Date: 6/21/04 8:16:12 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent, I don't think anyone has an absolute answer on this world or the next , but I have had an experience with a family member and death bed visions that at least for my own self revealed some glimpse into the unseen dimension that surrounds us all. The attached photo is of a family member who is very ill. He had been talking about going home, covering his eyes and pointing to the window, talking to people who were invisible.  One night , early morning hours the room felt different, he began pointing at the window, we took digital photos, wondering if orbs would show up in the photos. So anyway - making a long story short - the photos of that night had white sparkling orbs in them and where he was pointing to - two green faces appeared in two of the photos.

Of course we did not see anything in our reality, but he definitely was dealing with something otherworldly. Before then I was on the fence about the spirit/dust orbs in digital photos, but now I have my personal proof that they are something more than a camera glitch. I will send a closeup of the faces, if you are interested I can send you the series of photos , I think about 5 in all with anomalies.

Anyway, I think we will once again meet up with our loved ones - death is not an end.

Date: 6/21/04 5:30:24 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Hello My Friend,

When I was twelve, I asked the Creator to teach me the truth behind all things. I am now 50. In a matter of a few years, I have watched my step-father pass,...two yearts later I watched my mother-in-law pass,....two years later I watched as my mother passed,...and five years, true father,..a week later my brother. They were all very dear to me. But through this,..I couldn't feel a loss; I could not weep, in fact I only felt my mother-in-law leave, but that's because she wanted to go.

We are energy,..a little spark of the Creator in a shell made buy our Mother Earth. Only the shell passes. We aquire so much information and experiences in our life that the shell can no longer hold us most times. At other times the Creator calls our names and it is time to go home. Maybe there is a new mission that the Creator wants us to accomplish in the writing of destiny, for the Creator is the author.

Energy does not dies,..we are immortal. Only the shell returns from where it came from,..and why not,...does it not belong to the One who lent it to us? We all have missions to fulfill in this imagination of the Creator that we term life. All energy vibrates at different levels creating music to the ears of the Creator. Sometimes it is in harmony. Sometimes it is not, but for us, it is our present reality. In other lives we may have been aliens, or mammals on some distant palnet in the far flung. But now we are human writing a song in the ears of our Creator as so many lives in different parts of the imagination of the Creator, are doing at this very moment. We may have all met one another many times in past lives, and will continue to do so in many more to come.

As we gain more experiences and wisdom, we add to our energy level,..this in turn changes the frequency of our vibration. It can result in moving beyond our present state of existence in to a new somg of dimension where our vibration can grow some more ad balance the harmonic sounds in the song our Creator hears. But we never ever die. Why would a Creator wants for parts of a melody to cease to exist,..another analogy is why make a cake with only water or milk.

No my friend. Good and evil are but mere notes in a score beyond our imagination for it is being written by our Creator. And every now and again the harmony of a couple of notes are brought together again for the love and good feeling that it creates in the heart of the Creator; meaning that though the one you love has moved on, you will meet again to create the same beautiful harmony you once made. Never be sad for the passing but make all the more reason to remember with love those who have past. Relive the harmonious memory of love shared to remind the Creator that this was a beautiful moment for you. And the Creator will agree and make things possible for that harmony to be written in the ever changing score written on the ever present imagination, in the endless song of existence.

May the blessings of Our Father be with you!

May those whom you have loss remind you that the love you also.

My prayers are with you and my strength.

Live for the love of it!


Subj: Death and Dying

Date: 6/21/04 7:01:25 PM Pacific Daylight Time


Seems anymore that a loved one's passing is a cause for quiet celebration. This world we take so very much for granted has suffered so deeply for the love she keeps giving her deeply misguided children. Better to watch from the other side, sometimes I think. Then I remember that in this lifetime, I signed on for the Grand Finale, to live through "The end of the world as we know it" if only to be there on the day after when we can redefine the world the way SHE wishes to live...


Subject: The Little Death and the Dying Tree (September 2, 1996)

Had a very intense dream last night. I was standing, half-naked and facing the sky which was raw and boiling with thick chaotic clouds. I was on the edge of a great cliff. Below me, huge waves were crashing repeatedly at the face of a great earthen wall. I stood silently with my arms raised to the sky. I was both joyous and in agonizing tears.

