4 december 2001 usa milky way within the way


a word
ingrained in mind
from youth
seen often
used in life
take we for granted
off the cuff
t-shirt slogan
hip enough
to make us feel
one of the gang
forever young
in 60's slang

what does it mean?
in today's life
modern wars
assail in strife
starwars tricks
terror reigns
people cry
the lines are trained
in chemtrail skies
sun is hot
confuse the lot

new world order?
old world views?
where is the truth
what can we do?
when vcr's
and tv shows
unite the globe
in painful throes
how do we cope?
what can be done?
where is the peace
for everyone?

a simple clue
just take to heart
with open eyes
around us start
to look at life
from where we stand
turn off the tube
feel what's at hand

a baby's breath
the flower's life
stars still shine
with elven light
ocean's wave
treetop sigh
friends unite
mountains high

these are things
within our reach
spirit guides
to us they teach
gives us reason
to believe
to stand up strong
when all else grieves
sends us strength
to right the wrongs
peace lives within
the heart's own song

deja thoris the princess of mars
© copyright 2001 by deja thoris