Subj: [surfingtheapocalypse] Valuable JFK, Jr. data SCRUBBED from Radar. See NEXRAD images
Date: 10/19/01 8:18:30 PM Pacific Daylight Time


Valuable JFK, Jr. data “SCRUBBED”

From Radar
Pictures on url.

Doug Pooley Interview: 8/19/1999

By Rick J. Stump

I recently met with Mr. Doug Pooley to discuss the John Kennedy, Jr.
murder.He, like many others, has been investigating the JFK, Jr. cover-up
from the beginning.His expertise lies in analyzing radar returns.It should
be noted that Mr. Pooley is an ordinary man who has stumbled into
extraordinary evidence that will shock you.He is not a professional in
meteorology or any related fields.Doug is, by trade, a millwright.An
important quote from Winston Churchill comes to mind:“Almost every person
stumbles upon the truth at least once in their lifetime, but most people
just pick themselves up and continue on as if nothing had happened.”Unlike
the many stupid “sheople” who have found truth but have put it aside and
failed to do anything about it, Doug Pooley feels compelled to talk about
the truth he has found.~Rick Stump

Rick Stump: As you know, we will post your radar findings on our Free World
Alliance website.Of course, there are many people, myself included, who are
not entirely familiar with this type of data.Doug, could you explain what it
is exactly that were looking at in the NexRad photographs?

Doug Pooley: You should know that a NexRad and Doppler are not exactly the
same.NexRad is a higher level radar then the older Doppler radar – the older
Doppler shows the rings better.This is showing something there.There's no
weather there, but it's showing a return.It's high powered radar and high
powered microwave- real hot stuff.So hot it will give you a sunburn.It's
scalar technology.Normally you can see the different levels of it.Sometimes
a whole circle will show up and it will just be green.That's still pretty
high power, but it's not as high power as when they have an outside edge
with a hole in the middle.Sometimes they're orange; sometimes they're
red.We've seen different ones.I've had military radar experts email me and
tell me “Alright, that's just a test pattern” or “this is just reflections
off the ocean” and all these different explanations, you know.And they'll
say, “This is all normal.Please just take these off your website.”And they
kept saying that, and I’d respond by saying, “Thank you very much” and be
more than polite.After a while they stopped emailing me because they
realized they weren't getting anywhere with me.That's what most people do,
they just give up on me.

Rick:When did you become interested in the John Kennedy, Jr. murder?

Doug:The morning after, on July 17th, I saw it on the news and immediately I
started looking for the rings because Flight 800 came to my mind, and I
thought “I'm gonna get ‘em now.I'm gonna find it this time” because I knew
something's not right about this.I just immediately knew that this couldn't
just happen like this.There's just no way.So I started looking for rings
around all the servers and there were no rings around that area.There just
wasn't any real bad weather over Martha’s Vineyard or the surrounding
area.And so I went to the Stanford server, and I was looking so hard for
rings that it didn't click right away to look on the other side of the
equation, which was missing radar.I wasn't looking for missing radar... I
was looking for rings.It took me a minute before it hit me, “There's two
missing hours,” and then I had to go and find Zulu time, which is London
time, and find out when exactly that is because this 234Z would be the time
frame that he would be in the air.Once I nailed that down, then I went to
the Stanford server again and those two hours were missing.At that moment I
got it.Nobody's ever going to see those rings because it's not there
anymore!And they know I’ll catch the rings.I catch rings no one catches.And
they know that.So, it still didn't occur what to do with that information,
although I looked at my wife and said, “they took ‘em down.I know I took ‘em
down because they blacked out the data.”So I started saving them off the
new.Then I started going to the other servers and there was nothing.There
was no other evidence.Then somebody sent me the NIDs from earlier on in the
day.Now that [pointing to NexRad photo, REF 17-Jul-99 03:40:12 ] is
definitely a test, they were testing something earlier on in the day.And
THIS , this will probably take you right out of the air [NexRad, REF
16-Jul-99 03:56:17].Although the scan isn't showing it up where it would
have affected his flight plan.But it doesn't always.That entire hot scan is
there, that entire hot beam is there.

Rick:When exactly was this scan taken? Just right around the time of the

Doug:No.This is earlier in the day, maybe a test shot that they did of an
accelerator.There's a brand new one in Brookhaven. They call it the RHIC, or
the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider.And the 16th was the day that they first
tested it out.

Rick: Now, looking at the scan we see here, the grey one with several
rings... wouldn't that take out every plane in the sky over that area?

Doug:That depends on how accurate, or pinpointed, they can be with this.I've
seen returns with one beam going straight up.In fact, I've got one that
shows a straight up shot.It's not at the right time, but it shows that they
can do that.

Rick:How did you become involved with studying radar anyway?Is this a hobby
you picked up?

