Subj: Passenger connections and another bomb statement from a Pentagon expert. 
Date: 3/15/02 6:04:53 PM Pacific Standard Time
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Hi Kent,
   After reading the Bumblebee pdf I was amazed at the number of very high ranking military and space related passengers on flight 77. Just a few maybes here but all of these people could very well have top level security clearances. In which case they might have had pre-arranged identity switches along with new lifestyles or at least secure positions in whatever is around the corner. People will do many things if the price is right.
     A very interesting snippet of info which apparently was glanced over:

'Where is Safe?' Terrorists strike military nerve center

Photo by Dennis Ryan

A Marine walks down a dirt hill as he exits the parking area where emergency vehicles staged to fight the raging fire.

by Dennis Ryan
Pentagram staff writer

[John Loretti had been working on the renovation project and had worried about just such a disaster occurring.

"I've been working here a year and watching those planes fly over, and I thought someone could dive-bomb the building," Loretti said.

"We put in a blast wall, blast glass and Kevlar netting. We'll see what happens. I was in the renovation trailer. It shook the whole place. It just about knocked us out of seats. It's a nightmare."

John Bowman, a retired Marine lieutenant colonel and a contractor, was in his office in Corridor Two near the main entrance to the south parking lot.

"Everything was calm,' Bowman said. "Most people knew it was a bomb. Everyone evacuated smartly. We have a good sprinkling of military people who have been shot at." ]

I wonder why this guy Bowman was not interviewed more extensively...after all he did say we all knew it was a bomb? How did he come to this conclusion? Was it because of the direction of that explosion? An exterior explosion caused by a 757 would be quite different from one within the Pentagon. Also was he speaking for everyone who was there inside the Pentagon at that time and knew as he did this explosion was inside? This section of the Pentagon was certainly quite active previous to the morning of 9-11...the woman was quoted as saying they were putting in blast walls, windows as if to "contain" something..... they specifically were not privy to, but those that directed their efforts may have been. In the surreal world of double-crossing and more... faking ones death is quite an art. Staging terrible "terrorist" acts to hide brutal takedowns of opposing factions and point the masses in the entirely wrong direction is also quite an art of warfare. People had to die so others could slip quietly into the "shadow government" without having to answer any questions. And as for lying bold face to the public use Enron as a prime example: did they not have an entire floor mocked up to look like a real trading business...yes they did and I wonder how many more such phony "sets" do we see all the time and never question because we cannot believe such prosperous, successful executives in high ranking circles would ever get away with such blatant in your face fraud. Tell that to the millions of people who get "stung' by con artists every hour of the day. When criminals run the show it is indeed quite a show to behold. To put the con on the rank and file who work every day in the power corridors of Washington required some major mojo...and I don't think Bush has the brass balls to take them on after all he is not an elected president and he knows that better then anyone. Choked on a pretzel my ass.... someone beat him up pretty good and I would imagine he is walking a very thin line between the battling factions around him. His demand for total secrecy shows that he has no friends on Capitol Hill and feels inferior to those who are more powerful then he is as President. Not a good situation when one considers his desire to use nukes to settle the score.

Lets hope your sharp-eyed readers continue to illuminate the truth.