Subj: New Largest Asteroid in History is now cover story for Planet X
Date: 9/1/01 1:06:52 AM Pacific Daylight Time

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> The media cryed wolf with Y2k and a planetary alignment.
> The wolf is now knocking at the door. There's no warning going to be
> given.
> World Wide Bulletin--Largest Asteroid ever discovered announced in
> just this last week! That's all they are saying. It's the cover story
> for Planet X!
> It's round, red and words are all the powers that be have to hide it
> now that it is so close. In July they disclosed the object "2001
> KX76" as being red with a picture.
> One month later the same object has increased in size and is being
> called the "Largest Asteriod in all history". The picture has changed
> to blue.
> They changed the color and increased the estimated size when they
> drew all the attention to it announcing it was the Largest Asteriod.
> Brown Dwarf stars are red. They did not want people even speculating
> that it was a brown dwarf and changed its color to blue. You people
> really have no clue whats going on here. Do you want to find out
> before it Blindsides you?
> This disinformation campaign that insiders knew would be coming, is
> now in full swing. Are you going to fall for or ignore it like you've
> been pre-programmed to do?
> Natural Calamities IN 2003
> Did you know that PLANET X will pass by Earth again in 2003 after
> approximately 3660 years of absence on its regular orbit?  Like most
> people you probably do not know this. The knowledge has been kept
> away from the public and made confusing for several reasons, one of
> which is to avoid causing panic among the world's population.
> PLANET X is a brown dwarf star that orbits between BOTH suns (our sun
> and its dark twin sun), and not just around the one in our sky like
> the other 9 planets. A diagram from the 1987 New Science and
> Invention Encyclopedia includes our dead twin sun & the 10th planet.
> X's mass, magnetism and density is such that it disrupts the surface
> of every planet it passes. In fact, history shows 7 years prior to
> its passage it begins to trigger volcanic and seismic activity, as
> well as changes in weather patterns, which are now falsely being
> blamed on global warming and solar flare activity. You have, no
> doubt, noticed how volcanic and seismic activity have increased
> worldwide since 1996. Traditional weather patterns have also been
> changing and breaking all time records regularly.
> You will want to research the advent of PLANET X and the cataclysms
> it will trigger by simply passing EARTH. You will then be aware of
> what will happen, and you can make whatever preparations you desire.
> In my work:
>  PLANET X Passes in 2003
> I present the following:
> *   What is PLANET X
> *   When did it pass us before, and what happened then
> *   What is expected to happen this time in Spring 2003
> *   Why we are being deceived
> *   What can I do to get ready
> *   Where can I find out more (books, websites)
> The time has come to face this pending event and follow your heart as
> to what to do. Preparing for you and your loved ones might be a good
> choice. Only a few months are left until the passage.
> It's easy to scoff at or discount what you know very little to
> nothing about. More than likely what you have heard has been tainted
> with skepticism purposely. We are all naive in different areas.
> There's nothing to lose by studying this most important subject more
> closely.
> Free 1st section (put X in subject) to planetx2003@  or
> click
> For survival questions
> The gov'ts are not going to warn or help you.
> Don't let yourself get Blindsided. I plan to issue updates as more
> information becomes available.
> Sincerely,