"Come on NASA and the government (or should I say the Secret Society). Tell me the truth I can handle it . I know I can and I am sure alot of other people can too!"


../maybe we should start listing things we could NOT handle.  Focus on your deepest beliefs: who I am; where I came from; where I'm going.  One by one trash them all.  See how you hold up.  Then if you don't meltdown go into the lightweight stuff, you know, culture, science, religion.


HER: ok..I don't think I could handle knowing if i were to be a slave for them (the aliens)


well then gotta ask, if we are DNA-manipulated slaves, then should the govt. tell us that

HIM: If the answer is, no, then the govt. secrecy is justified

HER: I don't know Kent..that might push me over the edge

HIM: get it?

HER: yea..thinkin'

HIM: Govt. seem to be holding back info for our own good they thinky

HER: yea..

HIM: So ../maybe we oughtta do an exercise

HER: like what???

HIM: Ask ourselves individually what we could not handle

HIM: see if we hold up

HER: ok...let me think on this a bit

HIM: ../maybe I'll start that

HIM: I mean it DOES seem we get bent by everyday stuff

HIM: how about big stuff?

HIM: And if we can't handle BIG stuff, wala..

HIM: then the govt wins. They are right

HIM: get it?

HIM: wished I hadn't thought of that...

HIM: rats

HIM: just a hypothetical game see

HIM: heh

HER: I hate when you make me think :)

HIM: I can think of pretty looney stuff too

HIM: What if we are like the old sci fi movies, bred as food?

HER: yes, you sure can

HER: I don't think i want to know that either....

HIM: even worse, what if the food is not our bodies, but our souls...n'yah hah hah

HIM: If, so, should the government tell us that?

HER: oh are making my brain hurt

HIM: In the answer is, no, then govt. secrecy is correct.

HER: I don't think i want to know my soul is someone's Big Mac

HIM: WELL, we are all pissed at the govt. for cover up

HIM: So we gotta ask ourselves, "what is it we could not handle?"

HER: and ../maybe there lies the answer?????

HIM: some kinda dumbass answer I'd say

HER: I mean if the government is hiding it for a good reason..our worst night../mares ../may be the obvious answers

HIM: For instance, John Lear blew me away when he said, that when he dies, he will not go into the light because it is a trick

HIM: gadz

HER: I remember you telling me that

HIM: Got an informer that insists the coverup is justified

HER: hmm..but he won't say why, huh?

HIM: that's why I've been thinking these awful, terrible thoughts

HER: and now you have ME thinking them LOL

HIM: what could I personally not handle?

HER: this is all really a game of Cosmic Candyland?

HIM: If there is stuff I could not handle, then gotta quit bitchin about coverup

HER: and we're the pawns?

HIM: yea, that's a good one too

HER: some ../martians are watching us on a big screen TV..laughing at our foibles?

HIM: what if we are not real?

HIM: now that's a pip

HER: yea..<pinching myself just to be sure>

HIM: ../maybe oughtta copy this discussion, coverup our names, heh, and send it out

HER: ouch

HER: LOL..see what other folks say..

HIM: yea

HIM: Title: Is government secrecy justified?

HIM: Title

HER: I like it :)

HIM: Okay, here goes