4/14/02 6:34:47 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Hi, I just came across the theory of Planet X and I am quite intrigued
by it. Part of the reason is because I came up with this theory
independantly, and without ever hearing of it before. What brought me to
my own theory is my Roman Catholic beliefs and my interest in Matthew 24
and Rev.(Wormwood) and my reading of Velikovsky. For the last six months
I have been doing quite a bit of surfing on the subject...trying to read
all the good and bad on the subject of Catastrophism.

I am by no means an astronomer. Hell! I only saw the craters of the moon
for the first time through my astronomy binoculars a couple of years
ago. (no making fun of the blind guy<g>) So I will admit that I am quite
ignorant in this subject compared to many others.

Now here is my question. After spending a lot of time going through the
Hoagland stuff and all the Illuminati theories, I was intrigued by a few
things that involved the Pyramids. I am sure you will realize that
Hoagland et al. place a lot of emphasis on Orion and Sirius. They have
back calculated Sirius shining though "windows" etc in the Pyramids and
also certain places on the Sphynx. When I was reading about this I
didn't see that there was any taking into account the continental
drifting or anthing like that, so I can't be sure if they did take that
into account in their calculations. Yet, one thing is really making me
curious and that is that if Planet X is coming from the direction of the
space between Orion and Taurus, then is it possible that the Pyramids
are aligned to detect Planet X and not Sirius? Perhaps because Sirius is
visible and Planet X is not, the focus has been on the wrong celesial
object and that at the appointed time Planet X will be clearly visible
in these guideposts, as it were. Is it possible that all of these
ancient monuments had something built into them for detecting the
regular approach of Plaet X? Maybe that could explain why Stonehenge is
not supposedly aligned with what we see in the sky. Also, if we take
into account the Velikovsky theory on calenders and 360 day years, there
could in fact be an alignment with Planet X and the earthly monuments.

As I said, I am by no means an astronomer - most of the math involved in
such things will pass over my head and closer to Planet X than to my
brain. I was wondering if anyone has thought of investigating this.