Suddenly, everything froze – there was no motion, no sound. I was alone with the Earth, the water and the sky. Then the cliff just… let go. The ground I was standing on tore away from the cliff and I disappeared far down below into the water. I died.

Yet, I did not die – only a little part of me did. For, all the time this was transpiring, I was standing safely some distance from the cliff… watching with some sorrow, but mostly with great joy at my survival. As I watched that part of me die, I witnessed what happens when we meet the waters of God’s endless love. We do not drown, we do not suffer some terrible agony, we simply re-merge with the Light and energy of something far, far greater than we are.

My dream faded, only to recur some time later that same night. Again, I was standing some distance away, yet part of me was standing at the edge of that cliff. This time I was not in my human form. I was, instead, a great tree, formerly magnificent, ancient and powerful, but not so any longer. Large parts of my massive trunk had been torn away. My leaves, way above in the gray sky, were sickly, shaking and drooping. As the cliff below again broke away, I heard the most sad and agonized cry emerge from within me… the tree me. Then I, this great and beautiful being of nature, slid down the face of the cliff and merged violently with the waters below. Yet again, I died.

My little deaths do not come as a surprise to me. I am changing rapidly, throwing off the soul clothes that no longer fit me in this life. But the TREE, O’ God, the tree. What are we doing to this wondrous planet?? Why are we humans allowed to stay here when we are so destructive, and so callous with other beings?

To those of you who think the Earth and its creatures are just there for your mindless consumption, to those who thrill at the talk of yet more war in this tortured world, STOP… just STOP, oh please, just STOP!

Know that when the Earth stops giving you will have no cliff to stand on. Know that when you stop taking, the Earth will give what it has to you with Love and Joy. Know that the instant that you stop destroying, you begin creating.

Please, go to the cliff and die your little death… TODAY!


Date: 6/21/04 8:06:43 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent...I had this very powerful dream last week that woke me up, feeling both sad and strangely elated.

I lost a close friend to AIDS a few years ago, and have never had a dream with this person in it before. I walked into a room and there was my friend, smiling, radiant, healthy. I was stunned, and told him he could not be real, as he had died. His face lit up, and he smiled with a peaceful knowing and said " I did not die. I am always here". He told me if I ever needed his help, he would be there, all I had to do was ask. He pointed up. I understood that he was just reaffirming to me that we are not our bodies, and that we are all connected. I grabbed him and sobbed, and he embraced me in what could not be anything less than pure joy. I woke up.

The only other incident was after my Father died about 10 years ago. I had left my mothers house for the evening. My father had passed that afternoon. I took a short-cut through the laundry room at the complex they lived in, on my way to my car. There was a rush of air across my face, and a strong mental message stating "everything will be alright".

I knew it was my father.


Date: 6/21/04 6:59:56 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Hi Kent,

I was born into this life knowing that I had lived before. Yes, even as a child I knew. I couldn’t understand the grownups talking about death like it was the end of life. It is only a gateway to what I consider a transition point, the in between, from one life to another.

Death has never frightened me. Life is frightening. I have lessons to learn, ties to break, promises to keep, a journey to make. Many soles have come and gone during this journey. Each had a message for me even if I didn’t recognize the message at the time. I would like to think that I had a message for them. I guess I won’t know until it is my turn.

Also, when I was a child, I could feel the energy coming off of the Johnson grass that grew in the neighbor’s yard. Didn’t know what it was at the time. Just knew that stretching out my arms over the grass made me feel good. I use that energy now for healing. Yes, I am a healer. It is one of my gifts. And I have used that energy to help loved ones pass. You would be surprised at how terrified some good Christians are when they pass. I, the pagan, help them to pass with love instead of terror.

Be grateful for the love, kindness, gentleness and the occasional kick in the butt you receive from all you meet. It all counts. It all has meaning. There are no coincidences.

Remember to feel the love you have for the person who passed. Don’t dwell on missing them, just feel the love. The love is a gift.

Oh, and I was born with the last name of Steadman. My sister has been able to trace the name from our father who was born in Georgia to our great (don’t remember how many times great) grandmother in Scotland who’s husband took her name.

Best not to use that last paragraph if you are going to use this on your site. You might want to edit out the pagan reference too. Don’t want to make the Christians squirm.


