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Date: 11/8/01 1:26:38 PM Pacific Standard Time
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WOW.  What a response I got this time.  Well, it seems that the sightings of Phobos and Deimos happened, sort of.  By process of elimination, it appears that amateur astronomers have made a sighting of what must have been the two moons.  It is also apparent that we need to be in touch with other observatories to further confirm other sightings that might have been made since June, 2001 and which may have been clearer.  The sharp worded response to my follow up question caught me by surprise but I accept it in the spirit in which it was sent.  At least I got a swift response and this helps in the investigation.



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I don't understand your confusion.  Are you expecting us to see disks
on these moons or something?

Look.  We didn't have the scope on Mars long enough to detect motion,
because we were already as far South as the scope permits and couldn't
keep Mars in there more than one hour right around the time it was
transiting the meridian.  Two people, without knowing where the moons
were originally, spotted two starlike objects, which is all you're
going to see, in two places around Mars.  After confirming that they
were seeing the same two objects, we checked Sky and Telescope mag for
the true positions of the moons that night and confirmed that they
saw them.  That's it.  As far as myself and the two people involved,
they spotted the moons.

It would have been nice to keep the scope on Mars long enough to see
movement in one of the moons, but that was not possible, nor was it
possible to check them on another night using the same scope.  So we
went with the third best option, which is to check for an object in
that position.  This we did, so I gave them credit for the sighting.
If this is a problem, sorry, but we're not professionals.

As for any spottings in larger scopes, I recommend you go to the
ALPO sight and try and obtain information from them.  I'm not a
Mars expert or affecionado; I had one chance to see it through the
60-inch and I took it.

And if you can reply in plain text mode I'd appreciate it.  Thanks!

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> Wait, I'm confused.  Are you saying that a CLEAR sighting was not
> apparent but star like objects were seen and since they were in the
> region of where the two moons should have been, you are attributing
> THIS sighting to the moons?  When you say that you gave them the
> sighting, this means that THEY were sure that they were looking at
> the moons?  Are there no other sightings of the two moons in larger
> telescopes since June 2001?  Thanks for helping me = clear this up. 
I find that I'm not clear on what was seen.
> Thanks,
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>    Hi !
> Well, I was careful to ask everyone that I heard claimed they saw it
> that night, and other than ANON and ANONI don't think
> anyone else did.  However, the moons were where they claimed to have
> detected faint starlike objects, so I gave them the sighting.
>    And yes, I said moons, so it's both.
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> > I was pleased to read your recent report on your 3D nights work
> > observing Mars using the Mt. Wilson 60-inch telescope.  I was
> > quite interested in the story that the two moons were not
> > sighted.
> > ;=3D You mention that "ANON gave confirmation, as
> > did the June 2001 issue of Sky and = Telescope."  Are you saying
> > that BOTH moons were positively sighted by her in June, 2001?  Can
> > you confirm this for me please?
> >
> > Thanks,

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