT what if some poor innocent semi nutter has been PDH'd to produce a killer Manchurian Candidate ??? The John Lennon case is but one of many such possible robot killers....................... The Psychiatric trick cyclist institute is a logical place to act as cover for such activities - just pick your suitable candidates and move them to the special annex for "advanced" treatment. Afterwards add several layers of "Forgetter" mechanisms and send them on their life time or momentary mission. This is how the "Implanters" operate and have done so for a VERY long time to enable covert control of entire populations. I am reliably informed that body cloning has also been around - off planet - as part of the political control spectrum for a VERY long time .......................

Another bit of clone intel came my way from a Canadian guy who also claimed to have had his life threatened. It was whilst researching a "Cattle Semen" bio-tech company with it's origins in Argentina and with labs in Canada, Argentina, and Spain. He actually saw human clones operating on the companies Canadian land and got really interested when the local press soon after showed Gorbachev visiting their Canadian Labs for an in depth tour and to invest with them.

If I can find the specifics I'll pass them on - but I've had a few computer hard drive crashes since then. His research came to an abrupt end after he was hassled by threatening phone calls and mail following on from his net discussion of his personal observations and his research into the companies bizarre activities.

Are human clones operating in the power politics world ??? I do not know but given the above info I suspect the possibility. I have NO doubts that humans have already been cloned - possibly several years before Dolly.

But it is certainly a scenario deserving of more research. A good place to start would be the AT&T telephone information service operators. They run exactly similar voice timbre and word perfect sentence construction operations. They cannot answer complex questions. If they are not clones then they are programmed humans or computers. They are certainly NOT human .................!!!!


PS [The Canadian Cattle DNA Engineering and Human Clone stuff all happened just prior to the Mad Cow Disease outbreaks in the UK - I wondered if it could have been deliberately engineered disease rather than the feedstuff press line ??? but that's another story.............]