Date: 6/26/04 4:11:02 AM Pacific Daylight Time

It's all about evolution, isn't it? I almost killed myself in 1977, and I'm real ambivalent about having survived, not that I was any happier on the other side. Well, at least the incident pushed me into the arts. In fact, you might get a kick out of a look at Death that you could never fathom, by checking this out. It's an Irish legend elaborated.


Date: 6/26/04 2:31:44 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Dear Kent, I read your "calling"for peoples thoughts and experiences , and I want to share my experience with you... I wrote this to a friend a couple of months ago ; my English is not so good (I am from the Netherlands) and even in my own languagde I had trouble finding words to discribe... hope you can read thruough this and feel what I am trying to discribe.

Wish you love and light ,

Well the out of my body-experience ;was hard writing in Dutch ,words always come short, but I 'll try to tell you how it was like... I had a lot off pain ; body and soul-pain ; just divorced at that time and my ex was stalking me ; no money ;empty house and 2 kids  and my dog (her name =beauty) body hurt like hell and their I sat in my livingroom (kids were already to bed) the day before I had been  sooooo mad , because my parents did not even come to my youngest son's  birthday ,and I had written them a very very angry letter , but I didn't post it ,I left it in my closset (right word?) so I could think about sending it for a day. All of the sudden I knew that I wouldn't post it ; I felt that I didn't want to couse more pain ,even though they had hurt me so much ; I stood up and ripped the letter apart and thru it away. When I walked back it felt like I cracked(?) I cried and cried ,I felt so alone and empty ; in my mind was why do I live ? why do I exist ? Why !!!??? and I sat there sobbing (?) whipping my nose and teares and I couldn't stop crying (didn't cry for a long time before that;had to be strong) and al off the sudden ,at the exact same time I was crying , I felt joy comming in my heart; thougt this is crazy (was super-sad and felt joy growing inside me) then I noticed everything around me was going fuzzi(?) ;whipped my tears , blinkt my eyes ,but that was not the cause... and the joy and peacefull feeling inside me grew bigger and I also felt millions of tiny twinkels tru my hole body (I just had thee and nothing else) and then I heart a womens voice,not from outside but from inside of me, she said (very sweet voice,i never was scared,trusted her immediatly and completly): go lay down on the coutche(?) and i did ; the peace/twinkels grew stronger and stronger ,everything i looked at began to become energy,not sollit anymore, than she said : close your eyes now (btw al my pain had vanished ,completely) at the same time i closed my eyes ,i was out of my body and was surrounded by beings off light ..they were love... and light.. and the light lived ; every twinkle was alive and love...and soo soooo beautifull ...(sorry ,words cannot express the real things i saw/felt) they let me feel their love for me (it was in me ,felt it thru my hole being) and i felt soooooo small and not worthy of their love and light, but when i felt that they gave me even more love and light and i heart them saying (inside of me,not thru words) you are worthy and they kept repeating that and loving me thru and thru at the same time. I remember that they told me things ; I remember that i spoke,telepathicly ,with them , but i don't remember what...and i've tryed to get it back,but still cannot... after that i remember clearly what happened ; she,the ladie-voice from before, asked me to come with here and i saw her...she was sooooo beautiful ,her eyes were love , she had brown long hair and she glowed with a golden light around her hair ,she wore a dres-like-dress ,but even the dress was alive; living light I wanted to go with her ,but i thought about my children (i never leave them alone at night,my youngest was only 3 then) but as i thought that ,she said ,telepaticly (everything was telepaticly spoken) :we will watch over them , and at once i was at ease and went with here . We went tru some kind of round tunnels(?)tube(?) and fast! i remember thinking it was just as fast as in a roller-coster ,but strangly i was not sick in my stomach ; sometimes it felt as if we were going down ,but at the exact same time i felt i was carried up...(see,can't explain, all words sound folish) this felt like it took a long time and all of the sudden we came in a very very large emptyniss wasn't empty , i saw golden star-like-stars shining ,but right left up down ,was gone and as i "stood"there she let me feel I was free to look around Well at that moment i felt FREE ,i was so happy and I thought about a "star" i wished to go look at ; in exactly that same moment (i thought it) i was there... now i really got happy , it was like i was exploding from happyniss and feeling free, I made the most crazy moves (superman was nothing compared to what i could do) i lauphed and gigled like a small child ; so very happy and free i felt; "flying"up and down,just tru thinking,making al kinds of lopings(?) she,was looking at me ,with love and a small smile.. and al off the sudden i heart someone gigling/lauphing back at me and soon after i heart and felt al lot of "people" lauphing back at me.. i looked and looked around, but beside "she"i could see nobody. I felt grate shame,because i realised that "they" had seen me going "nuts"from joy before, and i had thought i was alone (with her/she) they were all around me i could hear them and feel them, but i couldn't see them; someone said ; Ow,their she is..(like she new me and was very glad to see me) and another said ; that's her ! and i keept looking and looking and saw nothing; then i put out me hand and....saw nothing; i feelt my body but i didn't have a body, am i only a pair off eyes??? ,i thought ,because i could see ,i started to panic.. where am i? who am i? where is me body?? and i felt like zooming inside/ falling ; she said,from a distance ,don't be afraid/be at easy but with a great shock i got back/"woke up"in me body,on the coutche. I trembled al over and i felt at me body to be shure i had it... slowly the trembling went down ;i looked at the clock and could not believe...i had been gone for more than 3 hours. then i looked at my dog ,she was lying with her head flat on the floor in the midle of the chamber; not moving a bit,just looking at me.. i called her several times ,no reaction ;what was she looking at?? i got scared; felt almost as if my hair was standing up and than i followed her look... and saw that she was looking at something right-side-behind me ; again exactly that same moment i saw that;i felt a warm ,loving hand on my right schoulder and "heart" she-voice : Remember Juliette we are with you... we are always with you..and she was gone and my dog came to life again.. Slept like a baby that night and for months felt that love,that great deep love, around me;like living on clouds. after that i began to change everything ; don't give a sh... about money anymore; love became my greatist goal in live ; and still is ,because i felt/knew that love is the only important thing in the spirit-world ;nothing else is more important then that! But after those first months i became a bit mad/sad because i wanted to go back there... in this world there is no love like i felt there ; even if you were to be 1000-times deeply in love it still is nothing compared to the love i felt there , i still feel very home-sick, but now i can enjoy this life too again ,in fact i've never been happyer (on earth,than) but nomatter how happy i am ; going back will always be my first choice ; but never by soicide ,that's not the way i feel that clearly ! So ,infact I am looking forward to the time I can leave my body (die), and in the mean time i try to live as loving as i can in this world...  love is all you need to accomplish in life ; that the only way you can live on after dead...nothing is more important !  and nomatter wich religion you believe is your "ticket", wether you're christian/moslim/hindu or non-religios ; love is the only way, the only path ...


