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Hello, I saw your article and thought this Translation of Papyrus #27, Batch #7, Site A, might be of interest as it relates to thie effect it seems. Gary Fleck

Translation of Papyrus #27, Batch #7, Site A Translation by Dr. Sarah Mercer

Early in the morning today before (the sun g-d) crossed the sky, the strange lights returned. Not like any other time. Other times they crossed the sky, faster than (the sun g-d) and not bright. Other times they stopped far away, in the distance, or near the site [but] slowly. Before they were quiet and this one was loud. Future instances of "the sun g-d" will be translated as "Ra". Unfortunately, this cutter did not know how to compare quantitatively. How much faster did the "strange lights" travel? The whole camp, all the carvers, all the masons, all the (royalty) woke up but it was still night. The orange glow near the Great Pyramid was hot and glowed many colors: orange, yellow, red, green. So bright and hot was it today that we were not allowed near it or inside the Pyramid to work.

If these lights appeared just before dawn (or "early in the morning" as Ehab writes, then could this orange glow just be the sunrise!

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Please offer this out

When I saw the papyrus 27 translations of the Everett "dig" at Giza, a few lights went on...the two guys who oinstructed the pertinent site were well known to academics some years ago..they are young folks who were at MIT in the late 1990's one still has his old site up there..and were computer geeks.

They were intrigued by science fiction and detective stories....I remember them putting out a similar "scam" 4 years ago...So I would check the refs..I know of no Everett dig at giza, no KNOWN underground quarry where papyri were found...and no cutters of the name Ehab and Hany ... the first clue wwould be in the would they know it was "the great pyramids"?? it would have been called by the Paharaoh of the day.

Also, Dr Sarah name comes up on my d/base of egyptol or translators etc etc..

Just a cautionary thought..!!



GIZA-GENESIS, THE BEST KEPT SECRETS - A trilogy of three volumes
Howard Middleton-Jones and James M Wilkie

KENT: NOTE Here's the Sarah Mercer material:

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Sorry, previous message had garbage chars - here's a clean copy:


Kent, Copy the URL for the link to the story by "Dr. Sarah Mercer" into your browser address bar, but leave off a few diretories, like this:

You'll see immediately that this is "Rajiv Manglani's story". Then look at Home.html in the parent directory, like this:

You'll see that this is the home page for an MIT course named "Theory and Practice of Non-Linear and Interactive Narrative" taught by Janet H. Murray.

So the warning by Howard of a possible hoax by virtue of a previous "scam" is not entirely accurate. This is just good writing! The good Doctor's article is unfortunately too good to be true.

BTW, great triangle pics of El Sol!