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The Cosmic Plasma Universe
And the Nature of Physical Reality

The Dilemma Facing Mankind
There are many erudite persons who speak and write, having the ear of the public, who offer different theories of life that appear to have been validated by certain influential individuals in our society. These theories have their basis on all levels of life: the Darwinian theory of evolution; theories of the creation of the universe; biological theories for the gestation, development, and cause of disease; theories related to sociological factors such as the increase in criminal activity; as well as theories for the equality of man. These various theories reveal the dilemma faced by individuals and by society as a whole, and especially by the scientific community.
There is a new or alternative consciousness, if you will, that can provide solutions to the dilemmas that have been faced by mankind. As an individual is more than the social fabric of which he is a part, it is indeed important for each one to realize the “instrument” through which he is gaining either a progressive or a digressive understanding of himself. Society reflects the majority opinion of the political, scientific, educational, and religious leaders who, in effect, really make the directives by which individuals live. If society is to change, that change must come from within, through each individual’s effort. However, each individual is no more or no less than what he thinks, what he believes, and based on his beliefs, how he acts.
The alternative picture of life that is emerging is based on the duality principles of energy. An individual who desires to escape from the incongruity of a society that promises him all that he desires-peace of mind, economic, political, and social stability, etc.-but which, at the same time, takes away certain liberties through acts that are emphasized by the force of the majority, the government and other institutions which provide direction for society, must have a knowledge of himself. He must have the microcosmic awareness of his most inner nature and of the most sublime factors that activate his consciousness, as well as knowledge of the macrocosmic nature of life, because in both cases, these are the alternate movements of the individual himself.
The microcosmic and the macrocosmic factors of life are being created every moment in this third dimension. The third dimension is the dimension of the true molding of man because man is not a created individual; mankind is an evolutionary species. He was never created! He learns through the process of trial and error that he is an evolutionary development. It is in this evolutionary process, therefore, that he learns of the magnanimous nature of life as an integration of interdimensional, electromagnetic flux fields of dynamic energy.
The electromagnetic flux fields of energy are the sum and substance of each individual’s inheritance. There is no man, woman, or child, or for that matter no substances of third-dimensional life that are not, in fact, energy. Energy is the volatile source, the creative and re-creative facsimile of all life forms. It is important therefore that scientists, philosophers, and other influential people who carry the directive factors of society attain a clearer understanding of the evolutionary factors of life. It would be important, then, to have a clearer and more concise understanding of the electromagnetic processes of life as a germinating force. The form in which Homo sapiens is presently reflected is the highest life form with the subtlest engineering of the electromagnetic pulse in the Infinite Cosmos.
We have reached an age and time when the real nature of the mind must be given higher recognition in order to put into the “limbo of the past” the many conflicting theories that have been attempted, and to provide some understanding of the reasons of life itself-its purpose and the place of the individual in the universe. Naturally, these questions cannot be answered in one simple lecture or in a symposium. The answers to these questions are contained in the library of man’s past-life experiences.
Long ago, before the tragedy of Atlantis, there was a concise bibliography, an esoteric foundation of information that traced man’s heritage throughout the ages of the Atlantean civilization, back beyond that time to Lemuria, and even beyond that time to an age when man lived on other planets. This prehistory of man contained recorded writings by individuals who, in fact, had a real understanding of the interdimensional nature of man, of the atom as it coexists with the fourth dimension. These writings made clear the complementary cohabitation of physical man with spiritual man.
All interdimensional life forms must live in some cohabitation. There must be members of different societies who mingle with each other so that, in this mingling, there is a reflective intelligence that is received by people who are just beginning to consciously understand the continuity of life after their physical demise. They must learn of the continuity of themselves as real participants in a life-system that never began and that never ends-a system that is not only unlimited but is infinite. Yet in this infinite system, this infinite cosmos, there must be some beginnings, in spite of the fact that there is no beginning!
There must be some beginning, on an educational basis, for those who are joining or coupling their electromagnetic factors, the coupling between their lower and their higher nature to attain a greater integration, so that they may coexist in another dimension and remember lives lived and experiences gained while living in a nonatomic plane. It is with this knowledge that man learns that he is coexisting in the mirrors of infinity, in finite form.