Doug:Yeah, basically.I like weather- I like watching the weather. I like
watching the sky.When I got on the internet that was all I wanted to do.I
could look at weather radar, I can look all around the world, I can watch
earthquakes realtime, I can watch volcanoes realtime, and I can watch
weather realtime- I can watch anything realtime.Which is always what I
wanted to do.So I ran into my first ring sometime around Easter of ’98.From
that time I started looking for those.Mainly because I saw a disk, and at
first I thought it was a disk on radar and “boy is that baby big” you know,
it's three states big, but that's not what that is.So I started looking for
them and I learned how to save them.Then I started sending them to people
like Kent Steadman, who would put them on their websites, which did real
well.I don't know if you've gone through his webpage, but we've got quite a
history of all this, all the way from Norio Hayakawa’s E-Wars, electronic
warfares, all the way through all that.From that time through, Kent started
sending me rings from all these people whom he was getting them from.Now we’
re starting to see how they're tailoring the weather.They're making
identical storms- one right after another.They're also making T-shaped- what
I call- “super storms”.That's why they have tornadoes in January.

Rick:They have the HAARP technology now, so they can do that.

Doug:Right.And these are tailored, every one of them are exactly the
same.You can watch them start down in Texas near the border.They start out
red, real heavy, real hot returns.The next thing you know, this thing would
grow into a T-shaped storm and go right up the country and you could watch
these things grow into T-shaped rings.And we just kept finding them and
putting them up on the website.And then, early in December, Richard Hoagland
notified Kent just to watch Arizona.So Kent notified me and told me to watch
Arizona.Something was going to happen in Arizona.And on that Sunday I just
happened to go there and there was a blue ring.And I snatched that down, and
it was gone then.Immediately they wiped it from Yahoo.That got a lot of
attention, because there's was nothing there.Well, there was something
there, down underground in Arizona.

Rick:The early media reports that came out from CNN reported the weather
around Martha's Vineyard as being relatively calm, “with light clouds and
low winds.”Conditions even “remained calm into Saturday morning.”Only a day
later, the “managed media” now states that the weather was very “hazy” or
“foggy” at the time of the incident- hazy enough that JFK’s visibility would
be compromised.So compromised and impaired that he took a 1200 foot dive
into the ocean.Now... your radar pictures show something completely contrary
to what was being reported by the media.Do your radar pictures appear to
show any bad weather over- or anywhere near- Martha's Vineyard?

Doug:No, none.The pictures are totally contrary.There's no weather, and I've
saved enough information to show that there's no weather there.

Rick:Well, from everything that his close friends have said he was quite an
able pilot.His own instructors have stated that he had an abnormal amount of
experience for someone who only had his license for only fifteen months.In
fact, his instructors say that he had enough hours to qualify as a
commercial pilot!

Doug:I wouldn't be surprised if they let him fly as a kid.

Rick: It's highly unlikely that he would be able to take that kind of a
dive...I can imagine that it would be a lot harder to judge how high you are
while flying over water... but if John Kennedy was as good of a pilot as his
friends have and instructors have said, he should have been using his
instruments.Now, like I've said, these pictures don't match up to what's
being said on the news.The media has been silenced... they've changed their
story several times about the weather over Martha's Vineyard.The pictures
are proof enough that the news media are LYING.

Doug:No, [the weather data] doesn't support what they put out on the main
news media.It doesn't support it at all.

Rick:There's two frames missing from the radar flash data.How would
something like this happen where they would receive “no data”?

Doug:There are times when they put up “no data”, in fact there was one today
on Yahoo.And I'm looking for that missing hour and what happened in that
hour.Is there another mass shooting we haven't heard about yet?You know,
what's missing?Unless there's a glitch in their downfeed... but what I've
noticed is maybe there's missing data on Stanford, but it won't be missing
on another server.Or maybe it would be missing on Yahoo but it won't be
missing on AccuWeather.And this would be the same hour we’re talking about.

Rick:So somebody who didn't want us to see the data pulled it?

Doug:They pulled it.

Rick:The weather server you got your weather data from was showing “no data”
for two consecutive hours.What are the odds from all the weather reports
that come out during the year, and I mean hour to hour, day to day, that
something like this would happen that there would be “no data” for two hours
in a row?

Doug:It's very rare, it just doesn't happen very often that we'd get two in
a row.Like I said, there'd be one missing every so often.I've noticed many
times the NexRad over Area 51 will come up “no image”.I've noticed this, you
know, I’ll go to Area 51, especially if I see an anomaly in that area, and
I've got quite a few of those on Doppler.And I’ll go to a closer NexRad shot
of Area 51 and it would come up “image not available”.

Rick:Of course, this is all just a coincidence - as much of a coincidence as
Tim McVeigh – actually it should be Lee Harvey McVeigh- was so conveniently
stopped by the police just after the Murrah Building, was bombed... reminds
me of the tactics used on the Reichstag.

Doug:It's just a coincidence. [laughs]

Rick:You've already explained that these are NexRad photographs from NIDs.

Doug: NIDs was put up by a friend of Art Bell and also William
Thomas.William Thomas worked for this guy.He was on Art's show for the first
time not too long ago. He'd never been on any show before, he's just got a
good background and a lot of money.He funded the study on how many people
think the government would cover up UFOs.He's the one that did that with
NIDs.It's an institution kind of like a booking institution where they do

Rick:In you're opinion, do you think that these were missing by accident? Or
was it planned that way – by design?

