The Morphogenetic Grid - The Builder of Planetary Destiny

The subject of who influences the Morphogenetic Grid is known as the science of Morphic Energy which has been the province and heritage of the  "Ancient Wisdom and Mystery Schools". Protected and encrypted in the symbolism of Sacred Geometry, this knowledge has been reserved for the "Awakened" or "Initiated".

As these schools have always been dedicated to the study of consciousness and the nature of reality, it is their duty to make known the unknown and to pioneer and communicate other states of reality. Integrating the knowledge thus learned and turning it into an evolutionary educational program is an equally important part of their functions.

All of this would be fine except for one fact. Throughout history, the mystery schools have deviated into polarized groups at odds with each other in order to control the process of evolution. This has given rise to many different belief systems and religious constructs responsible for the guidance of moral conduct. The resulting conflict has generated war and indifference.

In such a context, belief systems are created with powerful events such as visions of the Virgin Mary, the resurrection and ascension of Christ, or visions of prophecy. Without even analyzing the exact nature of these miraculous occurrences, it is obvious that an incredible amount of dogma has been generated concerning them. What these miracles or prophecies imply for the future are substantiated only by faith with explicit doctrines designed to maintain them in our civilizations. People are not encouraged to discover and learn the truth but only to believe. "Good Deed Doers", swept away by their own convictions of faith, solicit others and whole generations are born into illusions of reality with fear and control buttons efficiently installed. Finally, prophecies are created to herd the many into subscribing to a particular creation of reality whatever it may be.

As there are many different mystery schools and religions, the numbers of people subscribing to each belief system or particular prophecy will have much to do with engineering the final outcome in the future. This is largely influenced by the power of thought feeding the grid. In such a manner, the greatest numbers that have invested into a prophecy will often prevail.

Based upon the above information, it should be clear that we are  entirely capable of feeding the grid and determining the course of our own destiny. Therefore, evolution is in our own hands and our task becomes to take back that which we have lost. How do we do that. First, by opening what doors are available to us.

James, from Hall of Records Newsgroup