There must be some beginning in terms of the individual’s ability to determine certain intelligence within himself. That beginning, of course, began back in infinite, so-called, time. For the infant it is a beginning; yet the riddle of the infant is that he is an infant only physically speaking, because he has lived before in a mature manner and form. It is his present form and manner that is a new beginning. The riddle of beginnings and endings must be placed on its proper level and that level must be within the receptors of the individual’s understanding of the inconsistencies of one dimension when it is not coupled to another, particularly when that dimension is a third dimension.
The reason for this is that the atomic dimension is but a mirror effect. It is the only dimension in the Infinite Creative Mind that has a Doppler effect, for the instrumentation of aborigine Homo sapiens is not yet capable of measuring the longitude and the latitude of the cosmological constant. Present instrumentation such as radio and optical telescopes has not yet been able to determine the real nature of the universe.
This is the topic that we will pursue, a topic that is presently on the frontier of scientific theory, particularly the theories of astrophysicists and cosmologists.

The Cosmic Plasma Field
If you will abide with me, we will talk about the real nature and picture of this third dimension, particularly the cosmic plasma field and the factors that can help resolve the dilemma within each individual-namely, fear of death, of annihilation-and put into its place a firm foundation based upon the reality of the individual’s plasma field, the electromagnetic properties which, in fact, have been created from a higher intelligence.
Each individual must develop the plasma of his electronic nature and, as a sculptor, form the clay to reflect the interdimensional nature of his mind as a real factor of an infinite creative intelligence. These are, of course, the formative steps for each individual, which he validates and proves to himself by his ability to develop his positive picture of life on the electronic sensing plate of his mind.
This is the beginning, the developing stages where man as a photographer, so to speak, captures the ‘realism’ of the interdimensional energy within each and every dimension that he occupies. The ability to form this picture within one’s mind gives an individual the properties of an infinite intelligence.
But let us speak on the cosmological principles of the plasma universe of this third dimension. The following information has not been actualized within the domain of the scientific community, yet certain facets of this information have touched the peripheral consciousness of both noted and unknown scientists in the disciplines of astroparticle cosmology, astrophysics, cosmology, plasma physics, as well as microbiology, biochemistry, neurobiology, and neuropsychiatry. Such individuals have demonstrated through their evolutionary development that they have not been satisfied with conventional, sterile thinking during their physical tenure on Earth.
During the past sixty years, the acceptance of the singularity theory for the atomic nature of the universe-the big bang theory-has initiated almost all research endeavors in particle and nuclear physics, astronomy, and cosmology. It is thought that the universe, as we now know it, was the result of an explosion, and expanding plasma regenerated, after one second of so-called time, protons, neutrons, and electrons.
Theories must be demonstrated to be believable. They must become repeatable within the laboratory and must follow the logical means of scientific investigation. It is in this manner and way that the present principles of electronics and physics have gained acceptance, enriching the technological side of society. However, they have not enriched the mental side of society. This is the enigma-and this is the danger.
In this dissertation, we will not delve too deeply into resolving the enigma of the beginning of life. We will, instead, speak of the changes that are taking place within the minds of those individuals who are in the position of looking deeply into the atom. As a result, they are looking deeply into the universe, both from the macrocosmic perspective, to understand a cosmological principle for the universe’s birth, and from the microcosmic perspective, to understand the regeneration of atomic configurations and the component factors that makeup the basic picture of third-dimensional life for man, animals, plants, and minerals. Cosmological principles contain the basic building blocks, the blueprints for the evolutionary development of consciousness-the alpha and omega of evolution.
We did indicate that technology has provided certain information, and as with building blocks, foundations have been erected that have created great cities on planet Earth. However, our technology has become rampant in nature. Consumer products and the products of war are competing, each with the other, having no relationship to the spirit or the elasticity of the mind of billions of people who live upon the planet’s floor. Although they may wear the outward accoutrements of clothing and exercise their mobility in aircraft and the automobile, etc., they have not yet exercised the elasticity of the mind, which is the motivating plasma of the fixed system of the biological anatomy.
