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Diana, alias Diana the Huntress, was a goddess in Greek and Roman mythology. Theoretically, she was the daughter of Zeus, and the sister of ../apollo. This was the cult of Diana-Artemis of Anatolian fertility cult fame. The Cybele cult entered into it. Here was the massive Diana-Artemis-Cybele Complex. This is religiously astounding! Several reputable historians furnish concrete proof that this Diana-Artemis-Cybele Cult evolved in time to the Cult of the Virgin Mary. If we can understand these things, then we can understand the strange dynamics which produced the femininine spirit in Roman Catholicism. continue


* The coin is a "Roman provinical" copper piece (28mm diameter, substantially larger than a quarter) struck for Macrinus, Roman Emperor 217-218AD, at Nicopolis ad Istrum (Bulgaria).

Princess Diana and her soon-to-be husband, Dodi Fayed, were fatally injured in the Pont de l'Alma tunnel. The site is ancient, dating back to the time of the Merovingian kings (ca. 500 - 751 A.D.), and before. In pre-Christian times, the Pont de l'Alma was a pagan sacrificial site. Note that in the pagan connotation, at least, sacrifice is not to be confused with murder: the sacrificial victim had to be a willing participant. continue


"I just received a special storage analyzing oscilloscope. Using my "UFO" sensing equipment, I have found that there is a a frequency being broadcast, probably world-wide, if my fears are correct. The frequency is sitting extremely stable at 14.28571429 Kilo-Hertz. It has a persistent modulated wave-shape. The relative wave-form does not change much, although the whole pattern throbs slightly. This is within the higher range of human hearing. Being on continuously, it would cause a counter-reaction in the brain." --HANS


"We were driving around and thought we saw a light in the field...so we stopped the car.  We took our 1,5 million candlestick power spot light and shined it on the field. It didn't help us see the light.  So we decided to take some pictures.  We shot 7 or 8 with the light still on the field with the photos in order you can see this thing walking up to the car and stopping at about ten feet away or so.".

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