Subj: spirals/ possible interpretation

Date: 4/5/02 12:47:47 PM Pacific Standard Time

Subj: spirals/ possible interpretation

Dear Kent, the interpretation of the milk hill fractal crop circle as a galactic spiral  is interesting, but please see the attached graphics of a collapsed 4 dimensional sphere into a 3d torus (as shown by the 2d diagram). the complete description is available at if you haven't seen this before (as unlikely as that may be) I suggest you check it out. indications of electromagnetic strangeness from initial design mockup. I happen to believe that the only way differing mathematical and numerical values can be communicated without language is via a series of pictograms. Has anyone taken the time to do a time line analysis of glyph, location, and other values as a pictographic analysis?


working on it.

UNFOLDING CROP CIRCLE TECH Always the envelope stretches: Einstein's Theory of Relativity, Hermann Minkowski's space-time equations, and David Bohm's multi-dimensional Universe- ideas that changed the 'irrefutable facts' of science, and at the same time acknowledged these theories as integral to Hinduism and Buddhism philosophy thousands of years before. Freddy Silva

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