The microcosmic factors of the atom are the present engineering for man’s biological machine. The macrocosm is the faraway picture of planets, stars, galaxies, quasars, and the nebulosities that flicker, revealing the expanding gases of germinating electromagnetic fields of constellations and galaxies, of which we are their species.
There is then an enigma within the life of man, in that he, nonchalantly, takes for granted his present life, his status in society, and cares little for the processes of his mentality. He sees to it that his physical body is cleansed and nourished, but he does not know of the innervating source for his biological system. He knows of the cellular nature of his physical anatomy, but he does not understand it from its alternate meaning, its cosmological nature. Individuals who are open and searching for a theory of the universe and of man, and who are not constrained nor obstructed, mentally speaking, will be open to this discourse on the cosmic plasma field that will reveal an interdimensional understanding of science.
During the past hundred years, encyclopedias and libraries have grown with the work of pioneering individuals who have braved the tenants of their society by introducing advanced concepts of life. Such individuals have cohabited with other social systems, wherein they had attained a coherent understanding of the real nature of themselves as an energy system. For thousands of years, man’s writings have contained statements by individuals who have spoken of the higher reality of life, yet their discourses have not been integrated within twentieth-century science. These master scientists have rubbed shoulders with their contemporary associates in the attempt to turn their eyes inward and upward, so they could see the alternate nature of themselves. These individuals or elder brothers, now named in halls of fame, are the great philosophers and scientists of old.
In the latter one hundred or so years, we speak particularly of Benedict de Spinoza and René Descartes, because these two advanced minds spoke from alternate perspectives. Spinoza spoke as a cosmologist explaining the true relationship of life-the atomic plane as having a relationship to the interpenetrating life lived by the same individual on its alternate polarity or in a higher dimension. René Descartes spoke of the inner nature of man, of his physical and mental intelligence, living through the bioplasma system of an atomic body.
Let us take another side road and touch upon certain facets of an interdimensional physics that once was understood, putting to rest the factualism that is the present history of modern science. We will speak not only of physics but also of biology and the ‘diggers-up’ of old civilizations. These civilizations are now closed to the view of man-they remain deep below the earth.

The Electromagnetic Principles of Cosmic Creation
In the proposition of the Big Bang as the beginning for the creation of all atomic forms in the presently-known universe, we have an anomaly that is only beginning to be recognized by many in the field of astrophysics who are researching the principles that have occasioned the creation of galaxies and the myriad suns and planets which live within their embrace.
Yet, what of the dark matter of the universe? There is now overwhelming evidence that luminous matter-matter that can be seen by astronomers in stars and galaxies-may account for less than 10 percent of the total mass in the universe. Ninety percent of the matter in the universe may be dark. What of the immense luminosities-flares-that are emitted from the center of galaxies? What of the emission of light greater than a thousand suns that are known as quasars? What of the eruption of suns and the emission of strong neutrinos and gamma rays from supernova explosions?
Presently, the boundaries of the known universe have been pushed back, and that which could not be seen has been photographed by ultrasensitive cameras through optical telescopes. It is now known that there are large-scale structures of the universe, voids in the distribution of galaxies and sheets of galaxies, and large, foam-like structures. This discovery was totally unexpected by astrophysicists and astronomers, indicating the possibility that the present scenario for the evolution of fluctuations in the early stages of the universe is completely wrong.
It appears from these pictures that there is constant activity. The outer limits, so-called, of the known universe reveal great, violent movements of plasma, indicating the birthing of galaxies. The Orion nebula reveals the birthing of new stars. These luminosities or nebulosities are, in fact, plasma-electromagnetic force fields that are constantly moving in a manner and way so as to form circuits in which their magnetic and electric fields interrelate to form spiral vortices.
The plasma theory advanced by the Swedish physicist Hannes Alfven is the closest yet to the true, electromagnetic principle of cosmic creation. In fact, the universe is a tremendous hothouse where plants grow and man has a place to live, to evolve, and to regenerate the electromagnetic nature of himself.
This great infinite hothouse, if you will, did not erupt by itself out of nothing. There must be a logical principle of cause and effect; there must be something to form something else. Lemaitre first made the statement, not more than sixty years ago, that all known and unknown life forms were created from one singular atom which contained the synthesis of all that was necessary for the development of galaxies and the life forms that evolved within it.
