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Parkes rumor: another probable fluke, (typically from those who dont the truth to get out and will do anything and everything to make Extraterristal contact a big joke) so how will we know when we have the real stuff?

Date: 5/1/01 2:16:01 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Greetings Mr. Steadman, To translate the Parkes signal, first print the image on paper, then fold it in half and hold the overlay of both halves up to a bright light. Rotate the image ninety degrees. Now, do you see the bull? Keep up the good work.

EDITOR: Every time I do a signal-rumor investigation I draw debunkers like horseflies. An open minded investigation is deemed by some self-declared hall monitors to be irresponsible, tsk, tsk. Moreover, damage control spooks frantically goosestep into action about anything related to space signals--a wee bit of a clue as to how sensitive the issue. But here goes nuthin:

NEW: Sound of the alleged signal. Comments

RUMOR [broken] 2: NASA/SETI: We are not Alone

Date: 4/29/01 2:40:40 PM Pacific Daylight Time  Kent, note the the SETI item I sent you on Rumills has gone. Vanished! Your link does not work.  BTW, ANON told me that he has the SETI computer programme running and he has seen 'odd' spikes on it recently. Perhaps this post does actually fly?  ET SIGNAL FOUND? Or....is RMN Being Set Up?   THE VANISHING NASA/SETI POST - RE-POSTED HERE


"Detection of an extraterrestrial signal by an Australian radio telescope. This morning, around 06:30am, Swiss time, we received exceptional information from our reporter in Australia, Diane Care: a particular signal coming from space has allegedly been detected by a radio telescope of the Parkes Observatory. The question of the existence of an extraterrestrial life is raised again." ALLEGED SEQUENCE OF EVENTS

5/1/01 7:23:45 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Hello all: I just received a message indicating that the Parkes ET signal was a hoax.  I am not at liberty to divulge sources.  The message was sent "list only" from an important writer in France, and this isn't the list. Apparently, somebody's PR department decided to spice things up a bit during a convention or whatever in Switzerland.   Things got out of hand when the joke got reported as straight news.  The Swiss press was derelict in checking their facts resulting in a 3-day flap over nothing. Sorry - ANON.

Parkes Denial  Parkes Observatory 'ET Signal' - A False Alarm

Date: 5/2/01 8:55:25 PM Pacific Daylight Time

The RSR [Radio Swiss-Romande] has now, 05.01.2001 14:00, announced that they have set up a "special operation" and the director adds that "we are sorry for the disagreement".  (Whatever that means. Thus, the affair is in a muddle.) R. Boylan

NASA hears from Pioneer 10

EDITOR: still haven't completely closed this investigation. I have troubling hunches here, not that the Parkes signal is valid, but that the very appearance of such cry-wolf signal-stories (we've had several in the past few years) creates an atmosphere of continuous confusion. Under such circumstances will we know the real thing when it happens? Is this a subtle spook agenda?

Four times now on this watch a signal rumor and then SETI a day later rushing to put it all down.

NOTE: Swiss-French astronomers and observatories have much been in the mythstream:

 Cable car accident  Note: The list of the killed astronomers and service men is on the homepage of the Plateau de Bure Observatory at http://iram.fr/  Did you know, that they are famous for their research about Hale Bopp? Maybe they found something about comets, that does not fit in NASA's theory about their "dirty snowballs!" Especially they found complex molecules on Hale Bopp never seen before by NASA. Read it all on their homepage (almost last entry in the index).

LAKE ZURICH Swiss French Nibiru Rumor


This Parkes-scene probably is a fake but it is getting hard to know for sure. Also, has the massive international SETI search (including home-puter spyware??) ever come up with anything of importance? No? How do these wannabe NASA-drones manage to stay in business at all?

Is SETI looking in the right places? Examining correct frequencies? Is the correct search really all about Hertzian radio transmissions? Tesla indicated Galactic Contact, but he was looking at what he deemed, "radiant energy."

Tesla's Radiant Energy Patents - A technical discussion and commentary on Nikola Tesla's 1901 patents that appeared in Scientific American.

Tesla gained another accidental revelation during his testing of the magnifying transformer in Colorado Springs. One evening during the construction of the device, the apparatus began to sound out a series of precise clicks, similar to Morse code...

EDITOR: Some scientists have experiences more exciting than the average doorknob, for instance:

George Ellery Hale (1868-1938) was the founder of Yerkes Observatory, then of Mt. Wilson Observatory. Beginning at age 42 Hale received regular visits from an elf, who advised him on numerous matters, including the administration of Mt. Wilson and the planning for Palomar.