Subj: Polar Topography, bathymetry
Date: 7/4/01 10:59:37 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Here, let's get this first one outta the way.  Notice the magnetometer reading went haywire on June 26!  Boy we'll have to keep this page handy unless there's a closer link.
Vostok Station's Magnetosphere charts:
It's the best I can do so far: a South Pole topography movie in the link below.  But I feel like it's my first college class in bathymetry and I'm lost.  Can someone please pull out these images somehow?
Planet Mars topography!  Aw, why not?  It looks neat.
Don't miss the Gakkel Ridge expedition in 2001.  Some people going apparently can't wait, like it's the whole family going camping.  This Ridge happens to be the largest mid-ocean ridge or something.
It's sensible that we should know about bathymetry/topography, in case we have land masses shift or have earthquakes...