Date: 6/26/04 8:52:33 AM Pacific Daylight Time

It is a life long journey into what is truth, at least for our own personal truth. We each unravel history and personal experience as the unknown is dismantled and woven into our own manifestation of self.

Let me first say, I am 66 and have experienced a long journey in my search.

Before this journey I experienced the appearance of my sister who was tragically killed in an airplane accident and she came two days after this happened. At the time, this reality only produced fear to a soul who had much to learn.

Later I was to have two spontaneous OBE's and still was unaware.

The seeds were planted and the care and cultivation were ready to take place. I embarked on an intense quest for answers and although this was more than thirty years ago, the garden has bloomed and its magic are mine.

Eight years ago my husband of forty years made his transistion and has been my personal link to that which is just one step beyond.

I remember a minister saying at a funeral, life is like a schooner sailing calm and troubled waters. As it approaches the horizon and disappears from our view, it continues its journey.

No one promised us a "rose garden" but then they didn't say we couldn't plant our own.

May you find your truth and the joy and peace that accompanies the discovery.


Date: 6/26/04 9:38:25 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Wow Kent-

I know I harrass you. You seem to accept it with a knowingness that I come in peace. How similar your experiences are to mine. The wanting to know the truth- in patience we wait.

So sorry for your great loss. I shed tears for you and joy for her. I know as you do that all is as it should be and that our adventure is just beginning. Your questions are refreshing and your courage to share them is edifying.

Thanks for your wonderful comments, must end it here as there are many demands and tasks for those still on earth, especially the young'ns.