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My apologies for the massive crosspost but due to the nature of this

story I think it is warranted. An astronomer friend of mine forwarded

me this off of a private mailinglist between SETI reseachers.

He said distribute this far and wide before the governement has a

chance to squash it.


Note: the abbriveation "RA" means Radio Astronomy(er) or Right

Accension depending on the contact



I *highly* suggest you forward this far and wide before the

government or any kind of cover-up apparatus rolls into place. This

should be the story of the century. I can hardly believe it myself but

it looks like contact has been made:



PS: This should be a very interesting year!!


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Date: Thu, 14 May 1998 20:55:17 -0500

From: Malcolm Mallette

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Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers

Cc: keeth@in.net, seti@sni.net, "R.J. Fear"

Subject: SETI pulses.


At the University of Indianapolis we have noticed short pulses of less

than a minute duration. The produce very sharp spikes in the output of

the RA receiver. They sometimes produce a sharp downward deflection of

the RA receiver output, which we suspect is due to strong interference

near the passband that desenses the receiver. We suspect that the

pulses are interference.


In order to negate the possiblity that the pulses are not interference

but are from phenomina from someplace other than earth, we would like

to run an experiment over the next two weeks.


We now ( May 14 ) have our 5 meter dish on the declination of Cygnus A.

When an ordered observation is not taking place the default files of a

sample every 10 seconds are created. Our daily files are generally an

observation file now starting at 4:30 am to catch Cygnus A, Cygnus X

and Cygnus B and a default file or files the rest of the time. There

are occasionally other files created, such as a 10 samples per second

observation of a few minutes that will be run tomorrow to see if we can

find the source of the noise on the temperature sensor output. However,

unless there is a software crash, there should be constant observation


and data around the clock. Please note we use EST on the files. Of

course, we cannot see anything during rain except the blackbody

radiation from the water droplets.


If anyone has a RA system running and can point to the declination of

Cygnus A, +40.73 Degrees, it might be possible to compare results.

However, we are pointed at the south meridian and, if the other RA

system is not at the longitude of Indianpolis, it would have to be

pointed a little off the meridian so it would be observing the same RA

as we are.


If anyone is interested please let us know. Since our data goes on the

web automatically, the other RA operator can easily check our results

against his.


Malcolm Mallette,


Date: Sat, 16 May 1998 00:44:31 GMT

From: inovate@my-dejanews.com

Subject: *IMPORTAN* *ATTN*: SETI Finds something!!!!!