The big bang theory, however, fails to address a number of important questions. Why, after 1010 years is the density so close to the critical density; in other words, why space is so flat is difficult to fathom. Additionally, why is the universe so uniform on large scales?
In an explosion it is well known that the energy emitted is coherent and spatially connected, so that there is equal movement away from all parts of the originating explosion. For this reason, star clusters do not fit into this mold; dark matter does not fit into this mold, and the elliptic orbits of galaxies themselves do not fit into this mold.
The Hubble model is based upon the red shift and the Doppler effect. Here we take you back to our first statement: The primitive means that man uses to gain an understanding of what he sees billions of light-years from his earth planet have not been capable of reflecting the real image of the universe. The fault lies with the spectrograph. The pictures of the spectral lines of the electromagnetic fields indicate a shifting to the red wavelength of light when examining distant galaxies. It is believed, as a result, that the galactic systems are moving away from each other, giving the impression of an expanding universe.

The Fallacy of the Red Shift
The red shift is a great mistake, a fallacy. On a spectrographic analysis, scientists compare the appearance of certain lines as they appear on the surface of the refractory, crystal prism. Like an ordinary, triangular crystal of glass, the spectrograph divides the light spectrum into certain lines, somewhat similar to a rainbow.
It is assumed that all known elements found on Earth are part of every star sun being viewed, as these are similar to our sun. The thermonuclear process, the fusion of these elements, radiates the necessary light viewed on the spectroscope. From very distant star suns, the red light appears at a different place than it does here on Earth. Scientists think this is caused by what is called the Doppler effect, an effect similar to the train whistle which, when receding, has a lower pitch than it does coming toward you.
Scientists think the star sun is moving rapidly away from the solar system and the galaxy because they are always looking out toward the outer rim of the galaxy; they cannot see toward the center because of the many more star suns and other conditions. Scientists must always look out into the Milky Way; therefore, they think that our galaxy and the universe are expanding.
This leads to the most ridiculous of all assumptions-the big bang theory-that somewhere, at some time, a huge ball of atoms collected together, and when there were enough of them compressed tightly enough, they suddenly exploded. The little pieces that traveled outward then formed the countless trillions of star suns of the universe.
Adherents to this theory have not yet explained why these little pieces, in traveling out, have assumed the rotating pinwheel-like formation with which we are familiar from astronomical photographs. Logically, from an explosion, such objects would be propelled straight out from the center. They have not explained the reason the universe is thicker at the center and tapers out to a thin edge. An explosion would hurl bits and pieces in all directions, up and down as well as sideways (360 degrees). Also not explained is the reason countless galaxies have formed in this universe, each one rotating pinwheel-like, the same as the universe, which further invalidates the big bang theory.
Pictures of our sister galaxy in Andromeda show that it is impossible that these galaxies were formed in an explosion. What has formed the universe and these galaxies has been adequately described in the book the Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation, by Ernest L. Norman, as a huge, interdimensional centrifuge forming this universe-the galaxies being primary anomalies or eddy currents generated from the net sum and total of the electromagnetic energy in this centrifuge. This same harmonic regeneration takes place in forming suns, planets, planetary systems, and atomic energy forms. All are remanifesting in their respective weights the different electromagnetic energy and cyclic waveform patterns from their particular vortexes or centrifuges.
Einstein showed mathematically that light is bent around intense magnetic fields. Energy as light coming from a distant star is curved in that space by the electromagnetic lines of the galaxy, according to the respective differences in light frequencies involved. The effect of this is to bend the shorter or blue rays more than the red rays, with the yellow rays falling in-between.
A scientist makes a big mistake when using the spectroscope. He places his comparative graph lines to line up first with the blue light ray lines. The farther out on the scale he goes, the farther these lines appear to be out of alignment with his comparative chart, which was made on Earth. Lines that are photographed and made into a pictograph, at a very short distance from their source, appear unbent by any electromagnetic fields.
Therefore, the red rays would naturally appear at a different place-one farther out on the spectroscopic graph picture-not because that distant star sun was traveling at incredible speeds away from the center of the universe, but because, just as with a prism, the light rays were bent to form an arc. Following the curved radial lines of the galaxy, the shorter blue rays were bent slightly more than were the red rays. The same process was duplicated by the spectroscope; but as of yet, this blunder has gone unnoticed.