Doug:This is just the same as Flight 800.With Flight 800 they pulled it.

Rick:They pulled Flight 800...

Doug:Somebody had it.I remember the reporting of it, someone had it... and
then it wasn't there.Whether or not that person is still alive I don't know.

Rick:And of course, it's still just a coincidence that JFK Jr.’s plane went
down EXACTLY three years to the date of the TWA 800 “crash”.You know, I’d
really like to know what the weather was like over Bosnia when Ron Brown's
plane went down.

Doug:Yeah, I would too.And why did Ron have holes in his head? I’d like to
know why Ron Brown had holes in his head.Probably for the same reason that
President John F. Kennedy, had holes in head... more holes then they wanted
to admit.And I think all of America knows it, but they're in denial.They
don't want to believe that they're government is what it is...sold out.

Rick: So, in your opinion, the JFK “crash” was not in fact a crash, but
instead pre-meditated murder?

Doug:I think it's murder.

Rick:And there's a large number of people who believe the same thing... and
the number is growing.There’ve been way too many instances like this for us
to believe that it's anything other than murder.Have you seen the JFK, Jr.
poll on our website,

Doug: No I didn't.

Rick:Well, as of yesterday, we had about 791 people who took our poll.The
question is: “Do you believe the death of JFK, Jr. was nothing more than
another strange accident, or do you believe the “Money Mafia” ordered
Kennedy to be killed and that it's a coverup?”Right now we have about 96
people who believe the JFK murder was an accident... that's 12%.Now that
leaves close to 700 people or 88% of the people who've taken our poll
believe JFK, Jr. was murdered and that there is a coverup to hide this.

Doug:You know, it's gone on too long now.I mean there's been too many of
them... and it's... it's gone on too long for anybody to sit back and not
know.They can sit back and deny it if they want too... but I believe that
everybody in their heart- in their true self- they know whether they want to
admit it or not.

Rick:Well, denial is...

Doug:It's sad.

Rick:... yeah, it's a sad thought and in a way it's mind numbing.When you
hear things like that and look into it- and find it's true- a lot of people
don't know what to do because they're not used to things like this.

Doug:Right.When everything you thought was one way is not.And I can
understand that because it does kind of turn your world upside down in a

Rick:Well, Doug, have you seen Anthony's Hilder’s documentary, “None Dare
Call It Murder”?

Doug: No I haven't.

Rick:Well, the tape is about the Clinton Family's 300 plus body count.Is
this one more added to the death toll? [Doug: Yeah] We think so.We think he
had something to do with it.

Doug:I think there's gonna be a lot more.

Rick:According to some of the articles put out by NewsHawk and several
others,JFK Jr. was planning to run for the Senate... for the New York seat
against Hillary Clinton.

Doug:He was also thinking about running for President.

Rick:He was thinking about running for President which we believe, being
President Kennedy's son...

Doug:Right.They wouldn't have anybody to put up against him... and they knew
it.They wouldn't have had a chance.

Rick:There's also been questions about where he was taking his magazine,
George.Supposedly, he had been planning to slowly expose those involved in
his father's assassination through his magazine.Now... I don't know whether
this is true or not because I haven't seen any real evidence that this is
true, nor do I know anyone who has.What I'm saying is that they killed him
for a reason.Whatever reason they killed him for, it was because he was
not... acting in a way that was favorable in the eyes of the elite.Someone
with a lot of power and a lot of influence had him killed in order to avoid
problems, whether it be exposure, the election... whatever.

Doug:It's a lot like some of the information from the Watergate time.There
was more than just the break in involved... a lot more.And now it's becoming
almost impossible for the President to stop it from coming out, except by
murdering people in mass numbers.Which I'm wondering... it's been occurring
to me that Turkey... it's kind of strange... I know they have the ability to
make an earthquake... Tesla made an earthquake... but I know they've got all
of his technology, they went in and took every bit of it.He might have gone
to the grave with some of it, but I believe they got out with most of it.And
what they didn't get they can piece together from his notes and
articles.It's all his basic research, everything you see.Everything came
from Tesla.Radar came from Tesla. EMP came from Tesla.And some of those
people saw something in Turkey... at the eclipse... that's now starting to
come out that there's something there.There's something incoming.I...I don't
know if they were trying to suppress that.All I know is that they [the
Illuminati] have a plan.They don't want anything to interfere with their
plan.They don't want an early panic.They don't want anything to happen until
their plans are in place on their time schedule.I believe that someone's
coming who's going to totally disrupt their time schedule.We'll just have to
watch for that.

By now it should be OBVIOUS that the media is LYING to you, me, the American
public, and the world about what happened to John Kennedy Jr. and his two
female companions on July 16, 1999.Take this information and these photos
and SPREAD them to as many people as possible.The people behind this are
guilty of MURDER.It's an outrage.And those responsible are still out there,
abusing their power as your public servants and killing off any who would
oppose their insane agenda. These bastards should be serving the rest of
their lives behind bars.There are many more people like Doug who know
something about this and it's important that this and related information
gets to them.

Rick J. Stump