Subj: IUFO: Was Parkes signal ET in origin?
Date: 5/4/01 11:42:52 PM Pacific Daylight Time
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Was Parkes signal ET in origin?

Attachment is a .wav of the alleged signal.

According to the home page for the Parkes radio telescope in
Australia, there was no E.T. signal detected or analyzed. It was
a "publicity stunt engineered by two students presenting a SETI
project as part of the
'Week of Science' festival." The story originated in Geneva.

The alleged signals were picked up Sunday April 29 2001 and made
updated news reports until Tuesday, May 1, 2001. A report May 1,
2001 said the signal had been analyzed and verified to contain "a
message". Suspect was the fact the reports did not contain
information such as RA or DEC for source of origin. This would be
a must for confirmation by other facilities.

Here's my rough translation of the broadcast of May 1, 2001, at
5:22 am Geneva time. Original was in French and translated using
program Universal Translator... Not all terms translate well and
have been marked with X's- but you get the main thoughts and
claims. If anyone on the list can polish it up, much appreciated
as this is pretty raw.

"TUESDAY ONE MAY 2001 - 5:22 AM

The signal of Parkes contain a message!
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx the signal of Parkes have
been partly analyzed and decoded.

The scientific have réussi to identify, in the signal, a
structure répétitive and compressible of manner significant.  It
est maintain certain that l'Humanité have recover sound first
message d'origine extraterrestre.

In se base upon a declaration of principle define it y have some
year by a comité of l'Académie international d'Astronautique,
commune scientific, primarily of this discovery, have take the
decision of put to disposition of quiconque the result des
premiers décodages and of do of same with the continuation of
theirs travaux. This decision part of the idea of a message in
origin d'une civilization extraterrestre n'appartient to person
and doit therefore being accessible to all.  In agreement with a
treaty of l'ONU, the institutions scientific have inform the
secretary general des nation united of their discovery."

On the off-chance the reports may be real, I've attached a .wav
of the alleged signal. The signal duration was short, so I pasted
it for two repetitions end to end. Sounds suspiciously like a fan
to me. But who knows?