Only one more fact should be noted: All energy rays that are coming from our sun, or from any distant sun, are really not heat or light rays until they are converted in some relative degree by the electromagnetic fields of the earth. This conversion takes place according to the total frequencies involved-heat coming out as one subharmonic, while our three, primary light frequencies are higher harmonic frequencies.
Einstein’s relativistic model of space-time has shown that the universe is curved. That could have been the first clue to astronomers, astrophysicists, and cosmologists, as light is bent as it moves from star to star and galaxy to galaxy. The universe is a spheroid; therefore, an astronomer, as he peers through his telescope or radio telescope, is seeing objects at a distance, but he has no way of determining whether these astronomical objects are moving away from his initial observation. His only means of determining this through factual evidence is by his use of the spectrograph.
He can determine, within the locality of his solar system, the distance between planet Earth, the sun, and the eight planets that surround the sun. However, in the determination of the distance between other galaxies there is an error and that error is in applying the measuring device of a spectrograph which has been created within the known limitations of the behavior of light, within a limited perspective.
Since the universe is curved, the spectral lines of force that have been drawn on the spectrograph do not coincide and, in fact, give an appearance that is completely opposite, factually, to the true reality. Putting it to you in this manner, then, the galaxies are not receding. The universe is not finite; it is infinite. The universe was its present size and ever will be its present size. The universe is more than that which one is capable of determining by present instrumentation. Until present instrumentation is changed to reflect the real property of the electromagnetic field of the universe, there will not be the ability to conceive the evolutionary design of life.

The Universe-An Infinite Design
The present universe is an imprint, an image that is constantly regenerating from the parent, from which it was birthed. Yes, the universe is developing; it is constantly going through a series of paroxysms. These are, in some respects, similar to the changes that take place on earth planets and on suns. Geological, evolutionary developments are constantly taking place within the center of planets, suns, and galaxies. The universe contains emerging life forms that will provide some basis for the evolutionary development of minerals, plants, animals, and man.
The universe is a tremendous, giant plasma body; it is an infinite design of an electromagnetic nature. This electromagnetic design contains the imprint of higher couplings from a dimension that is the superior or the primary motivating cause. We see that the movement within the plasma has a purpose; it is not happenstance. This tremendous, electronic plasma field functions with logic and reason, based upon the infinite principle of frequency and harmonics.
The vortical nature of this plasma, as it moves alternately between its magnetic and electronic nature, develops a resonance so that the oscillating plasma finally resolves into the known galactic spiral arms. These spiral arms are the genesis, so to speak, of suns and their planetary bodies. The revolutions of the vortices within the galactic arms are resonating from the motor, so to speak, that has generated this effect from a fourth-dimensional plane. This, in fact, is a facsimile of the movement of this fourth-dimensional plane. The universe is a stable body, constantly regenerating new suns within new galaxies. These astral bodies are regenerating throughout so-called space, as the new basis for conscious life.
A sun that becomes destabilized, based on the anachronistic changes within its electromagnetic forces, explodes, short-circuiting its energy system over millions or billions of years. There is nothing lost within the universe. That which seems to be a remnant of a dying sun is the beginning of a new sun, exchanging its rich nature where it is needed.

Toward A Physics of Consciousness
The cellular body itself must have a relationship to its noncellular body; the physical, atomic body must have some relationship to its nonatomic, electronic system. The physical anatomy is an outgrowth of the chemical systems of the universe, which are the atomic equivalents and the component factors of the electromagnetic plasma field of the universe. In some aspects, they are really one and the same. We can see that man is an evolutionary development of chemical elements derived from the electromagnetic energy spectrum. In fact, as it has been proven in laboratories, the chemical elements of the sun and of other planets are identical to that of this earth. These chemical elements indicate that one of the cosmological constants is the reality of hydrogen as a universal element.
Man’s ancestry, reaching back to his aborigine past as Homo erectus, will be advanced with the understanding of the electromechanical factors of life. The electromechanical factors of the brain have advanced primitive man to become Homo sapiens. These factors of life will germinate the nature of the higher factors of the mind-the next step then being the development of man as Homo spiritualis.
