Dear Kent,


Your introduction of the Cairn into the subject of Cydonia geometry sparked an interest when I read the following sentence regarding the shape of the ../newgrange cairn: "Many have likened it to a grounded flying saucer; and it is the subject of much controversy." Because the cairns are associated with gods in mythology, and because there are so many myths that tell how the gods came down to Earth from space, this connection of cairn shape to a flying saucer is not without merit. I say this as a scientist, because of something very unusual that happened to me when videotaping my late wife’s gravesite on 20 ../january 1991 in Houston, TX. This event occurred two days after she was buried, and I caught it on videotape. The reason I was videotaping her gravesite was so that I could share her final resting place with her parents and family, most of whom lived in the northeast. As I videotaped the area, I felt compelled to go to her grave and say my farewell, camcorder running. Her spirit appeared before camera above her grave as I said my farewell. It appeared as a blue, green, and white starburst that descended into camera view and pulsed to my very words. It then formed what appeared to be angel’s wings, which opened and closed. If that is not amazing enough, a wide beam of light (like a waterfall of shimmering light) then came down from an overhead cloud, stopping just above the ground. I saw the colors of her spirit being transported in that beam of light up into a brilliant golden light that had broken through the overhead cloud. My mother exclaimed, "Oh how beautiful. The sun is breaking through the cloud and sending a sunbeam down to Bonnie’s grave." But it was 8:31 am in the morning, and the real sun had barely risen above the trees to the east.

Bonnie was very psychic and claimed to be precognitive. She said she could see events in her life in the future, and could see the time of her death. But she would not tell me that time. Instead she arranged a series of extraordinary events just before and after her death on 12 ../january 1991, which convinced me not only that she was telling the truth, but that we are eternal beings with a spirit that survives physical death. For a scientist to say this is quite an admission. But seeing is believing. I want to share with you one of those extraordinary events, the one that relates to the shape of the ../newgrange cairn.

When I reviewed the videotape I saw the circular ../marble temple at the center of the Garden of Texas Liberty, where Bonnie is buried, alive with colors. The eight columns of the temple were flashing emerald green and carnelian red in a kaleidoscope fashion. One can see this when we drove into the Garden and again when I took video of the temple, before her spirit moved over her grave. But when I recently captured video frames from that tape and enhanced them on my computer, I discovered something that blew my mind. After becoming involved in the study of UFOs, and becoming aware of references to ../angels descending from odd-shaped clouds in the Bible, I suspected that the light we had seen sending the beam down to her grave had come from some object hiding in the cloud. What I was not prepared to see when I enhanced some of the frames was an enormous cairn-shaped UFO sticking out of the overhead cloud, frosted white like a cloud, its shape betraying its presence. The white color was probably due to an extremely cold skin temperature on the UFO, which caused moisture to condense in the form of white ice crystals. When you watch the animated gif (Stemp-2c.gif), the UFO is visible only briefly at the beginning before a veil of cloud-like material suddenly forms and hides the ship. This veil is not a reflection off the windshield of the car, because there is no glare coming from the windshield that obscures anything else.

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Stemp-2c.gif (animated)

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What I think ../may interest your readers of Orbit is the fact that this UFO resembles the ../newgrange cairn in shape and size, and seems to support the notion that we are in some way connected spiritually to whoever was in that UFO over Bonnie’s grave and to whoever inspired the architects of the cairn to build it in that shape.

Food for thought.

I attach both jpeg images and three animated gifs (sent separately) documenting this extraordinary event. Choose which ones you want to use for your website.

Yours truly,


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Ancient Sites

Covering an area of one acre, Newgrange is one of the most impressive prehistoric monuments in Europe. The entrance, which is almost sixty feet long, leads to the main chamber, which has a corbelled roof and rises to a height of nineteen feet. The traditional name for Newgrange and the grouping of tombs to which it belongs, was Brugh na Bóinne; and it was regarded as the otherworld dwelling of the divine Aonghus Mac Óg - Aonghus the Youthful.

Older than Stonehenge, the giant megalithic tomb of Newgrange was probably erected about 3,200 BC (in calendar years). It is one of a group of 40 passage tombs including Knowth and Dowth, that are enclosed on three sides by the river Boyne.

Passage tombs are generally found in clusters giving rise to the theory that they were ancient cemeteries, perhaps for leading families. They consist essentially of a round mound or cairn with a long, stone lined passage leading from the outside to a chamber within. As with Newgrange, which can still be seen by the naked eye from the Hill of Tara, some 15 miles away, they tend to be situated on hill tops and commanding sites.

The mound is enclosed on the outside by a circle of standing stones of which twelve remain. This gives the impression that the monument was built and designed to stand out from the landscape - perhaps as a beacon for pagan worship. The present day reconstruction, aimed at restoring the site to its pre-historic appearance, gives this theory further substance. Many have likened it to a grounded flying saucer; and it is the subject of much controversy. However, during the Newgrange excavations between 1962 - 1965, much research focused on the original shape of the cairn. This information was drawn from the accounts of those who had visited the monument in the preceding centuries: all of them commented on its flat top. And the positioning of the white quartz stones that reinforce the front of the mound is based entirely on meticulous engineering analysis of the cairn collapse.