Date: 3/9/02 9:15:16 PM Pacific Standard Time

I don't want national attention or unexpected surprises, so I don't have the xxxxxx's you have, but--look at this. The Frogs don't speak with forked tongue. De plane Boss, De plane--where's de plane?

I can't find anyplace that exhibits damage of the magnitude that the WTCs had. Cracked cement and broken windows. But the boys with the foam sure covered the scene well (fairly, but not enough) until the roof FELL (maybe) IN.

Zoom in and observe. Vialls is changing the official story. GROUND LEVEL. That is what all the newscasts said. Now HE is saying 45 degree entry. I guess you have to when photos exist showing that there wasn't any initial damage to the OUTSIDE OF THE BUILDING from a giant airliner that hit at GROUND LEVEL. Methinks he doth protest too much. I am with you on the debris. If it is not there in the beginning, can you trust what they come up with later? Maybe he got an offer he could not refuse.

BTW, look at the French site (it will be shut down soon, trust me--too powerful) the explosion is vertical. Not progressing at 250-600 miles an hour. You can tell that his article was forced or manipulated(multiple places)--but here is one--"400 miles per hour, which in the dense atmosphere found at low altitudes, is almost enough to tear the wings off." B_ _L S_ _ _. All his article sounds really good to the little blue haired old ladies, and perhaps a few Appalacian folks that don't have internet, but the rest of the world asks questions and is afraid. We are older and wiser than we were in 1941 when the last BIG trick like this was pulled.

Appreciate your putting up with my rant.