Here, we see the dichotomy that has clouded the minds of men. There has been an attempt to place upon animal-man the god image with statements such as: “Man is created in the image of God,” and “man has a prehistory, in the physical sense, of only 6,000 years and did not evolve from lower animal forms.” These are statements by people who have not advanced their mental nature, and they have clouded the reality that man’s mind is an evolutionary development.

The Cosmological Constant
A science that does not have a positive effect upon an individual’s life is not true science. The most important understanding for each and every individual is that he is functioning within an electromagnetic system, which is coexistent with the principles of the cosmos.
This is the “cosmological constant.” Each and every individual is buffeted, so to speak, by the pressures of his atmosphere. The electromagnetic lines of force that stem out from a planet and its sun are, in fact, directing the individual in some way. They are causing changes in weather patterns and changes in the psychological nature and balance of society. The arithmetic average called the Dow Jones is the recorded signature of the minds of individuals who are concerned with certain types of securities-insecurities and outer securities. Stocks and bonds represent the basic insecurity of man himself.
In the same sense, there is a biological movement within the vascular system of the physical anatomy that is registering the pressures of the mental system. The electromagnetic plasma is, in actuality, a real and important measurement not only for determining the real picture of the universe but also for the movement within the galactic systems of man. Man, in the first and last instance, is the measuring device that is the alpha and omega of this cosmic plasma system.
The universe is infinite with no beginning and no ending, a plasma field, if you will, which is the signature of a cosmic mind-the father of all life forms. In order for a scientist to become a true scientist, he must remove the last obstacle to seeing the reality of life as an energy system. This energy system must have as its continuity the energy of higher frequency modes of expression. The present electronic design of third-dimensional life contains a sufficiency of examples to validate the frequency-harmonic relationships of all things that are the functioning parts of the plasma field that surrounds and interpenetrates it.
Instead of attempting to resolve the reality of life by experimenting on the trunk of the elephant, determining its length and its breadth, and the chemical elements that makeup this sample, would it not be better for that researcher to stand back and take a fuller view of that which he is attempting to sample? Instead of the trunk of the elephant, why does he not look at the total configuration of this object? In the same sense, instead of attempting to understand the so-called cold or dark matter, why does he not step back, so to speak, and take-in the evidence of the entire configuration of the infinite universe?
To understand creation, and in particular such elements of creation as earth worlds, planets, solar systems, galaxies, and universes, etc., we must first understand the origins of the constituents which form these seemingly solid masses and their capacities as radiating sources. As previously stated: All such seeming formations of masses and attendant phenomena, such as radiations and so forth, must be understood as fourth dimensional in their origins, not reactionary third-dimensional elements.
We might picture the earth simply as an energy body of countless trillions of atoms that have been formed from a huge centrifuge of fourth-dimensional energy, and in this compressed condition these little energy bits called atoms again assume-individually, within the constituents of waveforms of which they are made-the same regularities of patterns that are expressed in the huge centrifuge which formed the earth.
Again, there is a total effect upon all atoms as they are concerned on planet Earth, whether they are of the surface or whether they are the atoms that makeup the physical anatomies of humans. Certain electromagnetic fields are very important and vital to the welfare and health of every human. These fields make his life possible here on Earth by virtue of the fact that there is a considerable transmission of energy and interchange of different fractional, spectral fields between the psychic anatomy and the total electromagnetic spectrum of the solar system, the galaxy, and the universe.

The Mind, Brain, Body Paradox
The next step in any scientific development, and the next step in any evolutionary development for man, is the recognition of the electromagnetic effect of the mind, which is truly the nonatomic, electronic reality of life. But, of course, this cannot be developed until such individuals give a greater degree of reality to their inner, feeling nature, as has been the example of the advanced Homo sapiens who have returned to Earth, from their nonatomic homes, to communicate certain evolutionary principles. They are the strong-hearted and courageous ones; they are the true teachers of progressive evolution.
The plasma field principle of the universe is simply this: Life is an interdimensional effect; it is an infinite function expressing through plasma formed in a vortical design. This vortical design of the plasma field constantly expands into higher and greater luminosities. It is constantly descending, carrying within it the sum and substance for man’s evolutionary purpose as a facsimile of the energies of this interdimensional, vortical field.
