7 december 2001 usa milky way within the way


time twists
                        spaceship blinks
  velocity up
                      into the light
    for up it is
                    out of the dark
      we must go
                  here and now
                air turns bright
              comets gleam
            beyond the sphere
              outer glow
          sacred tau
                inner reach
        captain speaks
                  fiery orb
      "that was close!
                    vortex sun
    through the sun
                      flames of truth
  thought we'd burn
                        fire the know
never doubt
                          facing self
  trust the crew
                        burning pyre
    best there is
                      at azimuth
      safe return"
        where are we?
                  at the gate
          different space
                double sides
            looks the same
              hate or love?
              feels renewed               
            we can choose
          two way street
                  quantum leap
        phoenix rise
                    simple step
      sacred dove
                      systems queued
    doorway beam
                        life abounds
  through the wall
                          multi worlds
take the leap
  ego death
                      pathway take
    give it up
      have it all
                  share the feast
        fire can heal
                do the work     
          trust its breath
              it's what we make
            journey start
            spaceships dock
              stars ahead
          it's not too late           
                not alone
        join the crew
                  cosmic sky
      vistas glow             
                    side by side
    it's up to us
                      one by one
  don't wait too long         
                        stargate waits
ships take off
                          will we fly?
         the dance goes on

deja thoris the princess of mars
© copyright 2001 by deja thoris