FRIEND:  Kenty ... What d'ye theenk about what Nancy Lieder says ??
BARDSQUILL:  well I am covering her stuff by way of an intermediary
BARDSQUILL:  latest:
BARDSQUILL:  but overall tellya what I be seeing
BARDSQUILL:  basically we have two camps of PXers
BARDSQUILL:  they both say it's comin but each from opposite directions
FRIEND:  Yes ... i checked out the story on the moons, etc.
But you don't hafta check it out via Intermediary... You can go directly to her site ...
BARDSQUILL:  I know, but Intermediary organizes it all for me
FRIEND:  OH ... i see ...
FRIEND:  Eeeew ...
BARDSQUILL:  James McCanney is the other astro-dude says it's coming outta Orion
FRIEND:  Whatscher own "Feelings" ?
BARDSQUILL:  meanwhile there are a whole buncha other takes too
FRIEND:  But what'z yorn ?
BARDSQUILL:  I think if something be on it's way we'll see the sun react
BARDSQUILL:  which it has been doin, really ssstrange
FRIEND:  WELL AREN"T we seein' that NOW ???
FRIEND:  The eleven year cycle was over, what, 3 years ago ???
BARDSQUILL:  yea but ot almost now looks like a superwave and ye cain't pin it to any one thingy
FRIEND:  What does superwave mean ?
BARDSQUILL:  when I say wave I do mean wave
BARDSQUILL:  could see it on the 8th
FRIEND:  Wow !  Looks like one wave going down and another going UP ...
BARDSQUILL:  ever since it happened the sun has been buzzing a strange buzz
BARDSQUILL:  elecplse.gif
BARDSQUILL:  now the deal is back before the wave we saw even weirder stuff
BARDSQUILL:  geometry surrounding the sun
BARDSQUILL:  20021124_2218_c3.jpg
BARDSQUILL:  200211e.jpg
BARDSQUILL:  so what poor ol kento is seeing is even more freakin far out than planet-X, wouldn't ye know
FRIEND:  My GOD, that's weird !!!  What do ye make o' this geometry ... Cubes ...   
BARDSQUILL:  some big cosmic kahuna is messin with the reality codes
BARDSQUILL:  like lighting up a corn cob pipe and blowing cube-rings
FRIEND:  Didn't it seem to you like there were 2 wave patterns, going in opposite directions ?
FRIEND:  Are we still getting heavy CME's
BARDSQUILL:  so the deal is all of the theorists whether planet x or, ahem, the Daily Planet are getting the big hook, stage-left and out, and something even more cosmical be happnin
BARDSQUILL:  the whole freakin Matrix stage play bein re-written
BARDSQUILL:  cubezxs1.gif
BARDSQUILL:  20021126_1906_eit_284.jpg

BARDSQUILL:  some sorta hyperdealy is happnin, poo on dum lil ol PX
BARDSQUILL:  messin up space and time
FRIEND:  Remember the monolith in 2001 Space Odyssey ?
FRIEND:  Well, it'wasn't a cube ... but t'was angular ...
BARDSQUILL:  yea, see, Sagan and boys went out there and grabbed a monolith
BARDSQUILL:  I think I know where they plunked it too (or a model thereof):
FRIEND:  Think it's related ?
BARDSQUILL:  Seeeee, somebody redecorating the holodeck, I do prefer paisley