The picture of the present physical universe provides sufficient clues to any individual who is in the forefront of research into the plasma nature of galaxies and their development. At the same time, the evidence that will be developed of the interdimensional nature of life and of the physical universe as the centripetal nature of this expanding, interdimensional vortex should remove all doubt from the mind of man that he is the only expression of humankind in the universe.
Man is formed of two elements: He is an evolutionary development of centripetal, electromagnetic energies that are the germinating force of this atomic dimension, and he is also formed from the centrifugal force of an interdimensional centrifuge-an infinite proposition. The centrifugal force is the Mind, which is an electromagnetic energy system that contains in its idiom the same evolutionary engineering principles of the interdimensional vortex.
Our physical world is composed of atomic, molecular structures in whatever shape, manner, or form you wish to look at these configurations. The table on which you eat your meals, the bed upon which you sleep at night, the house in which you live, the entire terrestrial atmosphere and environment are a composition of molecules, and molecules, in turn, are a composition of atoms. In other words, atoms are the central nuclei or the central polarity of a fourth-dimensional vortex. Well, you might wonder how this entire situation is maintained. How do atoms, for example, form a table, and yet seemingly, there will be a vacant space around the table, the nearest solid surfaces being walls or floors.

The Space-Earth Plasma
The space around you in the room in which you are now sitting or the space outdoors, really is not space at all. It is infinitely filled with oscillating waveforms. They are so dense and solid that they would be incomprehensible to your physical, third-dimensional mind. Even more incomprehensible is the fact that these waveforms of energy can exist, as they apparently do, within each other, all oscillating at incredible speeds far beyond the comprehension of your mind, just as it is with the film passing through the projector while you were looking at the picture on the projection screen.
You walk through these infinitely dense, oscillating, cyclic forms of energy without being aware of them, simply because the atoms which comprise your body are harmonically in-tune with them only on the basis of their individual vortexes, of which they are the nuclei. In all other ways, however, so far as these interdimensional, cyclic waveforms are concerned, you do not have the slightest idea that they are there. You would be astonished if you could, for example by some comparative means, weigh them on some sort of scale. A few stars in our galaxy are so heavy that a cubic inch will weigh 20,000 tons or even several million tons.
To further enlarge our perspective on what has been discussed, all humans on an earth planet, whether an astronaut, or Tom, Dick, or Harry-or for that matter, any animal, bird, tree, rock, etc.-all life processes involved on this planet take place in what might be best described as a plasma. The net sum and total of all electromagnetic fields that are around the earth, the solar system, the galaxy, the universe, as well as all other adjunctive relationships with the interdimensional cosmos, would form the composite of this plasma. The third-dimensional constituents would of course be the harmonics and the more direct phase relationships that are third-dimensionally inclined or expressed.
In this specified and constantly oscillating space-earth plasma, the average person has, through evolution, learned how to conduct and live his daily life. From life to life, each life has added its individual measure, which has gone into the psychic anatomy-that energy body which is the second person, or more properly could be called the first person, as the psychic anatomy, being fourth-dimensional in nature, does not die but lives eternally. It also is dependent, to a large degree, upon certain infusions or direct radiations that are being inducted into the net interdimensional cosmos. This energy body finds within itself certain compatible relationships or frequencies that it oscillates with, regenerates with, and totally builds-up with, helping to recharge it from the interdimensional cosmos.
To picture one’s relationship to a vortex, think of a tornado; there is expanding matter above the ground and a centripetal or compacting matter below the ground or at a point almost touching it. The physical man is the coagulated matter that appears at the nucleus of the tornado. Physical man was formed from 16 to 20 atomic elements of the 109 presently-known elements; but the greater and “real” part of man is the centrifugal portion that is seen to expand and is infinite in its component attributes.
This higher factor of man must be coupled to or joined for man to leave the lower material layer or frequency of the interdimensional centrifuge. Any individual who has not yet accessed his higher mental nature as a centrifugal, expanding force, an electronic instrument that has been created by the Infinite Creative Intelligence, will experience the many digressive problems which have disrupted his evolutionary development up to his present lifetime.
What does it take to believe in one’s cosmic nature? What does it take for one to accept that which beats within him, day-in and day-out, as well as every moment of his life? What does it take for one to recognize that this beat is being transmitted by nonphysical forces that do not vanish after the physical anatomy has returned to its atomic elements? The feeling-self exists, and will ever exist, because it is formed from the higher centrifugal portion of the interdimensional vortex. It is, in fact, this higher, supernormal part of man that puts to rest all misrepresentations of the real, spiritual construction of Homo sapiens.
But first, any thinking man, and particularly scientists who are communicating their findings to the world as a whole, must realize the reality of the centrifugal and centripetal actions of plasma fields and the resultant movements of these electromagnetic force fields within the four basic forces of energy. The weak and the strong force are associated with the interior structure of the atom; the gravitational and the electromagnetic force are associated with the astrophysical factors of the atom.
This is the evolutionary nature of the sinusoidal factor of light, which has been broken down into many fractional modes, molded by fractional people who have separated the mind from the body. In fact, they have developed a system that has torn man limb from limb in attempting to understand what lives within him, in attempting to understand the whole consensus of life’s principles. They have failed to look into the only means by which one can determine the real nature of life, disclosed within the atom itself, because the atom is a television monitor through which is revealed the signal from its transmitter. The atom is simply a television picture.
Within the very near future, the furor over the true nature and structure of the universe will be exploded; new instrumentation will add to information already encoded, to validate a series of facts that will be complimentary to the cosmological principle of the plasma theory.

Man-A Part of an Evolutionary Design

It is, of course, important that the physical basis of life be recognized as an evolutionary principle, as one of the two polarities of man’s evolutionary development. In this way, the truth of the interdimensional principle of life will be brought to the public through the findings of physicists who are closer to the interdimensional nature of the life force. Such information will free the individual of dogma and superstition.
When life loses its elasticity, at the end of the physical cycle, man will be able to see through the so-called tunnel that will translate him to the “other side.” That other side is simply the extension of the physical light-universe to the nonphysical light-universe where the difference of perception is in the frequency of the electromagnetic plasma, which is the structure of the fourth dimension. This knowledge is important in breaking down the misrepresentation of information recorded by individuals who cannot read their instruments correctly and who simply stand on the shoulders of their predecessors, to add to the falsity of previously recorded information.
All in all, we are moving ahead in this time, at the close of the present astrophysical cycle, which itself is a validation that there are changes constantly taking place within the universe. Coexistence between universes will become a reality of conscious life as it is with those individuals who have moved through the interconnecting corridors between the third, fourth, and higher dimensions, and who have recorded their stay, thus validating their experiences. Near-death experiences and past-lifetime experiences are examples.
The movement of energy as sinusoidal relationships of the electronic and the magnetic effect, and other research findings will, together, build a total and complete statement of life that no longer will be called theory. It will be a factual and dependable recording of the consciousness of man as an exact evolutionary principle of an interdimensional physics. Energy does not and cannot live in a vacuum; it is constantly regenerating the sum and substance of itself in whatever form it may take.
These principles are universal and have been recorded in the past histories of man, but they have been dislodged from the perimeters of man’s mind. These universal principles are, in fact, the guidelines that must be re-erected as signposts for society itself to reform its very nature. That reformation lies within the individual’s prerogative for his progressive evolution.
From vast distances in the outermost regions of the universe, where uncounted billions of galaxies are wheeling about in their elliptical form, to planet Earth, where upon its surface billions of people are attempting to equate their minds with the outer contours of their environment, there is a balancing; there is an equilibrium; there is an integration that provides for the peaceful coexistence of the pressures that are formed from the alternate polarities of this great electromagnetic field through which each individual is revolving.
That interdimensional balance is none other than the realization that each one is a part of a larger whole and that each individual has an important purpose in validating his existence. Man’s existence as part of an evolutionary design, once validated for him, provides him with the peace of mind that he so desires. One who sees his relationship to the great plasma field that is life, who sees himself as a facsimile of the interdimensional vortex, will find himself in service to mankind.

Abstracted from Interdimensional Physics: The Science of the Mind and the Universe,
Ruth Norman & Charles Spaegel, Unarius Publications, 1989